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  1. Aren't we splitting hairs here? Don't underestimate a prospect with his ability wanting to be here. I would take that over a high end guy who has only one foot in.
  2. It seems to me that he doesn't have a committable offer yet but honestly, I would give him the green light. With that kind of speed, and if you can get him early (S&C) he could get in the rotation next year. That first step is nasty. He reminds of all those WR's Rhule had at Baylor. Those rangy guys at 6ft-6ft 3in that could just run.
  3. So is Jacory Barney and Jaylin Lloyd.
  4. Not as much as you think. We also have coaches that can speed up a project. I would take Rahim no matter what.
  5. Excellent first step and acceleration. Reminds me of the Franklin kid at Oregon.
  6. He announced that he's still going to visit other BIG schools and we are getting the last visit. Scheduled for late June.
  7. This is the position that will make me feel comfortable about the roster going forward. We have to bring in three legit D-lineman a year no matter the numbers.
  8. Playing hard to get is a really interesting move here. If I were him, I would not drag this out to the season.
  9. Just decomitted from ASU and clearly stated that he wants to go out of state. We may be back in the picture.
  10. Nicolas would be one of the biggest steals in the country. He is a really good looking prospect.
  11. Let me be more clear because I think my last comment was confusing. He will come in and show that he's capable of leading a team and executing at a high level. I don't see him beating out the other three when he arrives.
  12. Excellent get here. He is fundamentally sound and doesn't have a weakness in his game. He will come in and play well right away. Reminds me of Cj Stroud a bit.
  13. It's been in the works for a while.
  14. If we can hand the ball off right, we would knock out half of them.
  15. Antonio is a lot bigger in person. Has the frame to easily carry 200-210 lbs.
  16. It's not. Rex Guthrie is rehabbing and is white.
  17. 12 at safety is.......Jaidyn Doss... what the hell.
  18. He's quite the athletic freak. Super twitchy with a ton of hang time.
  19. Nebraska was the clear leader two weeks ago. After the Alabama OV, "experts" went with the tide because they couldn't see Dawson picking us over them. Raiola (His visit host) and HCMR are recruiting him personally. His dad is a coach for the Kansas City Chiefs and his mom has hit it off with Dylan's mom. Nebraska also has a clear vision for him on D compared to other schools (Jack position). Proximity matters here too. All in all, I think Nebraska is going to get him.
  20. Ha! White skill players are taking over the NFL. Jokes aside, here is a truth with a twist: We are striking out on some high end guys. I will be honest and say that Nebraska right now doesn't need an Isaiah Mozee type of receiver. They need a Michael Terry or Emmanuel Choice. Corey Simms is good but I don't know if he's better than Smith or Hall. Why are we striking out? Nebraska's offense last year is a hard sell and a lot of the guys are in wait and see mode. If we ball out on offense, expect multiple flips. We are also full at the position and have high end guys in that room now. Lastly, Nebraska is a top portal destination for receivers and if Dylan has a great freshman season, Nebraska may want to hold out for those guys who are proven and will have multiple years to play. It is going to shake out just fine at this position and what's most important now is that we have what we need for 2024.
  21. He's going to commit on his visit. Nebraska will have one more spot for WR after this.
  22. If Nebraska were able to bring him in, so much changes for this year and to the positive. He's a star.
  23. Within the next two-three weeks, expect some predictions and crystal balls for Neb.
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