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  1. Beer drinkin skers fan

    Best Burger in Lincoln

    Definitely go to the Tam O'Shanter its close to the burger king on 24th-ish and O St. Its definitely a dive looks straight out of the 70s but great food and don't forget to get a long island ice tea there as well.
  2. i imagine that is exactly the thing one would need if they lived in UTerus country and were a diehard husker fan. good work man!!
  3. Beer drinkin skers fan

    Alex Henery

    F**kin A right! The guy can kick. A huge weapon.
  4. Beer drinkin skers fan

    Cotton statistical breakdown

    i would like to see stats on penalties by the cottons o-lines
  5. Beer drinkin skers fan


  6. Beer drinkin skers fan

    The 'Booing' Topic

    I have the opinion that a husker fan should absolutely never boo a husker player. I personally will never boo a husker player. I will however definitely boo the refs, an opposing player (for dirty plays or penalties) and occasionally coaching decisions that dont make a whole lot of sense( punting when we need to go for it). It makes no sense to boo our own players. Why break them down so they dont feel like playing anymore? Do we want our players to give up and never have any hope of coming back to win when were down in the 4th qrtr? Also imagine recruits coming to lincoln hearing 85000 fans booing their own team. how many guys are going to want to come play here knowing that their fans will jump all over them when things arent going perfectly? So instead of booing at bad plays lets make some positive noise for the next play and GBR!
  7. Beer drinkin skers fan


    there are two place i usually go 23rd and vine - acacia fraternity house- east of the stadium. big lot $5.00 and can probly talk them into giving you a ride up there for a $1.00 a person otherwise its roughly a 10 block walk straight down vine st. and you wont get parked in. 10th and claremont area - north of the stadium. might get lucky and find a spot on the street not likely but possible. otherwise most houses will let u park for $5 - $10 but may be parked in and/or have to leave your keys with them. GBR!
  8. Beer drinkin skers fan

    First Visit to Nebraska - Need Advice

    You definitely have to go to sidetracks on fri night its between 9th and 10th on O st. Its a great time there. if you cant or dont want to tailgate before the game go to barrys bar and grill its on 9th and q real close to the stadium and a lot of fun also. after the game just follow the crowd south to O st. if you can t find a restuarant/bar you like down there something is definitely wrong. and for a great prime rib dinner go to mistys if you have time.
  9. Beer drinkin skers fan


    personally i think that the students section should not be moved further up and that standing on the seats is a perfectly acceptable form of cheering. it has been my experience that the students are the most lively and active fans there and shouldnt be punished for their exuberance. i have not been a student at unl for several years now but still appreciate sitting in the student section and being able to stand up and not worry about blocking the view of other husker fans. this is just another way the school is dumping on the students.
  10. Beer drinkin skers fan

    Look what Husker Fans just bought ISU!!!

    this thread is great!
  11. Beer drinkin skers fan

    QB Controversy

    Do I need to start this argument again? Kansas did not have a great defense last year. They played a VERY weak schedule and that is why they stayed a top ten team. Not to mention, When you throw the ball as many times as we did you are bound to rack up quite a few yards. you are right, it was a pretty weak schedule but they still beat va tech in their bowl game. it doesnt matter how many times you throw the ball if you dont have skills you wont complete the passes. oh and coming in cold against texas and throwing a td pass... or did they have a weak schedule too?
  12. Beer drinkin skers fan

    QB Controversy

    now im not saying that ganz is superman but explain how an average player throws for over 400 yards against a top ten team(kansas)