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  1. Sims has a legit shot to earn the starting qb job back on this drive let’s see if he can step up to the plate
  2. Just keep it on the ground and maybe once or twice try a deep pass over their heads and damn our wr need to learn to catch
  3. No way you can send HH back that field let’s see what happens
  4. Is HH the worst qb ever to be a starter at Nebraska?
  5. After the first int of the Maryland game I’m done with HH. Put Purdy in
  6. HH is lucky to get a flag on the int, cause that’s the worst throw I’ve seen in my life
  7. Let’s just cut to the chase who do you want as our next online coach?
  8. HH is trash not the qb of the future still starts over sims who is even bigger trash
  9. Can we please find a qb that’s not turnover prone
  10. Worst non call for pass interference I’ve seen in my life these refs are more useless than our offense
  11. The are now showing images of Sims on the sidelines no he will never play again
  12. That’s game defense didn’t show up this week. As usually no one on offense showed up either
  13. Haarberg has played like trash so has the line
  14. Michigan State has a good game plan against today hats off to the coaching staff
  15. I’m not sure why Purdy hasn’t jumped him on the depth chart
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