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  1. Well, was expecting 1 win, we now have 2, might as well beat another top 5 team. Swinging it well right now.
  2. 10-2. Good guys.. headed to bottom of 8th. Swanson goes yard 12-2 now!!!
  3. After a bit of bad luck where Anglim belts HR, but nullified by a pitch clock violation prior to pitch, Swanson goes off of the wall to score 2. Pitching change, skers lead 2-0 with two outs in the top of 4
  4. Really to lazy to go back through and research. Does Nebraska have a chance with in-state recruit Britt Prince?
  5. Have to beat Hawaii, and see what happens with other two top 10 teams
  6. Don’t disagree, but was also hoping for a one win in San Diego. Winning 1 this weekend may be it…. Then we hit a stretch of smaller cold weather teams, but UNO and Creighton both can and have beaten Nebraska.
  7. Yes. Road isn’t easy. That is why this past weekend’s sweep was huge. We need to stay around the .500 mark before we enter Big 10 play
  8. Sweep !! Great series for GBR
  9. Garza’s game to finish. Back on mound to begin the 9th.
  10. Back to Back Jacks…. Fischer makes it 9-3
  11. Caron goes yard for the second time today to boost lead to 8-3
  12. Great outing for Garza. Another scoreless inning. Top of 9. Three outs away from sweep
  13. USA pen has put the clamps on the Husker offense. Third straight scoreless inning for the Big Red. 7-3
  14. Garza has shut the door on USA offense. 1-2-3 inning. Headed to 8th still 7-3… two innings after I predicted more runs, score remains the same. Lol
  15. Stretch time. Huskers scoreless in top half. 7-3 good guys
  16. No hits, no runs for USA Top of 7…. Still 7-3
  17. Huskers go scoreless for the first time today. Headed to bottom of 6th…7-3
  18. Anglim answers with a long ball of his own. 7-3, with lots of baseball to be played. This one won’t stay here.
  19. Out of inning without any further damage. 6-3 GBR
  20. Jags get runs right back with a 2 run bomb. 6-3
  21. Husker already have the run back, but questionable run in contact cost another run as we are tagged out at the plate. Another run in on sac fly. 6-1
  22. USA gets one back in the bottom of third. 4-1 Skers
  23. Nice win. USA did not help themselves at all, and the Huskers May them pay for mistakes, unlike last weekend. Solid pitching also along with the bats today. Get the sweep tomorrow!!
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