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  1. Three tickets to NU/CU game tomorrow in Boulder. $66 each. They are Section 203 Row 64 Seats 27, 28, 29. I paid $66 for them and that's what I'm selling them for. I can meet you at the game or beforehand, but the sooner the better. You will have at least one husker fan sitting next to you and four behind you because I have those tickets. Call John at 303-345-8671.
  2. Sweet! Don't know if he's really all that great anymore (if he really ever was)....but I'm excited to have a husker on my Broncos team! http://www.denverpost.com/broncos/ci_11799750
  3. ok couldn't resist....my favorite guitarist = SRV and this guy is interesting:
  4. It's not a quote, but I will be very happy not having to watch him during games wiggle his lips uncontrollably like they are having seizures. There is a video out there somewhere that shows one of the funnier occurences of this happening...I can't find it at the moment.
  5. Should be sorta cool to see this movie in a couple years even though most of Carrey's movies have been flops lately.... WE LANDED ON THE MOON!! http://lincolnjournalstar.com/living/gz/mo...87529642655.txt
  6. at this point I highly doubt it. Is he co-defensive coordinator at OU? I think one could argue that going from OU's co-def cord. to NU's head def. cord. would be a step down rather than up. I wouldn't complain though if he came to Nebraska...OU has had some decent D's in the past. I'm sure we would be better than 77th in the nation against the run or whatever we're currently at.
  7. so has he committed or not???? i'm confused someone say Mechicken and another says it has been postponed??
  8. I think a lot depends on timing...one great example of icing the kicker was the Denver Broncos game against Oakland. Janikowski is all ready to kick the game winner (something like a high-40 to low-50 yard kick) ball is snapped and kick is good for the Oakland win....However, Denver called a timeout just before the snap. Next kick goes off the upright and Broncos win in overtime. Maybe that is just pure luck and nothing to do with a timeout but in some scenarios it does seem it to work.
  9. I feel your frustration, I understand the Coz thing. I am not a fan of his, but tonight was not on him. Is Cally's play calling frustrating or questionalbe...yes it is. However, I do believe we are making progress. Going down the Alabama route of hiring a "new gun for hire" is not the best route. Give it time. I agree that firing Callahan would be bad. On the other hand, does keeping the wrong guy around for a few more years do anygood? As of right now, I d say it would be a bad idea to fire Callahan. About Cosgrove, would McBride give up 49 points to anyone at Lincoln? 49 points! We are making progress...on offense. I think we are going nowhere on defense. Last year's defense was disappointing. This year is looking to be the same. Overall, I think we have better players on defense this year...but I haven't seen much improvement. While I am calling for Cosgrove's head, I don't have any suggestions for a replacement. I'd like Pelini, but we all know that won't happen. There's got to be somebody....tonight's D was pathetic. Last week's D was pathetic for that matter too.
  10. how does Idaho play USC close? Are their players that much better to make it a respectable game against USC? What have Idaho's recruiting rankings been the past five years? How about UCLA and Oregon State? We have just as good of players as those teams...I really think Coz has to go....and if Cally won't fire him, then Cally needs to go. I know, I know we were only a few blocks away, and we just didn't execute blah blah.... This game "speaks volumes" of where our program is. Maybe we can win the Big 12...North One other thing...how bout Cally being 0-12 er..0-13 when down at the half...Woo! go Coach Callahan! let's give em another contract!
  11. NU 24 Nev 13 NU Passing: 196 NU Rushing: 157
  12. born red


    Anybody know if the Nevada game will be televised or when it will be announced? Pay-per-view? A little over a week to go!
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