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  1. DeathCultArmaggedon

    LB Rashod Favors

    It's going to be between us and Oklahoma, I think. We are squaring off against them a lot this year for kids. A win in Lincoln would be fantastic.
  2. DeathCultArmaggedon

    SIGNED RB Aaron Green

    Aaron Green is a sophomore right now. He won't be deciding where he's going to college for another 2 years. That being said, I think our chances are better than they usually are.
  3. DeathCultArmaggedon

    NU talked to Paulus

    Confirmed - he's visiting Thursday.
  4. DeathCultArmaggedon

    UN Officials had no idea about "ticket scalping"

    What are the implications for the university if the NCAA gets involved?
  5. DeathCultArmaggedon


    Wow, I'm sorry to hear that. I really enjoyed his presence on these boards. Willie, hope you get well soon bro.
  6. DeathCultArmaggedon

    NU talked to Paulus

    I still think Marve would be a good idea, but only if we don't get a commitment from a HS QB (Gabbert?). I'm not sure what to think about Paulus, frankly.
  7. DeathCultArmaggedon

    Biggest need in the 2010 class?

    DB will always be a focus since our base defense is essentially nickle right now. I can see us taking 3 DBs every year.
  8. DeathCultArmaggedon

    LB James Randall

    He didn't really run a 4.5. If you look at his Scout.com profile, he ran a 4.69 at their combine. That's still really quick for a high schooler.
  9. DeathCultArmaggedon

    Next Commits?

    Aaron Green.
  10. DeathCultArmaggedon

    DT Jatashun Beachum

    This guy has the most amazing film I've seen in a while. People that big shouldn't be able to move like that. Unfortunately, he's no longer going to attend the spring game.
  11. DeathCultArmaggedon

    QB Robert Mavre

    FYI - Marve will be coming to the Spring Game as an Official visitor. Nebraska is serious about recruiting him.
  12. DeathCultArmaggedon

    Can Cody Green step in like Robert Griffin?

    I would venture to guess that Robert Griffin is one of the top ten fastest people in college football.
  13. DeathCultArmaggedon

    Spano Injury

    He'd have to sit out a year, so he couldn't play.
  14. DeathCultArmaggedon

    QB Robert Mavre

    QFT. Can't understand why people wouldn't want him.
  15. DeathCultArmaggedon

    Ekeler under fire for recruiting violation

    This whole article is hilarious. Great read.