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  1. 2023 Game 1 “Expert” Picks: Nebraska @ Minnesota ————— CollegeFootballNews.com https://collegefootballnews.com/cfn/nebraska-vs-minnesota-prediction-game-preview Why Nebraska Will Win How much better will the Huskers be right away under Matt Rhule? The offense will be more productive and versatile, but the improvements in the ground game should be the biggest difference. Georgia Tech transfer QB Jeff Sims is a dangerous all-around playmaker, and the receiving corps is better, but any quick improvements overall will come with more production on the defensive side. The secondary will be strong from the start, but the front six will need the new transfers to rise up and rock right away. Minnesota will pound, but keep the ground attack to under 200 yards - the Huskers did that last year - and this will stay close. Minnesota doesn’t have Mohamed Ibrahim around - he ran for 128 yards and two scores in last year’s 20-13 Gopher win - and it should take a game or two before the line jells without star C and new New York Giant John Michael Schmitz. However … Why Minnesota Will Win Nebraska has a ton of work to do - this isn’t going to be fixed overnight. The help for the Husker defensive line needs to be great fast, the offensive line should need a few weeks to be up to speed - but both lines will be better than last year’s versions - and Minnesota has the lines to be better and more consistent in the early going. The receivers are there with Chris Autman-Bell back from a leg injury, Western Michigan transfer RB Sean Tyler should be a statistic star, and the defense that finished eighth in the nation in total D and fourth in scoring defense will be even better if the pass rush can do a bit more. What’s Going To Happen Minnesota will grind its way to a win, but Nebraska fans will get a glimpse of what’s coming. The Husker offense will work on the first few drives, but the Gopher defense will settle in, the ground attack will take over the tempo, and the team that was third in the nation in time of possession will own the clock in the second half for - sorry, Nebraska fans; I know you’re used to this, and it’ll all get better soon - a close win. Minnesota 24 - Nebraska 16 ————— CFN Expert Picks https://collegefootballnews.com/cfn/nebraska-vs-minnesota-experts-picks-predictions-week-1 Line: Nebraska -12.5, o/u: 50.5 Brooks Austin, Lead Editor, DawgsDaily.com: Minnesota Big Game Ben, CFN: Minnesota* Big Red Max, All Huskers: Nebraska Kevin Borba, Managing Editor, All Utes & All Cardinal: Minnesota Jackson Caudell, All Yellow Jackets: Minnesota* Jake Curtis, Cal Sports Report: Nebraska Bryan Driskell, Irish Breakdown: Minnesota E, CFN: Minnesota* Pete Fiutak, CFN: Minnesota Austin Hannon, Bama Central: Minnesota* Casey Lundquist, Cougs Daily: Minnesota Andrew Margolick, CFN: Minnesota Jeremy Mauss, MWwire.com Minnesota Mike McAllister, All Syracuse: Minnesota* Doug Millen, CFN: Minnesota* Andy Mitts, Blue Wings Rising: Minnesota Johnny Rosenstein, SportsBookWire.com: Minnesota* Scott Steehn, WinnersandWhiners.com: Minnesota* Keith Stewart, WinnersandWhiners.com: Minnesota Stephen Thompson, Publisher, Inside The Panthers: Minnesota Mark Wogenrich, AllPennState.com: Minnesota* Clucko the Chicken (a coin flip): Nebraska CONSENSUS PICK: Minnesota* ————— ESPN FPI https://www.espn.com/college-football/game/_/gameId/401520148 Minnesota - 70.3% Win ————— DRatings https://www.dratings.com/predictor/ncaa-football-predictions/fd929455-4efb-538d-b706-ab73a84b05bd Minnesota 22 - Nebraska 18 Minnesota - 66.5% Win ————— ESPN Bill Connelly SP+ https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/e/2PACX-1vRh9Slymcisd5-uEIvAD4zjGkJ7aeARseChhne-HdpyQeQiTSJeZD0WfyuG40O5S7Z20wz1XLYSUDUj/pubhtml Minnesota 28 - Nebraska 16 ————— More to come!!! Posting this a day early, because I probably won't have power tomorrow. Hurricane's suck.
  2. This is your annual reminder for CFB TV Schedules: https://lsufootball.net/tvschedule.htm & https://cfb.guide/

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  3. Yup, gimme a bowl game, and I'll be happy. I also reserve the right to get mad after our first loss.
  4. East TEAM BIG TEN OVERALL Michigan 8-1 11-1 Penn State 8-1 11-1 Ohio State 7-2 10-2 Maryland 6-3 9-3 Michigan State 4-5 6-6 Rutgers 2-7 5-7 Indiana 0-9 2-10 West TEAM BIG TEN OVERALL Wisconsin 7-2 9-3 Iowa 6-3 9-3 Illinois 5-4 7-5 Minnesota 4-5 6-6 Nebraska 3-6 5-7 Purdue 3-6 5-7 Northwestern 0-9 2-10
  5. Predicted Finish: Big Ten EAST OVERALL CONF. Michigan 11-1 8-1 Ohio State 11-1 8-1 Penn State 10-2 7-2 Maryland 7-5 4-5 Michigan State 5-7 3-6 Rutgers 4-8 2-7 Indiana 3-9 1-8 WEST OVERALL CONF. Wisconsin 9-3 6-3 Iowa 9-3 6-3 Minnesota 8-4 6-3 Illinois 7-5 5-4 Nebraska 7-5 4-5 Purdue 4-8 3-6 Northwestern 2-10 0-9
  6. Opponent Rankings #2 Michigan #19 Wisconsin #25 Iowa #33 Maryland #36 Illinois #42 Minnesota #51 Purdue #54 Nebraska #58 Michigan State #85 Colorado #98 Northwestern #108 Northern Illinois #111 Lousiana Tech
  7. Wisconsin definitely is going to have a transition to work through, but Iowa still employs Brian Ferentz.
  8. Big Ten East 1-Michigan (27 first-place votes) 248 2-Ohio State (8) 226 3-Penn State (2) 192 4-Maryland 143 5-Michigan State 105 6-Rutgers 74 7-Indiana 48 Big Ten West 1-Wisconsin (20 first-place votes) 233 2-Iowa (16) 232 3-Minnesota (1) 176 4-Illinois 152 5-Nebraska 116 6-Purdue 89 7-Northwestern 38
  9. Gotta say, for an upstart, the Transfer Portal guys did a great job. I only posted the NU page, but the full preview is 186 pages, and pretty well done.
  10. Full size link Side note: This is the first preview from a guy/group I've followed on twitter for a while (@nocontextcfb) and for their first attempt, it's pretty damn good. It's only $10 for the digital version, so if you want the rest of the conference/teams, check it out. https://transferportalcfb.gumroad.com/l/collegefootballpreviewguide And no, I'm not getting paid for this.
  11. Talkin' season is here.

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