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  1. The Mustache

    Candidates for baseball HC?

    Hiring Darin Erstad as head coach would be like hiring Eric Crouch as offensive coordinator.
  2. The Mustache

    Quarterback Competiton!

    I honestly agree with this, I just thought a topic discussing the quarterback situation would be appropriate, and who we feel should start. Topic title should probably read "QUARTERBACK SITUATION!"
  3. The Mustache

    Quarterback Competiton!

    First, I'd like to address I probably spelled Chata-whatever wrong. Tenneessee is stupid. Now that that is out of the way, let the quarterback controversy begin! I'll start by listing every quarterback on NU's roster, scholly and walk-on, with pros and cons of each. Taylor "The Injury-Prone Incumbent" Martinez, RS Soph- One year of injury problems doesn't quite classify you as prone, but hey, I like alliteration. PROS Love him or hate him, the dude can make big-time plays when healthy (and the o-line is consistent). He's throwing isn't perfect but he's shown he is capable when given time to throw (see October 23rd, Okie St). Dynamic player, through and through. Also has the most experience of any returning NU QB, although this may not play as huge of a factor due to the revamped offense. New O is what he ran in high school, seems to fit his skill-set well. Heisman level running ability. CONS Questionable leadership, which is something new O-Coordinator Tim Beck has stressed greatly. Beck said he'd look at a quarterback's leadership – in the huddle and elsewhere – above any other attribute when picking a starter. β€œHe's got to be able to convince those guys that, no matter what, we're going to have success,” he said Has Taylor matured enough to the point where he can be a true leader for this new offense, with young (but very talented) players all over the field? Accuracy inconsistent at times. Cody "The Disappointment" Green, Junior. PROS Game-Managing. Most well-rounded QB. Really not sure what else to put... CONS Quite simply at this point of his career, Cody has been an absolute disappointment. He still has an opportunity to prove himself this year, but the most highly touted QB of Bo Pelini's recruiting classes has looked more like a tightend that was gavin the playbook the day before the game, and told to play QB. He's been indecisive, unproductive, and appeared to be scared. He's an excellent person, a great guy to have in the lockerroom, but he is running out of time to do something with his career. Brion "B-Magic" Carnes, RS Freshman Relative of Tommie Frazier PROS One of the new-breeds of QBs that are built for spread offenses. A guy who is equally efficient at both passing the ball and running it. Strong performance in the spring game. Remind me of Darron Thomas, not just in that he started at Oregon as a RS Freshman, but in playstyle as well. CONS Other than that, we don't know a whole lot about him, which isn't a good thing. Inexperienced. Will the older guys respect him? Kody "Old Reliable" Spano, RS Sophomore PROS To go through what he has and not given up or transferred tells me that he is one tough cookie. CONS Tore his ACL. Twice. Injured again this spring. Came to Nebraska to play in a west-coast offense... wasn't a scrambler before the surgeries, definitely won't be now. Ron Kellogg III, RS Sophomore PROS He's a walk-on from Westside High in Omaha, so you know he's got that tough never say die attitude. Father played college basketball at Kansas and was a 2nd round draft pick, so you know he has ability. Maybe he should have a conversation with Doc... I honestly wouldn't be surprised to see this guy rise up on the depth chart in the coming years. Bubba "The Wildcard" Starling I'd like to start this by saying that I don't believe he'll play a game for us. But oh man, do I hope he will. And when I say wildcard, I mean this. PROS Rumors of 80 yard passes and 4.4 fortys have us all salivating over the 6 foot 5 baseball prospect. Please, come Bubba. Please. Yes, I am begging. CONS He ends up a Pirate, Mariner, Diamondback, Oriole, or Royal more than likely. Feel free to add to the pros/cons of any player. I see Taylor back in the starting role with Carnes as backup, and Green pushed into the Zac Lee role. Bubba proceeds to have a .200 lifetime minor-league batting average, comes to NU in 4 years and starts at a 22 year old true freshman.
  4. The Mustache

    SIGNED WR Jordan Westerkamp

    Not every white reciever plays like Nate Swift/Wes Welker, fellas. Swift was a great route runner with phenomenal hands, but was limited athletically. Welker plays like he's a greased watermelon in water. If you wanna stick with white guys only, he is a Shipley/Lance Alworth type of guy. Athletic, great vertical, deep-threat stretch the field kindof guy.
  5. The Mustache


    Excited about Broekmeier. If you didn't put two and two together, this is Joe's little brother. I was disappointed when I learned Joe was a senior due to me checking an old roster on my phone when trying to find out who the hell he was during the Colorado game. Said he was a sophomore, and was excited. Hopefully Tyson can make a bit more of an impact.
  6. The Mustache

    National Signing Day Predictions

    I'd say we've got Lockhart almost for sure, have outside chances at Turene and Virgile, and up in the air with Peat. As for the "surprise" people have been referring to, I'm here to get rid of the mystery. It is me. I may have only played 2 years of football, and they may have been my freshman and sophomore years, but Bo really liked my fiery attitude, and take no prisoners mentality when he visited my Omaha-suburb high school last week. Being recruited as a WR/Safety/Guy who runs down the field on kickoffs really fast and flings myself at the ballcarrier only to whiff I'm 6 foot 4, 170 pounds, and I run a 5.0 FLAT!!! 40 yard dash. Vert = 20 inches. My career stats may not seem all that impressive, but my high school is a running team. Well, we try to. But I did have my fair share of highlights on the freshman team: 2007 statistics: 1 catch, 1 TD Soon all of Nebraska will know my name.
  7. The Mustache

    DE Jalen Grimble

    I don't think it'll be a huge loss if we don't get this guy. Weight issues, in high school? That shows some real lack of commitment. Would much rather have a lower-rated player who is a hard worker than this guy, unless if he is proving to the coaches that he would be in shape. Phil Dillard made the change, hopefully he can too.
  8. The Mustache

    SIGNED TE David Sutton

    Correct, he will be a greyshirt. http://www.omaha.com/article/20110130/BIGRED/110139974/-1#lse-s-sutton-to-grayshirt-at-nu Bummed we didn't get Vick though, seen him play, dude is an animal. Damn Frank Solich and his farming of Nebraska's talent that isn't quite good enough for scholarships but have potenital!!
  9. The Mustache

    What are some of your fondest memories of NU/OU

    Black 41 Flash Reverse Pass, 2001. One of my first memories as a Husker fan. Also, last year Matt O's 3 picks was special for me. I attend his old high school where we haven't had a DI player pretty much ever, so Matt making the team was already huge. Seeing him play was crazy. When he became a starter, all hell broke loose, and when he made those 3 picks... it was a good day at school. For what its worth, one of the people I used to hang out with all the time's older brother was/is best friends with Matt.