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  1. Regular Games: New Orleans - ULL by 2 New Mexico - USU by 7 Las Vegas - Utah by 6 Potato - AF by 1 Camellia - BGSU by 2 Miami Beach - Memphis by 4 Boca Raton - Marshall by 13 Poinsettia - Navy by 1 Bahamas - WKU by 6 St. Petersburg - UCF by 4 Military - Cinci by 3 Sun - Arizona St. by 11 Pinstripe - Penn St by 1 Liberty - TAMU by 1 Russell Athletic - Oklahoma by 3 Texas - Arkansas by 5 Music City - LSU by 10 Belk - Georgia by 9 Foster Farms - Stanford by 8 Armed Forces - Pitt by 3 Alamo - KSU by 1 Cactus - Oklahoma State by 2 Birmingham- Florida by 10 GoDaddy - Ark St. by 3 Double Point Games
  2. I don't care about a splash hire, but his recent production is pretty poor. I know the excuse is that Oregon State doesn't have the talent, but the reality is that they still get a bunch of three-star guys. Their classes aren't great but they haven't been terrible either. This year he took a whole defense basically full of three stars and finished 76th in total D and 95th in scoring D.
  3. This is disgusting. Who's gonna help me hunt down the scumbag that secretly recorded this private conversation and then shared the audio?
  4. Yeah, I don't think he's coming here to take a pay cut. His salary at Oregon state was 250k, that's less than most of our position coaches..... $505k http://www.oregonlive.com/pac-12/index.ssf/2014/09/oregon_oregon_state_assistant_coaching_salaries.html
  5. I know one guy who won't be returning to the panel.
  6. OC is the big mystery now. I really hope it's not underwhelming.
  7. Yeah, I don't think he's coming here to take a pay cut.
  8. I'm inclined to think Pap calling the defense will be a good thing. Not because he's a great play-caller, but because Bo was so stubborn and rigid in his approach that the guys were thinking too hard, scared to fail and not attacking. Pap has nothing to lose and will let them attack and have fun. We might get burned a couple times but we might see some talent and play-making come out of the woodwork too.
  9. Banker makes 505,000. If he comes here, I think it will be as DC. I don't see him taking a pay cut to be a position coach or recruiting coordinator.
  10. Doubt Perlman would be so forceful in denying the Bielema rumors if there was any truth to them. Why go out of your way to lie when you could just say "no comment"?
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