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  1. FrostedTips

    CFB Power Brokers Discussing Expansion Of CFP To 8

    I think the top G5 school should have to be within the top 12 or so to make the playoff. If the highest ranked G5 is a 9-3 Boise State ranked 21st, then 3 at large teams from P5.
  2. FrostedTips

    2019 Spring Game

    Will be held April 13th.
  3. FrostedTips

    WR Wandale Robinson [Nebraska Commit]

    Fong changed CB to NU
  4. FrostedTips

    WR Wandale Robinson [Nebraska Commit]

    Leaning back towards Lincoln. May not become public until Frost goes in home.... sounds like Wandale is Lincoln bound unless he has another change of heart
  5. FrostedTips

    WR Wandale Robinson [Nebraska Commit]

    Ouch.. giving Kentucky/ Marrow the big D.... de-commitment
  6. FrostedTips

    WR Wandale Robinson [Nebraska Commit]

    Positive or negative, Held probably gave him the finger.
  7. FrostedTips

    C Logan Sagapolu

    Sounds like quite the trip.
  8. FrostedTips

    What did we learn: Ohio State

    Jojo has a nose for turnovers
  9. FrostedTips

    CB Javin Wright [Nebraska Commit]

    Yep. Visited UCLA because of strong connection with Paul Rhoads. Visit didn't match the feeling of NU
  10. Can I get a name change to FrostedTips
  11. Maybe it's a slight jab at UCF. That is who FAU plays friday
  12. FrostedTips

    ** 2018 Opponent Previews: Colorado (Game 2) **

    I read somewhere that the press conference is still Monday, just an hour later than normal.
  13. FrostedTips

    Primeknit A1 uniforms

    New version of uniform
  14. FrostedTips

    Fall Camp

    I think I heard 2:30?! No clue on streaming info