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  1. I was thinking the same thing. One visit and he commits. Do sec team have a cap? It was actually more than one visit. He went with his parents a couple of times.
  2. 2015 prospect Joe Burrow, QB out of Ohio, was at the practice yesterday (3/27) as well. Husker legacy. Highlights
  3. Oh it's serious innovation...you're just not looking at it with perspective in my opinion. If I had stuff like this when I was a college football player I'd have been able to push myself much further than ever before. Being able to track your motion and your reps with cameras like this does 2 things: 1. It holds the person accountable for completing their workouts 2. It makes the person doing the workouts do the correct motion The #1 problem with weight lifters in gyms and in programs is incorrect motion when lifting. You don't get the right motion, you're not benefiting fully. This software is mind boggling tying in their nutrition, academics and S&C...it's amazing. I wonder how many BCS programs use this technology now? I know Nebraska and Texas A&M use it.
  4. Penn State football recruit charged in counterfeit cash scheme at McDonald's. http://www.pennlive.com/midstate/index.ssf/2013/03/penn_state_football_recruit_za.html

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    2. StPaulHusker


      It could hurt even more considering the sanctions. They can't afford to "miss" too often for the next few years


    3. ShawnWatson


      I enjoy the Whopper over the Big Mac.

    4. DefensiveLineU


      THEY ARE..Penn State

  5. Some Auburn fans are laughing at it too and not even calling it a football practice. lol.
  6. So this is what a glorified high school coach looks like when running a practice at a BCS program? WOW! Over 3/4 of the team just standing there while their offense works on something... Alabama fans are laughing their asses off looking at those videos. I would be shocked if they didn't have a losing season. They don't even have players going through drills when they are not doing whatever it is they are doing in the video.
  7. Good article about the WR group....yes it is free http://nebraska.scout.com/2/1278752.html
  8. Was hudl made be an NU student? The CEO was working with the football team in the video department and came up with a better way to distribute film. Hudl is a great invention for high school film. Some colleges have their own software developed for studying film, but many still use Hudl for distribution and highlights. Georgia has one of the most advanced video software I have seen at the college level.
  9. You mean like EliteForm software that is partnered with University of Nebraska Strength and Conditioning program that is bringing the next generation of training to athletes and coaches? I think we are pioneers and will continue to be for a long time. Yep, that is part of it. Here is a video I watched
  10. Simply bigger and more athletic looking.....
  11. Prior to the 2012 season, among current BCS Conference schools, Pelini was only the sixth first-time head coach in NCAA history to win at least nine games in each of his first four seasons. Three of the six coaches to accomplish that feat coached at Nebraska (Pelini, Tom Osborne and Frank Solich). That fact was found on Huskers.com.
  12. For all of the wins and championships the program has, there are still 17 programs out there that Nebraska has a losing record against, and five of those programs reside in the B1G conference. Ohio State has three wins to our one win in that series. Michigan holds a 4-3-1 advantage. This coming season the series could end up being tied? Michigan State has never defeated Nebraska. We have winning records against Penn State and Iowa, Minnesota holds a 29-21-2 advantage. Indiana holds a 9-7-1 advantage. Purdue holds a 1-0 advantage. With MN and either Purdue or Indiana coming to the West Division, it is only a matter of time that Nebraska takes over the winning advantage over those programs. Once that takes place there will only be 15 programs left that hold a advantage in series wins over Nebraska. The last time MN, Purude or Indiana beat Nebraska was before 1960. We have more conference championships (43) than MN, Penn State, Indiana, Michigan State and Northwestern combined (41 total between all of them). In 1995 only allowed 5 punt returns and the returns only gained 12 yards. Out of the last 477 games, Nebraska has only been shut out twice.
  13. It will be interesting to see how the two running backs out of high school will fit into the offense. Neither of them want to redshirt. So if they bring great competitiveness to the practice field and both of them can play at a high enough level, wouldn't be surprising to see them both getting some playing time.
  14. Simple, if I could remember who the recruit was I could easily bring up the article. So when you're ignorant of the subject just keep your mouth shut. I will just let the mods take care of this.
  15. Yeah... but now he has 3 more posts than he had before! Its all about the post count... duh! /sarcasm still doesn't change his crap-quality ratio on those posts You are free to hate the posts, but some people have appreciated them. Have a good day.
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