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  1. Every MAGA election denier who ran for office in key states——-LOST. The significance is epic history.
  2. Not difficult at all. People who are deniers will never be smart enough to realize the contribution they spew to spread the virus.
  3. He won’t testify. He is incapable of telling the truth. He would only expose himself for what he really is, a bottom dwelling slug of a human being. The term, “fake president” will be officially etched into the history books.
  4. Vote blue and end the conspiracy idiots on the far right.
  5. More evidence that Trump is a lying con man. • New York Attorney General Letitia James unveiled an astonishing 200-page civil lawsuit that alleged that the Trump family empire was essentially built on years of grift and self-enrichment by deceiving lenders, insurers and tax authorities and dodging the laws that apply to every American. James is seeking the redress of $250 million in allegedly ill-gotten funds and sanctions that would severely crimp the Trump
  6. If any foreign government is going to own us, it will be becauseTrump sold them stolen classified documents revealing our nuclear secrets. That may have already happened. Currently, I am enjoying my freedoms while we still have a democracy. Trump tried to overthrow our government on January 6 as the entire world watched. Plain and simple, Trump is the absolute worst president in the history of our nation. Simply put, he is nothing more than a bottom dwelling slug of a human being. Here are some Facts for you: Trump is the……. 1st President in 28 years NOT to serve a second term. 1st President in 45 years NOT to release any tax information. 1st President in 89 years to lose the Presidency, House of Rep. and Senate in one term. 1st President in 129 years to lose the popular vote twice in a National Election. 1st President in 152 years to boycott his successor’s inauguration. 1st President EVER to be impeached twice. 1st President EVER to be elected with the help of a foreign government. (Mueller Report backed up by a nonpartisan Senate report) 1st President EVER to lie about the election results. 1st President EVER to refuse to concede losing the Presidency. 1st President EVER to not ensure a peaceful transfer of power. 1st President EVER to incite a mob of Domestic Terrorists at the Capitol. 1st President EVER to have two ex-wives 1st President EVER to pay hush money to a porn star and playboy bunny to hide his affairs. 1st President EVER to have 26 sexual assault allegations brought against him. 1st President EVER to steal classified documents from the government. 1st President EVER reveal classified secrets to a foreign government. 1st President EVER to attempt to change the popular vote count of a state. 1st President EVER to be fined $25,000,000 establishing a fraudulent bogus University. 1st President EVER to violate the Emoluments Clause. 1st President EVER to be subject to 5 State and Federal criminal investigations, post Presidency. 1st President EVER to ever attempt to end our NATO alliances. 1st President EVER to ask for political donations for his defense fund, which does not exist. 1st President EVER to have 4,095 lawsuits brought against him. Some of the 75 million who voted for Trump are in jail because they bought into Don the Con-man and tried to overthrow the government. Trump threw them under bus while he plays golf. Just to refresh your memory, Biden won 81, 284, 666 (51.3%) of the popular vote and 306 electoral votes. Biden won, Trump lost. It is as simple as that. My ancestors came to this country so they would not have to live in a dictatorial, autocratic Trump society. If you still support Trump, there is nothing anyone can do to help you. Most of the evidence is available for everyone to see. There is more incriminating evidence to come. Biden (and democrats) are for the people, Trump is for himself. All Trump knows is his pocket book and his ego.
  7. There are not enough words in the “Kingdom of Suck” to define the tragic demise of NU football .
  8. https://twitter.com/petestrzok/status/1568569527113338882/photo/1 trumps criminality never ends. He belongs in jail.
  9. Trump cares about two things: 1) His pocket book 2) His ego
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