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  1. This is probably nothing, but his profile pic on twitter is of him on his visit here for what it is worth.
  2. My guess is that college gameday will go to Utah for that Washington State Utah game
  3. Nebraska 38 Illinois 20 Passing: 285 Rushing: 220
  4. Good news is it sounds like Cam Taylor will be okay.
  5. That was Jaimes not Farniok. Still a big blow though
  6. You know your kicking situation is bad when you got a safety out there kicking extra points
  7. Mac Brown didn't get that extra second added this time

    1. teachercd


      Didn't watch it...but that MFer has played the system about as well as Bowden (without the crazy record but still really good)...

  8. I don't see the ads at the bottom of the screen right now, but there is one at the top just above where the announcements usually are. I can handle that
  9. Broncos offense still bad 

    1. The Murphinator

      The Murphinator

      Nothing can go wrong perfect play calling genius 

    2. WyoHusker56


      That was sad. I was not optimistic for this season, but that was a gut punch I wasn't expecting.

    3. Undone


      And it was Noah Fant, too @Mavric.   :D

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  10. Nebraska 35 Northern Illinois 17 Passing: 270 Rushing: 210
  11. If anyone needs a QB I am willing to trade Murray for a RB
  12. @Army_Allen unless the Broncos D goes bonkers it looks like you will win this week. Would have won though if Mixon didn't get hurt.
  13. This is all on the guy who messed up the husker prayer

    1. huKSer
    2. The Murphinator

      The Murphinator

      I believe he was indeed banned

    3. husker B-rent

      husker B-rent

      Needs to be banhammered. Bulls#!t. Ugh 17-0 seriously!?

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  14. If you think we should fire Scott Frost just get out of here and cool off a little bit you are just overreacting to a bad loss
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