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  1. Not trying to be argumentative against you personally, but has any former player other than Joel Klatt even mentioned this asinine theory? Klatt, was an average quarterback, and played in a completely different conference . He has absolutely zero influence among media members, especially as far as the Big Ten is concerned. He even mentioned that the whole thing is not very plausible. I do agree that in this day and age, no one knows what goofy things will happen. But one thing for sure is that money will always prevail, and the type of revenue that Nebraska Fanbase brings to the table makes this entire notion completely ridiculous.
  2. Might be the most ridiculous thought process or off season rumor that I have read in years. It is solely another lame attempt to point out how bad the football team has been for quite sometime. Like we don’t know that and will readily admit it. Even with the futility, look at attendance (home and away), tv audiences and ratings…$$ Basketball has audiences and attendance, along with being better than other Big 10 teams ( yes CyHawk, you can point that out but what happened in FB and BB this year, as we sucked?) Baseball finishes fourth… hardly poor… It only goes up from there when you talk about VB, TF, wrestling this whole notion is laughable
  3. Possibly Malcom at LB… he is young for a “retirement “ package, but he just had shoulder surgery and will miss most of season and is undersized.
  4. Frustrating series. Iowa isn’t that good. Our offense has gone dormant. Right now, not publications not projecting post season. Yuck
  5. Nice to see some pitchers and back ups get some work. We will need a few to step up as the year goes into final stretch
  6. If he chooses Georgia, Rhule will keep the door open in case of a transfer. Look at the immediate studs and their path Williams, Fields, Hurts, Burrow, list goes on… all highly touted, then later transferred
  7. I have always thought that Malcom was at the wrong position. He is more like hybrid OLB/SS and the previous staff had recruited him at ILB, I believe. Was hoping that the new staff would see something there becasue he is a tremendous athlete, just undersized.
  8. I agree blood is thicker… but as I said, I have not read or heard that he speaks to MR or anyone on a daily basis. You would have thought if he mentioned LR, he may have also said something similar. Again, just my thoughts and point of view. I am not claiming to be right, just stating the reasons why I believe that USC is leading. * btw, I didn’t leave smiley. Ha. Someone left one on a post of mine earlier too. Maybe DR is finding this humorous, and it is him. Lol…. Probably bc he is going to GA and we are both wrong
  9. I can't disagree with most of what you said, except I truly believe that USC is out in front. An article postted not too long ago stated that DR "talks" to Lincoln Riley "daily". I believe that this IS a big deal, as he hasn't said this about MR (at least I have not read or heard it). I think he is emotionally invested in Nebraska. I also am not surprised by him coming to the Spring game. I have taught and coached for over 30 years and have not met a HS kid yet whom doesn't appreciate being treated like a rock star !! Why wouldn't he come back in that environment ??? But career decisions can't be made based on how fans treat you, and this is why I think he is USC's to lose. Now, as I mentioned in the first post, I DO believe that there is a connection or he wouldn't be back as much as he is.
  10. As much as I agree here, this has to be opinion only. Everyone just gets nervous. I honestly believe that it is a USC target to lose for very obvious reasons. The thing that keeps me hanging on is the amount of time he has spent here. I understand he has family here, but they have traveled from AZ to Lincoln way too many times just to "see" his Uncle. A lot of these trips have been on their own dime also. He isn't leaving AZ to come to Lincoln because he needs a "break from the nice weather" at home. There must be some interest here.
  11. It’s been a rough round.
  12. Sorry… who is moving into semi… I am traveling
  13. Really tough. Maybe the hottest wrestler, but you are correct, tomorrows match may very well be the best in the class right now
  14. Big win for Allred!! Second win over Dean
  15. I mentioned a few weeks ago that the UNO and Creighton games worried me. These in-state games are always an adventure
  16. This competition is all about building team culture and trying to bring guys together. You are working with a brand new staff, and over 120 guys, many new comers.... this is all about getting to know each other. This is just a fun way of promoting team unity.
  17. Fair enough, and I really hope he has your outlook!!!!! All valid points
  18. Don’t want to be Mr Negative, but I will be Mr Realist… I am surprised we are in the running this deep. Obviously his ties to the program is the primary reason and Rhule has done a fantastic job creating a “last minute” relationship. Outside of his family connections, nothing makes sense about him coming to Nebraska. A very below average program, new coach ( which has become revolving door), cold weather climate….compared to USC, Lincoln Riley just has a habit of pushing out Heisman winners and top 5 draft picks and located in California…. Ummm, pretty easy decision. I will gladly admit that I am wrong, but this is no surprise that USC is getting CB, and they will keep coming…. I would obviously make a horrible recruiting coordinator!!
  19. There it is….. Big 10 Champion !!! Allred beats Dean
  20. Still no Big 10 Champ in way too long. Thought this was a great opportunity to get it, but freshman out wrestled Robb
  21. We have won 6 of last 8 I believe, plus wins over at least 4 tournament teams in that stretch and a win over Creighton. I completely agree on attendance factor. I think we are in with possibly a home game for $$. Yes, a win in the Big 10 will probably seal deal
  22. Guarantee at least a .500 finished to the season regardless of tournaments outcome will this team get an invite to post season NIT? I think they meet criteria, unless we make a major run in the big 10 tournament
  23. Welp…. 2 out of 3 ain’t bad (according to Meatloaf)…. Ole Miss routing the skers 8-0, still bottom of 1
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