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  1. Coach getting after them with the sprints.
  2. I will say this Heins throwing motion is worlds better than last season.
  3. Deep balls thrown with accuracy put the fear of God in opposing secondaries. I hope we see lots of that too withe the kickoff returns.
  4. Wideout can't let that ball go through your hands.
  5. Love that TD pass can't wait to see more of those in the fall.
  6. I'm sure many are not able to make it due to events of yesterday, at least this will be a nice distraction. Liking what I'm seeing so far even if it is basic vanilla stuff.
  7. Finally lets see what spring practice has produced.
  8. So glad Iowa lost, now they can stop with trying to make Clark the goat when she ain't won s#!t.
  9. They need to make this an every spring thing.
  10. Getting local kids is all good and stuff but Nebraska basketball like football needs to cast it's net nationally as well as international as it has to get the best talent and bigger.
  11. Yep, Hoiberg needs to get bigger which is a tall order.
  12. Size matters and A&M is just too big, Hoiberg is going to have to try and get bigger players. Also Aggies being the best offensive rebounding team in the country had me worried when I learned that stat on Sunday.
  13. Hoiberg so little out there on the court he gets his 3 attempt blocked.
  14. Allick took some shots but at least he's trying. Not so sure this game will go well.
  15. Yeah voting matters and I'm going to remember come November when I go to my polling place. Regents are going to get replaced.
  16. Nah he jumped ship he can stay there and experience some more losing.
  17. Well we hope he sticks around that long and nothing gets changed and the fans don't get restless but if Nebraska's offense turns into Scoring Explosion 2.0 in this next season the heat will be on him hardcore.
  18. Kirk needs to either evolve or retire already cause otherwise the interim or perm AD will show him the door soon when they get out paced by stronger more modern teams in terms of scheme.
  19. Maybe Holgorson was just here to talk about Thomas and see the facilities?
  20. Highly doubt it as Coach Rhule has said he won't take anyone back that leaves via the portal but who knows.
  21. Well back into the portal for Purdy, he should have stayed.
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