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  1. pennahuskr4life

    PreGamin questions!

    Hey everyone!! GBR!! Long time stalker, limited poster here. Heading to the game w/ some fam and a turtle fan and have some quick questions. Not sure if it belongs here so if the mods need to move go right ahead. I've been to a number of games(sadly never Senior Day) but mostly hit up Lazlos and Brewskys for pregame beers. However this year I would really like to see the Senior players be introduced and obviously have everyone that is along w/ me to see that and the Tunnel walk. What time do we need to be inside Memorial to see the Seniors get introduced? Also before heading in what are some good ideas to show the Turtle fan a good time and atmosphere of a chilly, early as crap Lincoln and Mecca? We are staying at the Cornhusker and planning on starting the day at the free tailgate there and then head to anything you can suggest! Thanks in advance for any info you can give and GO BIG EFFIN RED!!
  2. Anyone know of a sports bar in Steamboat Springs that will have the game on this Saturday?

  3. pennahuskr4life

    Tix available

    Prices are dropped. Good deal my friends! Take a look!!
  4. pennahuskr4life

    Tix available

    Hello everyone!! I have two seats available for SoMiss, SDSU, and Illinois posted on stubhub. They are in Sec 18 Row 75 Seats 21 22. Sadly my AF job in DC keeps me from attending many games but I would love some of my screaming red-clad friends on this board to attend in my place! Please let me know if you are interested, or help yourself to them on stubhub. Thanks and G B R!!!
  5. pennahuskr4life

    Fresno State Flyby?

    BTW I believe the guard unit there flys KC-135's, and not KC-130's
  6. pennahuskr4life

    Beer at the game

    I think so because it is an NFL venue not too sure though
  7. pennahuskr4life

    **Predict the Kansas State Score, Rushing and Passing Yards**

    skers 60 ksu 21 pass 430 rush 200
  8. pennahuskr4life

    NCAA 09 Problems?

    Mine are working great. They sound great too. How exactly is it that you put the custom sounds onto the game??
  9. pennahuskr4life

    Biggest NU Hit?

    I dont see why they cant play some of the videos of these hits on the big screen before the defense takes the field. How could the defense not go out on the field and just want to take some freakin heads off!!
  10. pennahuskr4life


    So does this mean the sellout streak may be in jeopardy??
  11. pennahuskr4life

    Thank You to The Various Fans

    God bless TRUE college football FANS
  12. pennahuskr4life

    Saturday's Game

    Fruck yeah im going! And I will scream and yell as long as I can!!!!