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  1. Yes, I believe the evidence for rape requires a higher bar, based on the definition of New York law.
  2. The jury found the appropriate verdict. The rape charge would need DNA evidence. The abuse conviction did not need to meet that standard. I hope Trump has to pay her attorney fees along with the other compensations.
  3. JUST IN: A Manhattan federal jury found that Donald Trump sexually abused E. Jean Carroll in a luxury department store dressing room in the spring of 1996 and awarded her $5 million for battery and defamation. And, there are more indictments to come. Stay tuned. Trump’s criminality is being exposed. He has nowhere to run and nowhere to hide. Does anyone think Donald is tired of winning, yet?
  4. So, Faux No News propaganda channel has to pony up 787.5 million dollars for advancing their lies about voter fraud. And, there are over 400 convictions of individuals (with more to come) who stormed the Capitol Building to impede the Constitutional process of verifying the fairest, most secure, and most scrutinized election in our nation's history, because of and believing those lies, while the person responsible for originating the lies, continuing the lies, is playing golf? But it’s impossible to put a price on damaged trust in US democracy. Amazing that there are still people who will turn on their TV channel every day to listen to Faux No News and have no clue that they are being played as sycophant fools.
  5. This guy is an idiot. And, a liar. But, what can one expect from a Trump supporter? The same people who listen to him support Trump are the same idiots that think his pillows help them sleep better.
  6. For all you sycophantic Trump supporters, keep sending in your money. Donnie is laughing at you all the way to the bank. Today, Donnie's face had no "smirk" as the rubber hit the road in the 34 felony indictments brought forth by the NYAG. And, this is just the beginning, more charges will come from DC and Georgia. I hate to say it, but I told you so!
  7. I agree that ANY attempt by the GOP to impede or interfere with any lawful procedure regarding Trump or his thugs should also be indicted.
  8. Saw this and just about puked. Yes, there are those who would actually believe this crap. And, they walk among us. I still want to puke. Look out.
  9. Any one still supporting Trump should be considered enemies of the US, arrested and tried for Treason.
  10. Why is it that the Archives Department does not have an office inside the White House to monitor every document and where it is stored? Seems like a simple solution, to me.
  11. Well, it wasn't pretty, but we are not a pretty BB team. At least, we won! Good for the kids.
  12. Truth is, what the truth is. Trump should have been in jail years ago.
  13. The absolute stupidity of this lying, ignorant, Narcissistic, megalomaniac, bottom dweller cannot be measured. He, and his mafioso thugs, belong behind bars for the rest of their lives.
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