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  1. 1. 3 or more interceptions 2. 5 or more sacks 3. Shutout by the Blackshirts 4. 400 yards rushing 5. 40 or more points by Nebraska
  2. This is a statement game for Nebraska, like FSU was last week for OU. The offense clicked week 1, the defense clicked week 2, they're both going to click Saturday and Jake Locker is going to be confused all game long. Nebraska will win this going away.
  3. Question: "Will this D be the best Locker has ever faced?" Answer:
  4. Sorry...what did you say? I was too busy being impressed by these guys...
  5. They called Pelini a "punk?" Do they think HE needs a little extra motivation this week? Don't make Bo angry. You wouldn't like him when he's angry.
  6. Here are the only "who's faster" questions that are going to matter this Saturday: Who's faster, Jake Locker, or the Blackshirts? Who's faster, Taylor Martinez or UDub's defense?
  7. who is more challenged by that? martinez being challenged to be the fastest qb on the field, or the defense to contain locker? Whoever reads it, decides to take it personally, and comes out onto the field Saturday with a chip on their shoulder.
  8. I'm hoping this is only the beginning of the smack talk we hear from Washington this week. As if Bo needed any help getting his players fired up.
  9. Yeah, this isn't a minor point to me... People not being able to clap on the beat pretty much ruins the marching band's pregame show, the fight song, and the tunnel walk for me. I'm being completely serious, I can't enjoy the music with that crap going on around me. Also, is anybody else creeped out when they play that one sound byte, "STAND UP AND SHOUT!!!!" and everyone around you actually stands up and shouts!? Last thing... if everybody in the stadium yelled the same pitch, it would be like 100 times louder than it is now.
  10. 1. I'd wager that Idaho is a better team than Notre Dame 2. Robinson has been impressive in 2 games. However, I'm not sold on him until he does it in conference play (same with Martinez, for that matter). 3. Just watching that video, and eyeballing it, I still just think both teams look kind of slow. And I don't think Robinson looks as fast as Martinez. It's not scientific or anything, but that's what I see... We'll see more when each team plays against some more speed in conference play... Here's some Martinez video to compare... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cb671XwyCYU
  11. He is more of a stand up guy than our starter, who after 2 weeks of fall practice, was not happy with his standing in the competition so he threatened to take his ball and go home. Look where he is now. Lee is a class act, but should threaten to quit, never know, might earn him the starters job
  12. Nebraska 45 Washington 7 Passing Yards = 150 Rushing Yards = 350
  13. First road game, hostile stadium, best QB in the country, and we're going to get their best shot... We won't learn everything about our team, but I think we'll learn a fair amount.
  14. After watching the Mich-ND game yesterday, I think Martinez is faster, or at least more explosive. Really, I thought both Michigan and Notre Dame looked pretty slow compared to Nebraska.
  15. Yeah, you have to think about this offense with last year in perspective. I mean, they're not exactly used to scoring TD's. Bo's going to preach 4 quarters, mental focus all week long, and the entire team is going to make a statement at Washington this Saturday.
  16. Its different with teams like the Vandals. The Vandals is almost a guarantee win. It doesn't make sense to pay a team 1 million to come out and have a good chance of beating you. People have to remember, you don't schedule teams 2 weeks before you play them. We probably scheduled the Vandals 4 or 5 years ago, when they were consistently a 2-10 team or something like that. We didn't agree to the $800,000 payout AFTER they went 8-5 and won a bowl game. Just the year before last, they were a 2 win team.
  17. Alright, I think that's enough for this week. Tune in tomorrow when Bo Pelini talks to the press after practice and either says, "We have a lot of things to fix on offense," or "We got a lot of things cleaned up today." And let the smooth stylings of Bo Pelini's post-practice comments soothe your soul.
  18. Eh... Let's wait and see what Denard Robinson does in conference play. Last year Michigan started 4-0 and broke the top 25 and everything, then lost 7 of their last 8 games. Also, I hope we don't use Martinez like Michigan is using Robinson. Robinson is basically their entire offense (20+ carries in each of the first 2 games), I don't think it would be tremendously difficult to defend, and I think he's going to get worn down midseason.
  19. That was my understanding also Just remember, we rejected the deal when we were in the Big12.. Figuring we will have a little extra cash to float when we join the Big10, the administration might be signing BS with the 1mil with no afterthoughts. I hope we're not paying Boise State 1 million to come to Lincoln. I hope this deal is a result of Boise State trying to save face after getting called out in the press all week.
  20. I thought it would be obvious, SW isn't as good as many thought he was. "Vanilla is bad" how would you describe only being able to make plays out of the zone read? or not being able to throw. IMHO we need a new OC but i have thought that since he was hired. big 12 champ game 07 i believe? establish a run then throw it for the entire second half. Still say we could get a better OC but what do i really know in the long run. GBR. I don't think you can blame play-calling or game-planning or scheme for what happened today. I thought it was pretty clear that when the offense did their jo
  21. Lots of early miscues, I agree. And sure that may be where the offense is headed, but is that a waste of the talent that we have now? I disagree that 105 yards is okay for 12 completions. Niles could be stretching the field like he did last year and putting up a lot more than 7 yards a reception. We have a legit deep threat at receiver, who was graded by scouts as the best senior receiver in the country - and he is just going to have to be round peg, square hole jammed into 'not showcasing his abilities'? That is getting into a separate discussion of course, because it is tied very much i
  22. At least it wasn't a freaking punt! X, i missed this play, what did we run and how was it stuffed behind the LOS? And for those that watched, how did the OL do again in their fundamentals? It's not the 12/17, it's the paltry 105 yards that went with that. I do excuse the INT, though. I'm not sold on the OL either; as for WRs, I'm more concerned that they are not going to have a chance to showcase what they (Niles and McNeil and Kinnie) can do. Niles, McNeil, Kinnie, and Cotton need to prove they can hold their blocks without bringing back huge run plays for holding penalties.
  23. Really, Taylor played alright today. 12/17, one interception? He missed a few plays (especially that sure TD to McNeil), and the interception was a rookie mistake, the result of just trying to do too much. I think the backfield is pretty solid, though, overall. I'm just not sold on the receivers or offensive line.
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