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  1. Jack Riggins

    Discontent in the AD?

    You guys are right....It is flawed thinking. The AD is the best and knows what they are doing as representatives of a "State" institution with private/donated funding. They are no doubt very valuable to the overall university and its mission but a legitimate questions I have is: While the revenue and budgets streams are different as you have pointed out, they (The AD) still must adhere to state laws and ethics the govern a public institution correct? Or are the rules different when its "Tax payers money"? I honestly don't know...it would seem to me an administrator is the same as a professor from the outside looking in as a steward fo the institution? Correct.
  2. Jack Riggins

    Discontent in the AD?

    I am guessing you are correct. I just tend to lump all things NU into tax dollars, but your thinking is more than likely correct. I WILL SAY it is CORRECT. However I still like to think of it that way.
  3. Jack Riggins

    Discontent in the AD?

    That is the type WINTER Humor we need around here! Well SE and MR paid 100K for that so let that sink in for your taxes payers or donors money at work. That place was such a JOKE SHOW. Hopefully Moos is able to clean it up. Getting SF is a good start, but IMO more needs to be done internally in the AD as many are not up to the challenge of "rowing in the same direction".
  4. Jack Riggins

    Discontent in the AD?

    It may have been me on this board. I WAS the outside volunteer for MBB this year, until I wasn't. Moos stated "NO OUTSIDE CONSULTANTS or VOLUNTEERS" to me directly in his office. Now, that doesn't mean SF isn't going to use "The Program". I fully support he should if he feels that will help his program. I worked with JC and VB in this roll for many years. My point, in bringing it up is that it seemed strange to pull the support from MBB, when they clearly diagnosed they needed it, began working on it, and then it was pulled. It still remains, clear they need it. It shows a general lack of clear POLICY and follow-thru by the AD, as well as inconsistencies in support to Teams as UNL is currently using OUTSIDE SUPPORT in some areas and not others. I am of the opinion coaches should be able to use it, when they think it will help their teams and it is fiscally responsible, legal and within the norms of the NCAA. Currently Moos has a different or case by case opinion at least with MBB. I know cause I was there. Don't worry SF will NOT have a problem getting support inside and outside of the AD. That I am sure of.
  5. Jack Riggins

    Discontent in the AD?

    Not I said the FLY! But when I saw that mess unfold last week/whenever I seriously was like "Oh no doubt NU leadership and Moos think it is me". I just deal in FACTS. If I stumble upon facts I will let people know.
  6. Jack Riggins

    Discontent in the AD?

    I am pretty sure if SF wants to use the Program he will be able to. The "No Outside Consultant" policy given to me by Bill Moos is not enforced across the board. Frankly it has been a mess since SE got here and it should be something Moos figures out. With TO, it was common practice to use outside people in any sport at the coaches desire, within legal means and financial smarts. Most were volunteers. Anyway that all changed with SE, and Bill Moos hasn't got a straight policy yet. MBB is the latest in a saga, of wanting it...."Needing it" and getting it and then having it pulled away at a critical time. Say what you want about Miles, but any leader that recognizes his shortcoming and tries to bring in experts to help is on the right path. Just go ask John Cook about it or read his book. Ask SF, he is doing that with "The Program". The question all should be asking of AD "Is why are our coaches not getting the resources they feel they need to grow as coaches and provide the best possible competitive advantage for their kids based on their professional judgment?" BTW: This outside consultant or volunteer dynamic is extremely common at other ELITE institutions and PRO levels. I would think UNL would want to utilize best practice.
  7. Jack Riggins

    Discontent in the AD?