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  1. Step back from the ledge. This thread is old. The bump was laying out some terms for the SF (not assistants) extension earlier this season. I believe the assistants contracts still run through Dec. 21 2020.
  2. A staffer on the TCU board was told he made it to campus for a visit and that they are still working on him. TCU may be his backup plan to NU if he doesnt get his grades in order. It's my understanding that since he was already at TCU, he can return before graduating from JC.
  3. Suspended indefinitely from the team. Suspended 2.5 years from UNL. No guarantee they will be allowed back at the university.
  4. Cole Ashby (support staffer) hinted at a possible silent commit
  5. Our FG kickers have done a great job of stopping us from scoring.
  6. Agreed. Doom boners are in full effect
  7. Manning or Durham this weekend
  8. I'm just glad he brought up the real issue here.
  9. Yup, I've heard early afternoon.
  10. There is already a thread for this. Maybe go talk about it there......
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