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  1. I read that Mark Banker was at the Oregon practices the other day. I wonder if he is giving their staff some inside info on the Nebraska offensive and personnel. A little payback perhaps. Maybe he will "call" his old friend and inform him that he visited Oregon?
  2. It didn't take us long to slip BELOW MEDIOCRITY. So this is what it feels like to root for Kansas. Rock, Chalk, WTF? mediocrity noun me·di·oc·ri·ty \ˌmē-dē-ˈä-krə-tē\ The quality of something that is not very good : the quality or state of being mediocre : a person who does not have the special ability to do something well
  3. Bus Tour? WTF? Waited to hear about my Huskers. What I got was god awful crap. 10 minutes of Huskers and 50 minutes of Ohio State, Harbaugh, and miscellaneous nothing. What a step down from the last few years. I used to look forward to this program, but this was the worst #@%$ I have seen from BTN. If this is what we can expect from BTN, I won't care if my TV provider removes it from our program lineup.
  4. Does anyone know the date of the Spring game? I will be coming from out of state and need to make plans.
  5. Jim Tressel dressed up as Lil' Red. With his identity hidden the probation issues are solved. Having the mind of Tressel and the most disturbing mascot in sports looking at them from the opposite sideline, it will make an unbeatable combination.
  6. To the question of "Should Bo be back" I would ask, Which team is more pleasing to watch, Nebraska or Minnesota? To me it is Minnesota. They are better prepared, in better shape, and they play hard and with purpose. They are better coached, by a guy that knows what he is doing. This is Bo's first gig and it shows he should remain a coordinator because he just doesn't have what it takes to coach a major college program.
  7. Pat Fitzgerald - Proven winner with inferior talent Jerry Kill - Proven winner with inferior talent
  8. Thanks for the info (and sarcasm), I have seen them play at Baylor and San Antonio, just never got around to making the trip to Lincoln.
  9. Will they allow binoculars in the stadium? I have read they will allow tickets, jacket, seat cushion, and a camera bag / bags under a certain size limit, but they have never mentioned binoculars.
  10. Am I crazy or do they respond to questions with the same thoughtful ease. He actually refers to the other players as "kids". I love that guy.
  11. Enough with the trophy games already. Two thoughts FAIL!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Who gives a CUP! @#%$#@!
  12. Ya sure Carl you've never been to memorial. Nice try, they still won't let you in. Atleast you and Avery Moss can try and sneak in together. Don't expect your old team to pull a surprise, your not that good of a coach. Dang it Johnny, and all because I had an allergic reaction to his cat Faux-Jangles. It was the cat that made my nose itch, I sweat it. I was framed.
  13. I need a little help from some experts of Memorial Stadium. I have been a fan since 1970, never been to a game at Memorial Stadium, only away games, mostly at Baylor. I have been on a tour, but this will be my first experience at Memorial Stadium. I have been looking at tickets online, at the site accessible on huskermax. I know these prices are a bit high, but I am willing to spend a few bucks as this might be my only trip to Memorial. But I would consider other methods if they guarantee I can get the tickets mailed to me at least two weeks in advance as I am driving in on Saturday and leaving the same day. I have a couple of questions. 1. What is the best place to get third party tickets? 2. What seats should I avoid if possible? 3. Best seat section for the money? 4. Where are the seats marked with letter underscore letter, like this: Lower-GL-15Y Section: C_H Section K_V Section: K_H Section: J_V Section: J_H and several other letter underscore letter sections. ????????? Any help or advise that you can provide would be greatly appreciated. I know I will over pay my one time visit, but I want to avoid getting my pants pulled down unnecessarily.
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