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  1. I hope we've improved in the coaching up/development part of this process. If we have, this group can be more on the great side of the bag.
  2. I don’t think people truly appreciate the challenge of building an elite program in the middle of the country. The pure numbers game of elite talent in your easily recruitable radius alone is a major challenge. Pelini has been our best coach post TO. I hope Frost turns it around this year. Getting on the right trajectory is going to be so important.
  3. I agree on the starter front. Seems to have a high ceiling, but so much unknown. If he can be as impactful as we want, he can really open up the field. The wildcard reference was more to that.
  4. I’m sure it wasn’t 100% of people in agreement with the change, and when he’s hearing from people they might even tell him a bit of what he wants to hear. The fact of the matter is this was inevitable.
  5. The O line can be much improved over last year. We lost some guys for sure, but lots of playing experience with this group. A couple of nice transfers. Can we actually see some off-season development? I think that’s the key.
  6. Palmer is going to be a definite wild card this season.
  7. What's up fellow Husker fans! Husker fan living in Austin, Texas. Born in Fremont and have all my family in the area. Lifetime Husker fan and a pretty steady sunshine pumper. I'm looking forward to the upcoming season. Getting pretty excited actually. I thought I read that they were going to be scrimmaging today. Does anyone know if that is true? Curious if there were any reports on how they looked. Really looking forward to talking Husker football with you guys.
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