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  1. What I learned today is that I would rather by stock in blockbuster than Nebraska football!
  2. Completely disagree if you want to show up every week to support this, then you deserve exactly what you are getting. Without the fans you really don’t have a team. The team ultimately answers to the fans, the fans offer no accountability and at this point only focuses on the sellout streak to further enable the poor. It’s actually a very unhealthy abusive relationship with co dependency.
  3. That’s game Minnesota won see you all next week
  4. Illinois was not nearly as bad as we are right now. Currently we are probably the worst program in the p5
  5. Can we just go back to running the option already?
  6. I think we are playing well lines like good!
  7. At Nebraska the girls prefer the band members over the football players
  8. MJ isn’t a no for head coach going forward he’s a hell no
  9. I figured out what this teams weakness is, it’s football
  10. And I’m good enough to make a relevant post on huskerboard but it’s never going to happen
  11. Frost should be arrested for murdering Nebraska football
  12. I’m going to coach Nebraska you may all rest easy!
  13. He scored 37 pts with no o line he did a fantastic job getting the ball to Palmer. Defense gave up 43
  14. Looks even worse do they even practice during the week?
  15. It’s not like we can kick the entire ol off the team. Or can we?
  16. Republicans? We should get them to coach us
  17. Yeah our best defensive play maker out in a game we need to make plays to contend. Might be the very worst player to have not playing
  18. Man can’t even beat Purdue this program has truly fallen
  19. Yeah I have always believed one of the worst things you can do is wait until after the season to fire a coach when it’s clear they need to go
  20. Raiola needs to get a look what he’s done with the offensive line has been amazing!
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