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  1. Exactly right, the sellout streak is crap!
  2. That article does not say that “Iowa paid a settlement because of their racism”. You ought to go to work at CNN! The article says that the lawsuit was settled. It does not continue to say that the coaching staff was against settling. Yes, indeed, there were some dress codes. That same dress code did not allow redneck farmers to wear baseball caps. Nebraska lost any standards back in the Lawrence Philips days!
  3. Sellout streak? Every kick/punt shows the top level of the stadium half full at best. Yea, technically the tickets were probably sold to some rich alumni, but when will the sellout farce stop?
  4. Well, actually they were not racists. The rules of the team were the rules of the team, and some sorry losers saw an opportunity to call "racism". Frankly, the coaches were pissed that it did not go to trial so that they could be cleared. One example is that one of the coaches said "get you a$$ moving or I'll send you packing back to the city" to a guy that happened to be black, and 3 years later, after a failed run at the NFL, he cried "racism" and found a low life lawyer on a contingency to file a lawsuit. This same coach told a farm boy the same thing except "I'll send you packing back to the turkey farm". It motivated this player and he is a standout linebacker in the NFL. There is almost nothing today that can be said without being able to be twisted into "racism". I am betting that more of you agree with that statement than disagree. Is that better or worse than Tom Osborne keeping a players handgun in his safe that was used in committing a crime. Is that what you have to do to win? Just in case you need reminded: https://vault.si.com/vault/1995/09/25/coach-and-jury-nebraska-players-charged-with-crimes-have-a-steadfast-ally-in-the-man-who-runs-the-program-tom-osborne
  5. I am betting that Kirk stays around a few more years (he deserves to retire when he wants to), but Brian moves on either during season or just after. He is a good O Line coach and there were hopes that he could be a good O Coordinator, but it just did not work out. While we are throwing stones in the glass house, anybody care to fathom how many head coaches and assistant coaches have been through Lincoln in the last 20 years? Stability and good choices in coaching have not exactly been the norm in Lincoln.
  6. The fans and media are hyped about firing BOTH Ferentz’s if they do not fire Brian. I totally agree that Brian’s place in an O line coach in the nfl. 6 or 8 years ago the thought was that he would take over for his dad, and now it seems that he is drowning his dad by hanging on.
  7. Is that the long way to say that we are, indeed, a rival?
  8. And why is it that you hate Iowa so much? Does it have anything to do with the win/loss record this century? Are your feelings hurt because your program has been an absolute dumpster fire while Iowa has at least been average or better? Does it bother you that we have a life outside of college football? Does it bother you that Iowa Football has been able to look down at the Husker program for most of the last 20 years, even though, according to Husker fans, Iowa has sucked? Back to the original question, is Iowa a rival? Some of you that are sitting high on your pedestal claim that Nebraska is such a blue blood that Iowa would never be a rival. Well, in the opinion of many, Nebraska has fallen so far from grace that Iowa is, indeed, a rival. I believe that the question has been answered.
  9. When a team sucks, they need to invent ways to feel like they are winners.............like a mustache contest! Go back and look at the whining that happens after every single game complaining about the refs when in actuality it is poor play and poor coaching that loses games. The Husker/LT game was closer than the score. I did not realize it, but LT's QB had his first start last weekend. Iowa got beat in every single aspect of the game. They are not a good team and the offense is awful. If it were up to me, I would fire them all, drop to the bottom, and then hire a new coaching staff every few years, as that tends to work out well. I have no doubt the Huskers will beat Iowa this year.
  10. Hmmmmm, I am not sure how to admit that the Iowa offense stinks. It is very evident. A blind man can see how bad they are. The "powerhouse" Huskers should have no problem beating them soundly in Lincoln. As it stands right now, I would guess the Huskers to be a 4 touchdown favorite. The Iowa defense is not as good as in the past and being on the field most of the game just flat wore them out. It is also clear the the Huskers beat an "inferior" team with just a couple of big plays, along with some "homer" calls by the refs. I am not certain that LT was that inferior.
  11. I did not expect the offense to put much up on the board, but a goose egg? Penn State is a very good team and definitely deserved the win. Iowa was definitely over rated. The night game and the "white out" was definitely a 13th player, but I think the outcome would have been the same any where. Be careful not to be too chipper though, as beating Louisiana Tech is not exactly something to brag about. You paid them a mill and a half to come into Lincoln to be a sacrificial lamb. Short of a couple of big plays, they were in it. Congrats on the win!
  12. You beat Louisiana Tech by only 2 touchdowns! They were there simply because they were paid $1.5M to show up! There have been games where the Huskers were 2 big plays from winning and today they were 2 big plays away from losing. It was good to see the option run, albeit sparingly. With that big QB, I would think that the option would work. It sure is fun to watch.
  13. Yes indeed we do have plenty of problems on this side of the Missouri river. Misery loves company so it is always interesting to see how others "spin" reality to make a chitty team better in their minds than reality. Remember, we lived through allot of years when Nebraska was good and your fans looked down on us, so it is a bit refreshing to see the Huskers be so bad. For some reason, they just cannot shake the loser mentality.
  14. Well, the Hawkeyes are 3-0 and still look horrible on offense. Defense does not look as good as the last couple of years either. They did hang 41 on the board, but certainly did not look like it on the field. With that said, they ARE 3-0. This puts Brian at a 28.33 point average. I do not think that will be enough getting into some tougher conference play.
  15. Isn't that what seasons are defines by? All of those "near wins" means nothing but a loss. Are you saying that Colorado's 3-0 start is not as good as the Huskers 1-2 start with its only win coming from a mid level Mac conference team? It is amazing how losing gets justified and it shows how your program has become used to close wins and less than mediocre performances. Is it jealousy that Prime is putting together something that Ruhl has not been able to? Once losing is OK and justified................
  16. Maybe we will just us AI as our Offensive Coordinator………
  17. Rumor has it LeVar Woods, current Special Teams coach.
  18. You are spot on in your opinion, except that I believe that the average has to do with total points by the offense, defense, and special teams. That said, a 25 point average may be attainable. Say that the team averages 24 points per game for 10 games, yet has 3 "breakout" games where they score 35 points (yes a guy can dream). Of course this is assuming a bowl game in there so there is 13 games. Anyway, that would be 335 points and divided by 13, that would be a 25.76 average. Recent history will tell us that there is no way in hell they will score this many points, BUT, it could be possible. Either way, I'd like to see him replaced...............................
  19. Finally some good sense! I am just tired about all of the Brian Ferentz threads on our boards! Our fans can be just as chitty.
  20. Whew, that explains it. So the Huskers are not the "Greatest Fans" after all. Thanks for clearing that up for me. Not sure why just going to a stadium make you the "greatest", but lets go with that. So Hawkeye fans visiting Memorial Stadium are the greatest also?
  21. I had never stated that Iowa has great fans, or at least greater than any other school. Every school has some great fans, it is just a bit interesting to refer to yourselves as "the greatest". I certainly agree that football in Iowa City can be boring, but that does not mean that Iowa fans are greater, or less great, than any other school. Referring to ones self as the "greatest" at anything is just asking for others to try to knock you down. My point was that it was easy back when the Huskers were a good football team. With a solid losing record, I am not so sure.
  22. So, what dictates "greatest fans"? Once again, easy to be great when winning, not so much when the losses pile up! It was easy to be great when the Huskers pummeled literally everybody that came to Lincoln. Frankly, great fans are the ones that support the team and stay to the end, even when they are losing, as that is when a team needs the support the most.
  23. Then why are not in the stands at the end of every game?
  24. You are spot on! Every board is about he same, and yes, I do visit the boards of some of our rivals, as it is part of being a rivalry. I grew up during a time that Nebraska was good, and on this side of the river it was rubbed in our faces. It is easy to believe in the whole "greatest fans" thing, but it is easy when you are good. When a team is bad, all fans, no matter the team, turn into the same vindictive folks as anywhere else, slamming the coaching staff, the AD, other fans, the press, and even the players (look back at this Boards threads). When a team goes from being good, and the swagger that goes along with it, to being bad, those people/states that were looked down upon at one time have a chance to pay back a little. The difference no is the internet.
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