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  1. Wouldn’t worry too much about those now. He’ll visit here in Jan and we’ll see if those switch.
  2. It looks like Frost was talking about Darrion Daniels as well. He had to know that was coming.
  3. How smooth this recruitment went is still amazing to me. - make offer - build rapport - set up OV - Pass ball all over Fleck - Commit - End Seamless and frankly unheard of for a highly rated kid from the WC.
  4. Can’t find anything stating he was actually offered. Anyone else see anything?
  5. Have a feeling we may regret not taking this one, even as an athlete.
  6. His highlights, along with Henrich, are eye popping. We’re going to be a very physical team going forward.
  7. Like the versatility of this one. Always nice to get someone with that size and ability to play multiple positions.
  8. Schaefer said “prognosis looks good” on him signing.
  9. Soni Fonua https://n.rivals.com/content/prospects/2019/soni-fonua-232879
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