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Found 7 results

  1. How many years of mediocre dio the fans have to endure. This is crazy, Reilly has own recruiting now and they are doing wirae than when he was with Oregon State. If they allow him until 2020, it's just going to get worse. They don't even make changes before the half.
  2. Husker Nation, I need your help! I am currently leading in the race for B1G Fan of the Year, but there are a few Iowa fans who want to change that... Please help by voting for me EACH DAY between now and November 17th! Share with your friends and vote every day! Go Big Red, WE CAN'T LET IOWA WIN!!! Share this with everyone you know and please let's put this competition to rest, considering Husker fans are the greatest in all of college sports! Go Big Red!!! http://bit.ly/1w6Y5bu
  3. Hi guys, We finished our movie and in light of everything from the past few days it might be nice to see something positive about being a Cornhusker... We could use your help getting the word out about our film. Please share this link on your facebook page, twitter feed, and with any and all media sources. Not only did we spend over 2 and a half years making it but we put our blood, sweat and tears into this film. The link below has everything from the trailer, to where its sold, and it even has a link to an autographed ball that we are auctioning off for Team Jack. Thanks everyone and Go Big Red. http://bit.ly/137oOJ0
  4. This thread could be about everything that went wrong during the game. We gave up 70 points, we allowed 500+ rushing yards, we lost to a team that is 7-5, and we lost to them by 39 points. We turned the ball over 3 times, all by Taylor. But it's not. I refuse to let something as trivial as a football game upset me anymore than it did tonight. At halftime, Nebraska trailing 42-10, I went into my room, and sh*t started flying, my wallet (busted my credit card in my wallet), my shoes, just about anything I could get my hand on. But then I came to a realization. This game, that's all that it is, a game. I refuse to let something as unimportant as the result of a football game bother me as much as it did during the first half of the game. I've got tests to study for, social connections to make, graduate schools to start applying for, research to do, all of which is entirely more important than what happens for 60 minutes on a football field. Now don't get me wrong, I'm as 'true' a fan as anybody in Husker nation (save huskeraddict). I am just as disappointed as everybody else, and I really thought tonight was the night we step back onto the national stage. Unfortunately, something else was in the cards. We got outplayed by an unranked Wisconsin team who really had nothing to lose. All congratulations go to them, they truly stepped up tonight. They came at us and hit us right in the mouth and we shied away. Best of luck to the Badgers in the Rose Bowl, should be an interesting matchup against the Cardinal. But to read some of the posts by our fellow fans irritates me. You all have things that are way more important than Husker football: your jobs, your family, your friends, your pets. This jumping off the deep end after EVERY loss is ridiculous. Reflect. Relax. Move on. As for the team, I feel bad for them, especially the senior class. I wanted nothing more than for them to go out onto that field at Lucas Oil Stadium and be able to douse Bo at the end of the game because we had won the Big Ten. We all did, but somehow that is being overlooked by the "Bo sucks" or "Bo needs to go" mindset. Speaking of Bo, don't you think that he wanted to be doused in the Gatorade bath? Don't you think he slaved over game film for longer than any of us slave over what we need to accomplish so that he can help deliver what his players (especially his senior class), in his mind, deserved? So for you to sit down at your computer, not having had to prepare like Bo did, not having to build connections and relationships with his players like Bo did, and not having to deal with games like this like Bo does, and nonchalantly crucify this team and this coach is absolutely absurd. I'm not going to dissect what went wrong tonight, because it was mostly everything. We played a bad game, and shockingly, those games happen. Nobody wanted to win more tonight than the coaches and the players. Keep that in mind. Good things come to those who wait. Keep that in mind when you impatiently ask for the firing of one of the very few coaches in the HISTORY OF COLLEGE FOOTBALL to win 9 games in each of his first 5 seasons. And overall, keep in mind that this is just a game, a source of entertainment. Nothing that should be used to define who you are. The sun will come out tomorrow.
  5. Hello everyone, I stumbled across a former Nebraskan, living in LA, who is currently working on a Husker Documentary called "Through These Gates." Still in the works, the previews look amazing so far!!! Thought I would pass along... http://vimeo.com/user10624205 Their Twitter handle is @ThruTheseGates Hope you enjoy!
  6. "If we shut down Burkhead, we force Taylor to throw and his throwing motion is horrible." I can only hope they make this mistake. I know, and this board knows, his throwing motion looks like my sisters, but the kid completes passes. Aside from drops, he can get it to the receivers. I think BigBlue fans under estimate our offense and do not respect our defense.
  7. Hey everyone. I'm a student at Ohio State, and made the trip to Nebraska this weekend. I just want to thank all of you for being so awesome the whole time! I didn't run into a single jerk during my entire stay in Lincoln and Omaha. Your fan base was nothing but classy from the very beginning, which is honestly not something that we are used to in the Big Ten. You are, in my opinion, easily the classiest fans in the country! Come to Columbus sometime! I'll buy you a beer! Thanks again and welcome to the Big Ten, Elliott
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