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  1. Well that's a good sign that our future Qb is boys with some guy named keyshawn.... Okay well funny story UH halftime guys were talking during our most recent blowout to Fresno... I guess some guy on the Fresno team is also named KJ... They were saying how cool it was that he was playing for Fresno and how awesome his dad is... Someone must have told him that he wasn't related to THAT Keyshawn.... Then they followed that up by saying that '17 KJ is going to to USC...👍🤘🏻
  2. kinda........ sorta...... distant cousins but both sides have strong ties to incest so they look almost similar... my bad (damn autocorrect...err)
  3. Wait what!? Santa Clara?? Oregon!! West Coast here I come!! wait its right after Christmas right!!?? fuct!
  4. "In case everyone was wondering Matt Farniok is our silent commit" -MIke Reilly das what he said
  5. Good Choice Tre!!! welcome aboard!!!
  6. "It's a big recruiting weekend for us right now. If a young man can't step out in that stadium right here with the fans of the University of Nebraska and the way they support people, we'll never get anybody." .........MARK BANKER (per Rivals)
  7. "You're so negative irie." I said that in my best teenager voice. Who am i? it doesn't matter... i don't care... i have an idea who i want you to be....... but more importantly what are you wearing...?!
  8. We won!! Lets just forget all the MR hype and focus on us beating a top ten team!! So faded right now!!! I wish i was in that locker room right now!! Boys are gonna riot tonight!!! Just be safe and don't DRIVE!!! THIS ONES FOR FINNIN and stevenson!!
  10. we really need some good fortune here.... lets hope the tumors are being removed... the new growth is starting to come in and the puberty of a new era of nebraska football is starting to take shape
  11. I know all of that... Just seemed funny...the whole situation situation...
  12. Omg... Haha too funny!! Close to sealing the deal to not even coming!!!! Maybe he already knows he wants to come here and wants to take his chick to a movie instead... Bwahaha
  13. Wow it must be really bad over there... It's funny yet it's sad that something like this even needed to be made...
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