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  1. There must be some donors stepping up to the plate and paying some pretty hefty NIL fees. I cannot imagine another reason why so many QB's would come in through the portal. Hopefully one of these will get the team back on track. I see Scott Frost as a bit like a duck. He looks pretty calm from what you can see, but below the water line he is paddling like a mofo.
  2. My bad, I was thinking North Dakota State. North Dakota is a patsy and should be an easy win.
  3. The bigger question may be how many wins will it take for Frost to keep his job? 4? 5? My bet is that they start 0-2 and end the season with 5 wins, with one of them possibly being against Iowa, as Frost will be really motivated.
  4. Wow, he is a great quarterback and a great catch. I wonder f he came for the opportunity, the NIL dollars already lined up for him, or some of both. I can see this portal and NIL continue to ruin college football. I wonder what the universities do when a big donor decides to pay a player through NIL RATHER than contribute to the University. This way a donor can see exactly what his $$$ are doing. I can see many of the big ones splitting between the U and directly to the players through NIL. Either way, Caleb is a good catch.
  5. Sounds like he might be shopping for the best NIL deal. Between NIL and the portal, the game will never be the same......
  6. Adrian Martinez has become a bit of a scapegoat for what can be described as a horrible coaching staff. Most coaches have been replaced, but there is very little chance that they will make any difference at all. Without replacing the guy on top (Frost) I am afraid that you will end up with the same product on the field. I watched many press conferences and Martinez never blamed anybody for any shortcomings. He shouldered the blame and took it in stride. Not many "kids" can go into a program at a time with such high expectations and deal with all both on and off the field. He gave Nebraska everything that he had. It is a shame that he is the one that will not be back next year, but I guess that is how it works. Hell, I wish that he would have come to Iowa!
  7. That is chickens#!t that it is not shared. Everybody should know the goal and rally around it to help make it happen! The metric could simply be that the team wins more games than this year, or some other bogus metric just to say that there is one and make the fans feel better. Frost should want to share it himself. This keeps getting better!
  8. I think that all of the good coaches were either already taken, or did not want to board this ship. Next fall when you clean house you will be able to attract top tier coaches. Even with the last 20 years, I cannot help but believe that there are several very, very good coaches out there that would love to call Lincoln their home. You just need to get through this mess.......
  9. My how quickly the fan base turns on a player that is attempting to make the best decisions for themselves and their families. Why be at all loyal to Scott Frost when it was him that made all the promises about turning your dumpster fire into something else? Why be loyal to a program that would not make changes unless forced? I know that you are all loyal, bleed Nebraska red fans, but is there a chance that maybe the current players are the ones that were hurt the most by the exuberance of getting Scott Frost as head coach and then the 4 years of absolute embarrassment to the team, the school, the B1G, and the fans at just about every level. Now Frost tells some players to stay in order to better their NFL chances? Play another year for a loser? Platy another year and maybe get hurt? Is there any chance that Frost gives this advice in order to field a team next year that will not continue the embarrassment and get him fired? Before you diss any players for the decisions they make, put yourself in their shoes. Just to beat you to it, I look for Iowa to get beat today by 3 touchdowns and any Iowa touchdowns will be either made by special teams or defense. We have our own trainwreck over here, it just happens to be a trainwreck that wins games (and I do not know how)
  10. Go back and look at the post game press conferences. Martinez is a class act on how he conducts himself. With his wisdom, he will be an asset wherever he lands.
  11. Rumor has it that nobody wants to end up at Nebraska, which could very well be a “one and done” job. That said, they plan on having open interviews on Huskerboard as there are members that “sound like they know what they are doing””, and that is better than where they are currently at. I sure hope that Trev Alberts knows what he is doing...........
  12. This is as typical as a Nebraska game plan under this head coach. I am betting that they thought they had some coaches lined up, but in the "4th quarter" they s#!t the bed and those coaches have gone elsewhere or made other commitments. This train wreck is getting worse. How about Brian Ferentz for your new OC?
  13. It is pretty clear at this point that nobody really wants to come to Lincoln to coach beside Coach Frost. If there is a coach climbing the ladder out there, what would they see in coming to Lincoln? Evidently nothing. They see no upside. I am not sure why in the world Frost is kept at the helm. He says the right things, but does not do them. Hanging out at the bars with his buddies and other women, knowingly breaking NCAA policy and having additional practices during Covid, breaking NCAA policy allowing analysts to talk to players, saying "no" to a bowl game last year (if nothing else they could have had extra practice time), trying to get out of the OU game, etc. This shows what kind of guy he is. The results on the field shows what kind of coach he is. Neither perspective is good at all. Tear off the band aid, fire him, and move forward! If he cannot hire anybody by now to commit coming to Lincoln, at best you will be getting towards the bottom of the barrel, and at worst you will get Frost puppets that will give you the same old thing on the field. It is really not in my blood to do so, but I am starting to feel sorry for the program and fans in general.
  14. Tear off the bandaid and get a new coach! Frost is not exactly the upstanding guy that I would want coaching my kid: https://www.the-mainboard.com/index.php?threads/scott-frost-marriage-implosion-thread.182118/ The NCAA violations have to be enough to fire him with cause and save $20M for the next coach.
  15. Instead of buying up unsold tickets, the boosters need to come up with some NIL money and then go to the portal! It is a different game today.
  16. I know that I talk some smack, but in all seriousness, I do hope that Nebraska gets back to its winning ways. The only way that the B1G will continue to to be prosperous for all teams (remember, the B1G splits tv and bowl revenues after direct expenses) is for the conference to field strong teams with at least one team having a shot at the National Championship every year. What may very well save Nebraska is the transfer portal and NIL. The transfer portal will allow fresh players to come in and the NIL will allow donors to pay premiere athletes to come play. I don't like either, but it is the fastest and probably the cheapest way to get back on track. Frost is a great guy, BUT, has proven that he does not have what it takes to lead. The only reason for the coaching shakeup is outside pressure, not from him. He should have seen it and taken action before forced to. He really needs to be shown the door.
  17. WD, I can understand the sour grapes. I can remember way back when you had a good team and how you pummeled many of the weak teams in your conference so that you would be ready for the big bowl game. This is the B1G and times are different! You have a horrible coach and since the new millennium, your team has been horrible. Good players and good guys, just one horrible coach after another. Your esteemed program is now a joke and officially the doormat of the B1G. Back in the day (when you were good) your packed stadium would applaud the losers as they came off the field after being beat to death. It was easy to be a great fan then (when winning), but great fans are built when times are tough. You suck at it. I actually thought that you were taking the high road with the “congratulations”” thread, but slamming Iowa’s program is where you and your team are at today, attempting to throw rocks at those superior to you. Remember, though, the Buffalo win was one for the decades!
  18. Learned that this was the 7th Hawkeye win in a row. Please get a new coaching staff so that the whole conference can be stronger.
  19. It was this decision that first disclosed to the entire country what a poser Scott Frost is. Who gives up a bowl game and the additional practice time???
  20. "The worlds greatest fans" literally making fun of the appearances of 18-21 year old kids. Pretty classy.
  21. Imagine being a team that the only 3 games they have won has been against Illinois, Fordham, and Buffalo!. That said, Vegas undestands how bad Iowas offense is! Iowa will attempt to lose every way possible, but Frost will try harder. I am betting the Hawks win the game without the offense scoring a touchdown.
  22. It was the original poster that referred to it as your "bowl game", not me. I was just bringing up that calling it a bowl game could give Coach Frost a way out of playing it as he and his players might be tired from a long season.
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