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  1. Because our coach just got fired
  2. It’s most likely Matt Campbell. That’s a good get
  3. Looks likely to be Matt Campbell
  4. National search talking to a lot of people? Um the list should be short, and every good ad has a short list of people to call the what if your coach walks out and gets hit by a bus list who do you call. Trev is incompetent easy to see
  5. Dan Patrick doesn’t think so according to his sources
  6. I don't think the program ever comes back it's just to far gone.
  7. Absolutely not true. The worst thing you can have is talks about the coaches getting fired that amount of negativity in the program is monumental. Gotta rip the band aid off
  8. The line is why I believe we only win 3 games this year. I believe special teams can improve, but won't matter much if the defense is going to be able to get to the QB before the ball does
  9. Notre Dame isn't coming to the big ten period cause they know they can't win in the big ten
  10. This is why I don't understand why people think we can make a bowl game this year, who is going to block? Feel bad for the qbs but this is why I stated we needed 5 o line from the portal.
  11. Don't drunk the Kool aid come on now. We have a decent chance to be better but good?
  12. I think 5th is pretty generous. I feel like we can beat NU and that's about it, and we all know how those games go
  13. We need at least 3 more tackles 3 guards and 2 centers, but it kind of late now.
  14. We need 5 more o lineman from the portal or I'm going to have to call this off-season a fail. I watched the spring game my grandma would have had 5 sacks
  15. So far nothing but Smothers running zone read than throwing an incomplete pass on 3rd. So far I would give it an F-. Winners unl complete money grab. Losers the fans for having to endure this
  16. Ok I'm not going to go as far as d3 or d2 schools are sitting better, a handful of fcs schools I could make that argument. NDSU is top of the list
  17. As far as programs go a lot of fcs schools are in a better place than we are right now
  18. They are a long ways from a ndsu or even an SDSU team
  19. I still have nightmares of Martinez overthrowing wide open recievers
  20. As a husker fan I'm confused what's a pass rush?
  21. Awesome Nebraska elites are getting rich while putting a terrible product on the field we already have up the season tickets, and aren't going to anymore games. Nebraska as one of the 5 worst programs in college football the fans need to stage a walk out at halftime. Let them play in an empty stadium
  22. I'm pretty worried about defense last year I don't think the defense was that great. Ok yes; but if you want to be great or even very good we got to start forcing some more turnovers
  23. Putting my money on 4 or less wins next year lost our d line and who going to block on offense we hit 5 wins I'll be impressed
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