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Found 6 results

  1. Saw this on the Creighton message board. Comments?
  2. I would hereby formally like to call Tim Miles Mr. Nebrasketball. We all know other coaches have nicknames so why not Tim Miles. Yeah there is Smiles but I don't think that does him enough justice. Agree? Disagree? Feel free to discuss
  3. Interesting article on coaches and statistics on how they are using freshmen in terms of playing time. Miles is mentioned as playing freshmen at a high percentage (some due to rebuilding of course). Would be good for an prospective recruit to see as most want to play right away. --The part about Miles is in the bottom half in the "Minor Details" section http://basketball.realgm.com/article/228847/Freshmen-Playing-Time-Part-2
  4. I posted this in the Valpo game thread, but I spent so much time on it.. I wanted to actually get a discussion going. After 2 games, the Huskers are 2-0 and averaging 59 points a game. What are your early thoughts(yes, far to early to judge....) Mine are below: Was at the game last night and noticed a few things. Ubel has some strength and moves offensively.. nice touch on his ball and a good sense of where the hoop is. That being said, he was god awful on defense. He got beat on the pick/roll all night and while some of that is on the help defense, when he plays the 5... we STRUGGLE! Almeida- Slow.. sluggish.. no touch on his shot--that being said, he takes up space and dominates people down low-- I think the touch will come and so will his lungs as the season moves on. He needs reps and by the end of the season, i could see him playing 27-30 minutes a game and make a difference Gallegos- The kid shot well.. He wont be like Bo Spencer where he can shoot in peoples face, but if he has space and with the flubber in his shoes, he can give us 10-12 points a night. Talley- Was quiet offensivley, but is clearly one of the leaders of this team. Rivers-- I dont think he is a D1 guy... He is lanky, but gets pushed around and doesnt seem to have much/if any touch on his shots. Parker- He is quick--looks lost at times, but shows moments where he will be like a Cookie Miller-- he will be a good player with his quickness. Vucetic- He looks smaller than expected.... not sure if I have high hopes on this kid to do much this season. Coach Miles lets these boys play and that is where you see the old Doc offense. Right now our offense doesnt have any playmakers... it has a guy who can sit in the block and post up on people(Ubel/Almeida) Lets be honest, this team is VERY far away from competing. The future is bright with guys like: Biggs, Fuller, Hawkins, Webster, Petteway, Pitchford,Shields(he will play this year when healthy) LEts be honest.. this year is a throw away year.. which sucks for guys like: Almeida, Talley, Ubel. The fact that Menke, Peltz, Tyrance(HE WAS LOST LAST NIGHT) shows that this team is hurting.. but we got skill on its way. This team will win 2-3 games in the B1G this year... next year, we will struggle without having a true BIG down low, but once we get that.. future is bright!
  5. Report in the OWH today that 'Chin' might be taking a lead assistant role at Bradley. Have to see. Would hate to lose him, but I also understand why Miles organized his staff the way he did. Miles gave him his chance, I can understand potentially wanting better opportunities. Link here: http://www.omaha.com/article/20120920/BIGRED/709219995/1001#husker-assistant-may-be-headed-to-bradley
  6. Not sure how exciting this is, but the official site announced the Huskers will be participating in the Sun Bowl Invitational this year. Evidently Miles participated last year with Colorado St., so I would guess that's how we ended up there again. Probably looking to pick up a Christmas break tournament, and may not have had many other options at this point. Others participating are UTEP, Central Michigan, Arkansas-Pine Bluff. UTEP was about even with us on RPI last year, the others were way down the list. Not too exciting, but a little more info about the schedule. Link is here: http://www.huskers.com/ViewArticle.dbml?DB_OEM_ID=100&ATCLID=205502080
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