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  1. https://txst.com/news/2023/2/1/football-adds-7-on-23-signing-day-class-grows-to-33.aspx listed amongst Texas State's recruits so... any rumors here, to bed (which it pretty much had been but... confirmation)
  2. Yeah- all just prognostication from outsiders at this point. And you see plainly there's probably more attrition coming on the offensive side, though it sounds like Maciejczak will start out at DL... love it! Gonna spend all off-season trying to figure it out, damn it! (Am seeing some things off though... Castaneda returning as a Jr., right? And the Sr. #s are off... 6 + 14 does not equal 15! Yeah been trying to break this down but... and yeah someone pointed IGC out for 'em there. Borders, Gbayor, Malcolm, Kpai should be Soph.)
  3. These are all great- thanks for posting, BigRedBuster- but it is interesting that they're not trying to define defensive positions by the new 3-3-5. Wynn, Hutmacher, Jeudy at NT? Are our Edges DEs? Or OLBs? (Lenhart seems more Edge/OLB than DL, to me, too.) Henrich or Reimer or someone else as MLB? Wish there'd be a little a more breakdown in that way. But I've tried myself and it's hard!
  4. https://247sports.com/college/nebraska/Article/Nebraska-football-recruiting-Huskers-make-cut-for-four-star-twin-defenders-203646159/ Huskers make cut for four-star twin defenders
  5. It's going to be fascinating to watch, how they get to the 85, but yeah a couple of assumptions- the 'it's a 4 year scholarship' guys, perhaps Tyreke Johnson and Hunter Anthony here, being outside of that window. There's always the potential for a recruit or two not to show up- Branson Yager from a couple of years ago (he was here but...? Don't know the end of that tale.). Also, looking at some of these recent classes... so many guys that weren't there after year 1 or 2, so going to be plenty of attrition. Ending on Bell seems like a good idea, though- the notes on Lefotu do seem accurate, probably not an upgrade over what we have. Will be interesting!! (And yeah maybe another lineman later on too but... confident it will all work out! It has to!!)
  6. ...and athletes don't have to sign at all, as well. According to their most recent posts he's in the student directory at NU, but not at Texas State so.... definitely waiting to hear more! Going to be up to 100 schollies by next week!
  7. Thanks- yeah, probably just decided to move on... some of these guys had nice walk-on careers. (I did just see an article about Boerkircher moving on... COVID adds an extra something to all of this. I remember being at NU as a 23 year old and thinking 'everyone looks really young!' on campus. Now we got 25/26 year old seniors, still on the football field!)
  8. Were walk-ons not allotted the extra COVID year? Noticing Brody Belt and Ian Boerkircher amongst the names not on the roster today... could just be moving on, but this is such a fascinating time of the off-season. Some good walk-ons there!
  9. Visiting, it sounds like? https://georgiadogs.com/sports/football/roster/brett-seither/6463
  10. Ah, I see you beat me to this under another topic there @Mavric!
  11. Will choose between Baylor, UNLV & NU on Jan. 8.
  12. Thanks, all- yeah, noticed in On3's scholarship chart Lynn, Sanford & Feist weren't listed... feel like the latter two would've needed to have their's renewed, maybe? (And Feist has talked about leaving, too...) Always intrigued by those scholarship numbers this time of year! (Esp. with us having more guys coming! Exciting times.)
  13. Hey y'all, newcomer here (NU grad)... anyone else notice Michael Lynn not listed on 2023 (early) roster? Anything happening there or just an oversight, maybe... few other walk-ons gone but not as significant.
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