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  1. I think Dallas is still a pretty good spot for him. They have plenty of open roster spots at the moment and he was there only draft pick so he should have a path to making the roster and should be a developmental priority for them. Carlisle is a great coach and should be capable of helping Roby reach his full potential.
  2. He's had much more than just one great year. He made the tournament every year except the last two and has been to 4 CWS.
  3. I think it's difficult to argue that the right to life is the ultimate trump card for a country that lacks universal healthcare and has the death penalty. Controlling what a person can do with their own body should be part of the discussion regardless of where you fall on that issue. For example, if the right to life really trumps all we should make kidney donations mandatory for compatible donors in cases where the potential recipient will die without one. The potential recipient's life being at stake if they don't receive a kidney would trump any consideration of the donor's right to choo
  4. I can't see any chance of him returning if he thinks he's in the 25-40 range.
  5. I agree unless a player like Joel Ntambwe wants to come.
  6. Looks like we are going to try to get him a waiver:
  7. I think Trump certainly deserves to be impeached but I agree with the Dems decision on holding off on impeachment. Based on what is known now, there is no way the Senate would vote to convict so the only thing impeachment would accomplish is helping him win the 2020 election.
  8. He announced April 30, 2015 and polled around 10% in most polls shortly after his launch so not much but still significantly more than Yang's current polling of around 1%. I agree that Yang does have some similar internet popularity but I still think it's unlikely that he gets much traction in this race. Voters seem to be placing a big emphasis on electability this election and Sanders appears to be retaining most of his hardcore supporters that might otherwise consider voting for Yang.
  9. http://twitter.com/EvanDaniels/status/1123646245573222400
  10. #1 Virginia #2 Kentucky #2 Michigan State #6 Villanova #7 Cincinnati #11 Belmont #12 Oregon #13 UC Irvine #14 Yale
  11. I really don't understand the opposition to Burrow. Assuming Vedral doesn't receive a waiver, our current QB group is a redshirt freshman that was recruited for a different offense, a true freshman that didn't play his senior year of high school, and a walk-on that didn't receive any major offers out of high school or juco. Burrow has ties to Nebraska and appears to be holding his own in a tough QB competition at an elite program. If Frost believes Burrow is a good fit and provides a potential upgrade to our QB group and Burrow is willing to come in and compete for the job, than I think he'
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