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  1. I'm sure there is newer info but here's where he was in the spring before his senior year: That is not qualifying according to this. Surely there is something else with an updated SAT score. (And ACT and GPA for that matter.) Edit: only thing I find is a mention that PSU would not have offered if he wasn't eligible. Since they did and there has been no mention since early in the year, I figure he should be good; just needs to finish off his core courses. hey thank for the update. That calms my worries alittle.
  2. Does anybody know if there are any grade concerns with Jason. I would explode if we lost this guy to academics.
  3. I would have to say SUH. 2.5 sacks, 12 tackles, and a receiving td.....wow
  4. I think mike minter would be an excellent secodary coach.
  5. huskers


    Thank you. HA HA
  6. huskers


    This might be a concern
  7. I'm going to say phillip dillard. He'll finally be 100%, and he should dominate the middle linbacking spot.
  8. I was just wondering how LSU's defense was like before bo pelini came in three years ago. It will be interesting to see how they improved once pelini got there.
  9. 1620. Those guys are hillarious
  10. is the show anywhere on the internet. I'm up here in brookings, SD!!
  11. I thought I heard something about the first Bo Pelini show being shown this Sunday. Can anyone confirm or know what time?
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