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  1. Trump belongs in jail along with his underling thugs. New reporting is that Trump has personal hygiene issues, fecal incontinence. This will not sit well with Bubba and the rest of the prison criminals. I am sure they will plan a "GI" shower with a blanket, a box of Tide Soap, and a stiff bristle scrub brush.
  2. The coach doesn’t commit the turnovers, players do.Coaches don’t miss tackles /blocks, players do. Players win/lose games.
  3. Anyone want to take a wild guess how this movie ends?
  4. Turning point was the messed up play on fourth and short by N.
  5. Absolute stupid formation and play call on fourth down.
  6. Keep it on the ground. Chalk that score up to the defense. It is going to rain footballs.
  7. Why put the QB in the shotgun on 4th and short? Absolute stupidity.
  8. Can not believe HH is still in this game.
  9. Take the kid out of the game. I don’t care if the water boy plays QB. This cannot continue.
  10. can’t believe we keep trying to punch the middle
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