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  1. Ozigbo is a bruiser and snap count for RBs needs to mirror today's
  2. It wasn't the call, once again it was Tommy's execution. Yeah I doubt there is an offensive coordinator in the world who would purposely draw up a play with a backwards pass.
  3. TA is getting a LOT of time in the pocket and he still won't look past his first receiver. So annoying.
  4. Anybody know where the game is streaming besides on the WatchABC app? My location doesn't allow live streaming for ABC apparently
  5. I understand the game is essentially over but why did we not go for 2 there? Makes no sense
  6. They will continue passing like crazy just to set up a jet-sweep run that goes for 40+ and my head will explode
  7. Langsdorf calls plays like I do in Madden: "I ran it three straight times, why isn't the pass working?!"
  8. Eh it seems like he's been our best defensive back FWIW. I think he's been great at run stopping. Not as good as last year though
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