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  1. Im not sure whats going on.. im sure its something that everyone knows about and im just an idiot but rivals list that we have 25 commits now but earlier today it said we had 27... so if anyone could help me out here whats going on?
  2. farmerscarlet

    Whos got there ticekts to the spring game

    I got my tickets, its going to be awsome!
  3. farmerscarlet

    Double-O 7

    That was a really good video, it almost makes me feel better about last season. Almost
  4. farmerscarlet

    07 expectations what are they?...........

    10 win season regular season, with a Big 12 North Championship at least.
  5. farmerscarlet

    QB Keller cited for disturbing the peace

    I think that bitch should be arrested for waisting the cops time with such pointless stuff. They should be out there solving actual crimes. Keller will probably just get told not to do it again or get a 10 dollar fine just because he is Sam Keller, the future starting QB for Nebraska.
  6. farmerscarlet

    Carriker First Round #21

    It very well could be the Texans now. That would be awsome. Two Huskers on the same team. Do they still have Brown on there team? If they do that would make 3.
  7. farmerscarlet

    Am I obsessed?

    True, but March Madness is March Madness for me as well. Besides football season, this is usually my favorite time of the year.
  8. farmerscarlet

    Am I obsessed?

    Yes. LoL, just kidding. I am right there with you buddy.
  9. farmerscarlet

    Carriker First Round #21

    I just saw last night that Mel has him going to the Titans as the 19th overall pick.
  10. farmerscarlet

    zack taylor going up

    I think that he would bold well with a team like the Jets. I could see him running the kind of passing game that they run. It just fits him very well, because they run a short controlled passing game.
  11. farmerscarlet

    zack taylor going up

    Taylor may be drafted after all.
  12. farmerscarlet

    Board Bracket Contest

    I'm N!
  13. farmerscarlet


    And if not that maybe they will get B-Jax in the second or maybe third round.
  14. farmerscarlet

    Leon Jackson

    He is going to play for Hawaii at I would assume he will be there running back, his dream position. I am not sure if he will be able to play or not. He might because he went there last year so that would mean he sat out his transphere year this season. And should be able to play this upcoming season, but I am not sure.
  15. farmerscarlet

    Joe Rudolph new TE Coach

    There is a good tight end out of Ohio named Jake Stoneburner, maybe he can help us get him.