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  1. For some reason, I thought that the Schobels (Aaron, Bo, and Matt), played for K-State. But upon further review, they were all TCU players. My mistake.
  2. Thanks for the welcome....sorry to get off topic, but this place seems pretty cool, and give me a place to talk about the Huskers, because as you can imagine, living in Longhorn land....Husker fans come few and far between.
  3. He sure does get around. Green Bay, Lincoln, Norman, and then Pittsburgh...I'd kill to have his frequent flyer miles.
  4. Saw the play on highlights...one of the better fakes I have seen...
  5. I think we'll be ok, even if we get knocked off the top spot...I'm looking forward to next year, and hoping Callahan can improve with players to his choosing.
  6. I personally thought he could have done without giving his entire life story. Good hire for Notre Dame...
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