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Found 17 results

  1. Player: Marcus Mbow Hometown: Milwaukee, Wisconsin School: Wauwatosa East Position: Offensive Tackle Height: 6-6 Weight: 320 Power 5 Offers: Iowa State, Nebraska Visits: Twitter 247 Composite: #663 Overall; #64 OT; .8527; Rivals: #62 OT; 247: #74 OT; ESPN: Hudl
  2. Player: Billy Schrauth Hometown: Fond Du Lac, Wisconsin School: St. Mary's Springs Position: Defensive Tackle, Offensive Tackle Height: 6-5 Weight: 285 Power 5 Offers: Arizona State, Iowa, Michigan, Mississippi State, Nebraska, Northwestern, Notre Dame, Ohio State, Penn State, Stanford, Tennessee, Wisconsin Visits: Twitter 247 Composite: #152 Overall; #17 OT; .9411; Rivals: #104 Overall; #2 OG; 247: #139 Overall; #15 OT; ESPN: #239 Overall; #9 DT; Hudl
  3. Player: Isaac Hamm Hometown: Sun Prairie, Wisconsin School: Sun Prairie Position: Defensive End Height: 6-5 Weight: 260 Power 5 Offers: Iowa, Minnesota, Nebraska, Penn State, Purdue, Wisconsin Visits: Twitter 247 Composite: #227 Overall; #13 SDE; .9165; Rivals: #31 SDE; 247: #160 Overall; #11 SDE; ESPN: #194 Overall; #27 DE; Hudl
  4. Player: Ben Kreul Hometown: Waukesha, Wisconsin School: Catholic Memorial Position: Linebacker Height: 6-3 Weight: 220 40 Time: Offers: Iowa State, Nebraska Visits: 7/30/18; 10/20/19 vs Minnesota Twitter 247 Composite: #635 Overall; #21 ILB; .8556; Rivals: 247: ESPN: Hudl
  5. Player: Trey Wedig Hometown: Wales, Wisconsin School: Kettle Moraine Position: Offensive Tackle Height: 6-7 Weight: 284 40 Time: Offers: Iowa State, Michigan, Minnesota, Nebraska, Notre Dame, Syracuse, USC, Wisconsin Visits: Twitter 247 Composite: #113 Overall; #12 OT; .9504; Rivals: #85 Overall; #10 OT; 247: #164 Overall; #22 OT; ESPN: Hudl
  6. Wisconsin wins because it adopted the Nebraska way. Why doesn't Nebraska follow the Nebraska model? http://www.omaha.com/huskers/bigten/barfknecht-badgers-use-huskers-old-blueprint-to-roll-along-against/article_a58e04c0-a636-11e7-a739-df65c3fb2179.html
  7. Hi guys, new member here. My wife and I are traveling over to Madison tonight and meeting some friends for the game tomorrow. Never been in the area, and this is the first big 10 stadium I will have been at, besides Nebraska's, so I don't know what to expect at all. Just looking for any advice. I read the Wisconsin person's post about the big Halloween event going on- thanks for sharing on that! Any other advice? Bars to hit? Is there gonna be parking lots to tailgate in beforehand, or will we be better off just bar hopping? We want to have a good time but that Halloween event may
  8. Player: Jake Ferguson Hometown: Madison, Wisconsin School: Madison Memorial Position: Athlete, Linebacker Height: 6-5 Weight: 210 40 time: Offers: Iowa, Nebraska, Northern Illinois, Wisconsin Visits: Twitter 247 Composite: #17 ILB; .8556; Rivals: 247: Scout: ESPN: Hudl
  9. Player: Logan Bruss Hometown: Kimberly, Wisconsin School: Kimberly Position: Offensive Guard Height: 6-4 Weight: 260 40 time: Offers: Buffalo, Colorado State, Illinois, Michigan, Nebraska, Minnesota, Northwestern Visits: Twitter 247 Composite: Rivals: :star 247: Scout: :star ESPN: Hudl
  10. Player: Cole Van Lanen Hometown: Green Bay, WI School: Bay Port Position: Offensive Tackle Height: 6’5” Weight: 270 lbs 40 time: Offers: Buffalo, Florida Atlantic, Illinois, Illinois St, Iowa, Iowa St, Michigan, Michigan St, Minnesota, Montana St, Nebraska, North Dakota St, Northern Illinois, Wisconsin Visits: Twitter Rivals: #36 OT; :star 247: #217 Overall; #25 OT; :star :star Scout: #187 Overall: #20 OT; :star :star ESPN: #240 Overall; #21 OT; :star :star Hudl
  11. With the recent talks of the East / West split, it got me thinking about our division mates up in Madison. There are a ton of questions that need to be asked about the current and future relationship between the rivalry with the Badgers. Where do we stand with Wisconsin? We have the past success, but the current state of their football program is superior to ours. They've been the conference champs for three years in a row now. We got blown out in our only game in Madison so far. We mounted a common 2012 Husker comeback and edged them under the lights of Memorial Stadium. We all kn
  12. Question is straightforward. I'll start with mine: Michigan I despise everything about Michigan except for Denard Robinson (hard to root against him, he's humble with a million dollar smile). Perhaps it's the saying "We dislike most those who remind us of ourselves". And as much as I hate to say it, Michigan is a mirror image of us. College football blue-blood, top 5 overall in victories, heismans and NC's etc., the Rich Rodriguez and Bill Callahan situations are eerily similar (offensive wizards who were brought down by subpar Defenses), similar block M to our Block N logo (just a blue ve
  13. I feel kinda iffy about everyone automatically pegging us to go the Rose Bowl. Wisco is not going to lay down, and the first half of the game in Lincoln they were sticking it to us. The key was line play, as our D-line schooled their O-line (whole game) and our O-line wore their D-line & backers out (2nd half only). Has anyone noticed whether their line play has improved over the season? If so, it's not going to be the gimme that everyone thinks it is. And there's always the whole difficulty of beating someone twice in one year (Washington in 2010 comes to mind). If we do bea
  14. Guys--I keep seeing ourselves going around and around about the Rexcat, or putting more RBs in, or Taylor Martinez calling his own number too much in audible situations, or Taylor Martinez not checking down properly. I *can't* be the only person with a strong sense of déjà vu when I read these posts. Ultimately, there is only so much we can do running when teams are content to put 7+ in the box and go man-to-man in pass coverage. We *MUST* pass to keep defenses honest--it's football 101. It's why so many folks here griped and complained about Watson not going down the field enough--you h
  15. http://www.pbase.com.../2011fbnebraska Thanks to Myles Long. Also - Fan Cam. If you went to the game, find yourself in this photo array: http://www.uwbadgers.com/fancam/
  16. QB - Taylor IB1 - Rex IB2/3/4 - Ameer, Green, Heard FB - Legate LT - Yoshi LG - Rodriguez (Choi #2) C - Caputo RG - Long RT - Moore X - Bell OR Kinnie Z - Enunwa A - Turner TE - Cotton OR Reed DE - Ankrah DT - Steinkuhler DT - Crick DE - Camstache B - Fisher M - Compton W - David Dime - Blatchford OR Thorell LC - Cooper OR Evans S - Cassidy S - Stafford RC - Dennard KR/PR - Ameer AND Marlowe So ARod gets the starting job back. Interesting.
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