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  1. First thought was that Simi Kuli was back....damn, my heart stopped for a second Welcome Mason!!!!!
  2. any ideas?????!?!?????!?!?!? http://nebraska.rivals.com/default.asp
  3. I'm only worried about this guy because his recruitment has been SOOOO quiet for SOOOO long.....
  4. 5 guys left to sign: Khiry Cooper David Grant Cameron Meredith Justin Rogers David Whitmore
  5. David Ross Jr.?? Come on David, sign already!!
  6. Why does KSUCC want Mason? When did he go to a Junior College???
  7. Yes! He's one of my favorites of the class. Welcome Zo!
  8. And once he hands his pen over to his brother, Steve will be signed
  9. Last second guess before he announces: I think he's N!
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