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  1. One ESPN analyst irritated me that night on sportscenter, sounded surprised they didn't flag him for that hit. Give Suh a break. It's not his fault he's stronger than everyone else on the field.
  2. Kinnie reminds me of Pedro Cerrano in a way from Major League. Seemed to emerge the year before, but this year, it was bonehead plays and a lack focus IMO.
  3. Thats my bro on the bottom left. Anyone going to this event by chance?
  4. can't help ya there here's an ad on the event in Kearney... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e3y0V3jul1o
  5. Haha. Oh theres probably some F bombs in the video. First fight so all our friends were pretty jacked up for it.
  6. My brothers next fight will be in Kearney, Neb(Resurrection Fighting Alliance) on March 30. Former UFC fighters Houston Alexander vs Gilbert Yvel headline the event. Pretty stoked for this one!
  7. Former Husker wrestler. This is his first fight and it took place last weekend in Kansas City. He trains out of HDMMA in Leawood, KS. HDMMA is co-owned by former Husker wrestler Jason High(Strikeforce welterweight) who is from the KC area. sry for the language in the video
  8. I'm always confused by "UFC guy". Its always some guy wearing a glittery affliction shirt and jeans with 100 buttons on them. I'm glad you shared...?
  9. There's no way I'm missing this. Can't wait.
  10. I would have preferred no comment or, "I was ticked, had been cheap shotted all game. Frustrated and acted out of anger. I apologize to (GB Player) the fans and my team mates and the Lions organization. It won't happen again. I like to think of myself as a role model and this is not what I want to portray". Saw that same clip at the hal, and thought you have to be kidding me. Sure it wasn't the right way to act, but it is clearly understandable. Did anyone actually watch the game to get some context on the situation? He was being held and basically cheated out of doing what he doe
  11. Thanks for posting one of my vids(eric martin hit). My youtube username is also KansasHusker. My Flip ultraHD cam works decent just by holding it in front of my tv recording plays. If there is any particular play or big hit you would want me to upload, hit me up with a pm, I have all games recorded on DVR. I've got a couple vids on my youtube channel from the Ohio State game also.
  12. There's a really cool bar in Omaha called the Slowdown. They put on a lot of good shows there. Went there last Sunday for a show. I was front row and have some good video from it. These guys are nuts live
  13. You can't be serious. Do you rag on Jordan, Tiger, Kobe, Petyon, LeBron, etc, etc, etc. for doing endorsements? They make so much money via endorsements that it isn't even funny. I just read an article the other day that stated that Jordan makes $179,000 a day through endorsements without doing a damn thing. Give me a break. Suh is a star in the NFL and he's a hot commodity. He'd be a fool not to cash in on his marketability, and you'd be a fool to say you wouldn't do the same.
  14. Paul running a 4.59 hurts him pretty bad if you ask me. Helu is really that much faster than Paul??
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