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    Get a Mac by far. I was an avid PC user until about three years ago when my brother bought a mac and I actually used it alot. There is not a very big learning curve to it at all. In fact I think that if you had no knowledge of computers and were presented with a mac and a pc, that a mac would be easier to learn. I bought an IMAC three years ago and runs like its still new.
  2. huskerfan17

    Let's Talk Spring Game

    I bought my tickets at 1030ish and kept refreshing the site to see if I could get better seats but all there was was north and south stadium. oh well tho! cant wait.
  3. huskerfan17

    Let's Talk Spring Game

    5 Tickets, Section 14, Row 17. Not quite sure why none of the East-West stadium tickets were available. Unless scalpers bought those all?
  4. huskerfan17

    Howards Rock

    i saw this on another board so i decided to post it here. thats pretty darn funny to me though. imagine if a clemson flag was on our horseshoe. kinda the same effect.
  5. huskerfan17

    DT Ron Coleman

    Saw him play every game this year and the kid is an absolute freak. His wheels just keep turning and turning he never gives up.
  6. huskerfan17

    Howards Rock

    http://s554.photobucket.com/albums/jj409/BleedingHuskerRed/ Howards Rock- Husker style.
  7. huskerfan17

    Only 8,000 Tickets Remain for Spring Game!

    where did people hear that only 8,000 tickets are left? hmm haha either way that scared me so i ordered my five tickets tonight.
  8. huskerfan17

    Husker QB next season

    there really wasnt much problem with the offense last year so im not to worried about that. the best quarterback will emerge whether its ganz or lee. not to mention we still have marlon who is a proven back. question tho: is lee a more mobile quarterback then ganz? or about even?
  9. huskerfan17

    WR Vondrae Tostensen

    so where is he gonna go now? back to an OPS school? he should come to omaha north. we could use him.
  10. huskerfan17

    Go Big Red

    They're gonna get BUNNY STOMPED tomorrow Ha thats pretty funny. We already won our district. Thats not saying to much though. Are you heading to the game tommorw? Man I dont like 5:30 games.
  11. huskerfan17

    Go Big Red

    Omaha North.
  12. huskerfan17

    Don't Look Now But...

    so the two of the teams that people thought we would have a real tough time arent doing so well. oklahoma state and texas a&m. its possible that only texas could give us a real game and of course missouri. im still not buying the kansas game.
  13. huskerfan17

    No TV for Iowa State game

    so it could still be picked up by ppv right? i think ppv is still alright. you just get like 10 people to come over and then $3 a person to watch the game. not bad at all.
  14. huskerfan17

    The Future of Husker Football

    we go 10-2 regular season. only losing to texas the rest of the year. we go to big 12 champ game against oklahoma and lose by 17. we then get an invite to the gator bowl.
  15. huskerfan17

    Vote Lucky as USA Today Player of the Week

    Lucky is dominating. Now im wondering if this was all Husker fans.