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  1. They are college kids... I hope everyone shows up, crowd noise impacts the game, and the team feeds off the crowd energy. It seems pretty fickle to say that you won’t support them while they are struggling because of worrying they may feel coddled.
  2. Northwestern @Minnesota *bye* Indiana @Purdue All winnable games, all teams with similar or less talent than we have. This will be a better test for our coaches and players. Coming out this stretch 3-1 or 4-0 and then seeing how things matchup with Wisconsin after another bye week.
  3. Let’s hear some ideas for College Gameday signs.
  4. I also noticed Jojo wasn’t at the road race in mid-July. Unless he was somewhere along the course helping.
  5. I was there. Spent most of the time with my son in the line for Frost which eliminated about 250 people from being on the field as the line went through the practice center. Although still plenty of people there, at one point I heard the QB line was about 250 yards long.
  6. The patches don’t look like they are in the right spots for 2019 though. Could just be a filter being used on the picture or a past uniform but since it’s going to be a third color black makes the most sense
  7. The official offer pictures being tweeted out look like black jerseys
  8. Im sure he liked the uniform combo, however that jersey has the patches moved around to fit the 2019 look. It’s not like an old jersey they had sitting in storage that he pulled out and tried on in a picture.
  9. What happens at these dates though. It’s literally every 4-6 weeks. We wait for it to come and when it does the night before something always leaks out about “we’ll wait another 4-6 weeks for a possible resolution”
  10. It baffles me how a case that has no new evidence coming out can drag on and on for months. They should have all of the electronic data and evidence about what was sent and who sent it. Both sides should have been able to present their side. Make a decision and move on. Haven’t the two guys in the actual video already been given probation?
  11. Wouldn’t be shocked if he jumped ship and stayed in the SEC but Texas Tech? Hopefully he figures things out quick I’m guessing he isn’t that far from reporting to campus.
  12. I wonder what happened that he not only fell to a non power 5 team but that he also couldn’t get a scholarship.
  13. Ehhh that’s a reach. Take the context of the question and how much outside attention he’s getting. He listed off various places and I took the Nebraska spring game comment as like “oh ya and obviously Nebraska”
  14. Husker museum by the stadium with old memorabilia and jerseys throughout Something to walk recruits through but also host some of the events that currently are in the track and field (radio show. Meet and greets with players/teams, etc)
  15. Background picture on Twitter is TCU not sure how long it has been that way.
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