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  1. Probably 2-3 games away from a whole non-con schedule, figuring 10-11 games...
  2. I would bet 9th would mean a return to the tournament, in our new SUPER CONFERENCE age!!
  3. https://247sports.com/college/nebraska/longformarticle/way-too-early-big-ten-ncaa-basketball-power-rankings-after-heated-transfer-portal-arms-race-ucla-indiana-purdue-oregon-michigan-illinois-231623061/ 9th
  4. Committed to Minnesota https://gophersports.com/news/2024/5/10/minneapolis-native-lu-cye-patterson-joins-gopher-mens-basketball
  5. glad they offered him- thought, when he went in, he'd be a good fit!
  6. Yeah, it's the 15.5/8.7 line that's correct. Even SE's site has it wrong! Nice to get some good news.
  7. Ramel Lloyd Jr. to LBSU- where is dad starred. Good for him.
  8. https://bigten.org/mbb/article/blt4f64d2b4083acd4b/ And now conference opponents!
  9. https://collegehoopstoday.net/rothstein-files/nebraska-loyola-chicago-oregon-state-charleston-charlotte-and-hawaii-to-headline-2024-diamond-head-classic/ Huskers in the Diamond Head Classic
  10. Rothstein likes it. Wanted a PF but hey... probably still use one more schollie, but you're right Red Five on who is the mystery. (Wouldn't mind them paying back A&M by taking Julius Marble. Also, the Aggies got another guard today, further reducing Wilcher's PT there.)
  11. Boyed could be following Alvin Brooks III to Kentucky, I'm reading... poop
  12. https://twitter.com/JUCOadvocate/status/1783896737167614251/photo/1 Would be nice to get back in on this one.
  13. Skogman just committed to DePaul (& now Tainamo to Wyoming)
  14. Good get for the Jays.
  15. They've gotten Eric Dailey, Tyler Bilodeau & Kobe Johnson in this cycle so... that would be a mistake. That's gotta be all NIL...
  16. Wake out on Kyle? Hoping this is a good sign- also, UCLA has endless forwards so... not a great fit/hope he's smart enough not to go there, despite the sun.
  17. Name brought up a few times in here... not a bad get for the Lou.
  18. Omaha Biliew also visiting Wake so they must not be 100% sure on Kyle, anyway. Fidler to MSU, as expected.
  19. Or Rollie-Essegian-Williams-Gary-Mast… I do hope they get Kyle/go bigger. Worked well last year. Replace Kyle with Essegian in that scenario… players to work with!
  20. 3, if Mast returns. This one felt like a long shot but yeah, not sounding good. Happy with the Essegian commit. Getting those shooters!!
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