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  1. How is their bowling team?
  2. I believe I read that he was not interested in he job.
  3. It goes much deeper and further back than that.
  4. I believe Ed Stewart has the right combination of administration experience and Husker culture knowledge to be a good fit for the new AD.
  5. That is why he gets the big bucks, to see what the problems are and make the necessary changes.
  6. "Dog and pony show" pretty much sums up the last 20 years, IMO.
  7. When does it start?
  8. Unless Frost has a sudden realization that his offense will not work in the Big, and goes back to what made NU dominate for 42 years, he will continue to struggle with wins. "Run the damned ball has some meaning." (And, not just the QB).
  9. Not to mention all of the transfer kids. Something is missing, here! As far as Moos goes, there are lots of rumors, some very ugly and most likely untrue. Personally, I don't think Frost and Moos saw eye to eye on the big picture. Moos left his last jobs with some uncomfortable circumstances. This move seems to fall in line with the rest.
  10. Maybe he does not want to admit Frost was not a good hire and doesn’t want to be the one to fire him?
  11. Trump these Literaly threw Pence under the bus. Pence, like other Trump cult followers, is too weak and cowardly, to stand up to Trump.
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