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  1. DE Micah Parsons

    Suh who??? Lol
  2. DT Calvin Avery [Illinois Commit]

    Masry better really impress in STL this weekend or we are going to have people wanting his scholarship going to Avery.. Myself probably included.. Still lots of time until signing day
  3. ***2018 Recruiting***

    Bookie Radley Hiles, Cameron Brown, Masry Mapieu, Cameron Jurgens, and Will Farniok.
  4. DE Daniel Carson

    Clouse stated Carson and Goodrich are top priorities in Missouri. Said Parella and Diaco went to Carson's school and really impressed. Carson said he feels most comfortable with Nebraska and Ohio State (Larry Johnson is a stud recruiter) wants to decide after senior season.. Carson is definitely being looked at for DE..
  5. CB Brendan Radley-Hiles [Nebraska Commit]

    He did a Facebook live a week after the spring game. It's a great watch but it is over 2 hours long. It's under Husker Football Nation. Click videos. Also has a Q&A with Lamar Jackson and Tommie Frazier.
  6. WR Cameron Brown [Nebraska Commit]

    Offered by Alabama today
  7. WR Manuel Allen [Louisville Commit]

    Can't believe I missed that!! I dont follow Pickett because he was an idiot after committing to Oregon. Always thought he was better than he really was/is. Rahyme Johnson too. Never minded Lenoir and wish he would have been N.
  8. WR Manuel Allen [Louisville Commit]

    Early lunch??? Appears to be just a rumor. Dad tweeted that he was still at Centennial. Weird. Also forgot that McKee is his QB.
  9. RB Garrison Johnson

    I know they are in two separate classes but I like Johnson's film over Roberts
  10. Who's Next?

    Well with Bookie's tweet who commits tomorrow? Goodrich makes the most sense.
  11. Well Mike Riley did say a commitment was coming today!! Niiiice!!
  12. ATH Talanoa Hufanga

    Almost went nuts.. Thought this was the commit!
  13. Who's Next?

    So there are two silent commits plus someone committing within 24 hours?? Love it!! Guessing Goodrich is within 24 hours with Joshua Moore and ???. 15 is a tiny class. 20 looks improbable now even with probable attrition.
  14. QB Grant Gunnell [Texas A&M Commit]

    Agreed.. Bookie said last night that he didn't think they were going after an 18 guy but brought up Gunnell for their guy in 2019. Said he just got done talking to him about it. Not sure if he was talking about Riley or Gunnell.
  15. CB Brendan Radley-Hiles [Nebraska Commit]

    That sucks about Pledger. Was hoping Bookie could at least convince him to visit and maybe change his mind. He said he wants to still take his OV. Bookie said no youre not, im not going to let Coach Riley do that. The exchange was a little weird between them. Like Bookie was getting a little mad. Pledger also was giving Bookie crap about giving back to the fans so much. Said fans dont do sh#t. Also brought up the 62-3 OSU game. After seeing that facebook live Im kinda glad he is going elsewhere. Yeah definitely not the same kind of kid as Bookie. Bookie knows it's a waste of time for Nebraska is Pledger takes an official. Did mention 62-3 after an OSU commit was making fun of Oklahoma. Really funny when Bookie brought up that all the QBs at OU have been arrested and then about Mixon. Mom called him Bookie, early enrollee, will wear 44 at NU, doesn't plan on RS, planning on graduating and declaring for the draft in 3 years, hates Iowa (he was funny), plans on returning kicks, will throw the bones this year, first interception in college he's running the ball straight to D. Williams, won't leave if coaches change. He went over a lot in two hours.. Yes I had a lot time on my hands!