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  1. exactly, I think Bo is a fine linebacker and probably could be a defensive captain.
  2. Signed!! lets hope this trdition can be a yearly deal!!
  3. sorry didnt see that it was posted already!! totaly classless
  4. My thoughts and prayers are with Lucky and his faimly, hopefully he makes a full recovery whatever the circumstances are.
  5. I have watched video on steve harley and he reminds me a little of tyron lue, very good shooter has good range.
  6. Any ideas or sugestions on what would be a better mascott!!
  7. I am thinking that it probably Ricky Thenarse or either Major Culbert not sure, But leaning towards Thenarse.
  8. Bernstine was quoted in saying after his Nu visit that Iowa was still leading for his services, so i dont think we will be seeing him in Lincoln, but as far as ross and Burkes it looks really good for both of them.
  9. I read that as well. I don't need the stress! Someone know what's up? trust me all is good witt is N
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