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  1. Someone Hired Shawn Eichorst

    *Shakes the Magic 8-Ball* Can SE totally F up another historic program? ● Without a doubt
  2. best QB to ever run the option at NU

    I really hate these polls because so many of them have been so great throughout history it is really hard to pick one. I went with Frazier in the end even though I could have easily chose Gill (a very close second), he just had "it", that winning mentality that not too many come with, with him, Nebraska could have won more championships and without him, maybe none. Sure anytime he went back to pass you had to hold your breath but he was so talented that he could overcome those mistakes, take the team down the field and into the zone.
  3. Solich - couple questions

    He was a good coach but not a good recruiter. The 7 loss season along with Pederson is what did him in. The next season the Huskers appeared to be moving in the right direction again (10 - 3 that year) after replacing a bunch of the staff from the 7 - 7 season and he should never have been fired at that point. The three losses were lopsided and certainly didn't help matters but I still believe the team was making progress. As for the improprieties, I don't know, heard some rumors and there may have been a drinking issue (DUI at Ohio). Pederson was the bigger problem in my opinion, he wanted to turn Nebraska football into something it was not and it turned into a disaster. He's had some good, not great seasons at Ohio but then again, it is Ohio and not Ohio State.
  4. Just imagine if Solich never left and Frost came in to replace him, no air raids, no sideline meltdowns, no super nice guys.
  5. Scott Frost vs Eric Crouch vs Turner Gill

    Tommie Frazier never gets any love.
  6. I'd like to see us get close to the top 10, but I don't think we will get in it, but maybe after our sixth national title we'll be in the top ten for some time afterward.
  7. RB Breece Hall

    Hmm, a 2/3 star player, scouts must have found something others in the media have missed.
  8. The Experts: The 2018 Super Six
  9. He's going to win a lot of Mom's (and recruiting battles) by helping take out the trash. Frost's willingness to pitch in won over Felicia Tannor What a down to Earth guy, love it.
  10. WR Frank Ladson [Clemson Commit]

    This staff shows no fear of going after athletes that the big names are also after. Love it!
  11. If they picked Nebraska, they are all super.
  12. WR Darren Jones

    3" taller than Calvin Johnson and 4" taller than Randy Moss. 6-foot-8 WR is the next Randy Moss
  13. Comparing Recruiting Classes

    I'm predicting next year Frost pulls in 10+ 4* athletes (Rivals, this year we had 9 according to them) and the class either gets very close or exceeds a .9 rating. And one 5* recruit.
  14. DT Otito Ogbonnia [UCLA - Signed LOI]

    This one more than any other misses hurts the most, no DT this class.