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  1. QB (4) 1. Noah Vedral, rJr 2. Adrian Martinez, Jr 3. Luke McCaffrey, rFr 4. Logan Smothers, Fr RB (6) 5. Dedric Mills, rSr 6. Jaylen Bradley, rJr 7. Rhamir Johnson, rFr 8. Ronald Thompkins, rFr 9. Sevion Morrison, Fr 10. Marvin Scott, Fr WR (11) 11. JD Spielman, rSr 12. Omar Manning, rJr 13. Jaevon McQuitty, rJr 14. Wandale Robinson, So 15. Darien Chase, rFr 16. Demaryion Houston, rFr 17. Jamie Nance, rFr 18. Zavier Betts, Fr 19. Will Nixon, Fr 20. Marcus Fleming, Fr 21. Alante Brown, Fr TE (5) 22. Jack Stoll, rSr 23. Travis Vokoek, rJr 24. Austin Allen, rJr 25. Kurt Rafdal, rJr 26. Chris Hickman, rFr OT (9) 27. Christian Gaylord, rSr 28. Brendan Jaimes, Sr 29. Broc Bando, rJr 30. Brant Banks, rFr 31. Jimmy Fritzche, rFr 32. Bryce Benhart, rFr 33. Matthew Anderson, rFr 34. Alec Conn, Fr 35. Turner Corcoran, Fr OG (6) 36. Boe Wilson, rSr 37. Matt Farniok, rSr 38. Trent Hixson, rJr 39. Matt Sichterman, rJr 40. Michael Lynn, rFr 41. Ethan Piper, rFr OC (2) 42. Cameron Jurgens, rSo 43. Will Farniok, rSo NT (4) 44. Damion Daniels, rJr 45. Jordon Riley, rJr 46. Ty Robinson, rFr 47. Nash Hutmacher, Fr DE (9) 48. Ben Stille, rSr 49. Chris Walker, rJr 50. Deontre Thomas, rJr 51. Keem Green, rJr 52. Pheldarius Payne, Jr 53. Casey Rogers, rSo 54. Tate Wildeman, rSo 55. Mosai Newsom, rFr 56. Marquis Black, Fr ILB (7) 57. Collin Miller, rSr 58. Will Honas, rSr 59. Eteva Mauga-Clements, Jr 60. Nick Henrich, rFr 61. Jackson Hannah, rFr 62. Garrett Snodgrass, rFr 63. Keyshawn Greene, Fr OLB (8) 64. JoJo Domann, rSr 65. Caleb Tannor, Jr 66. Niko Cooper, rSo 67. David Alston, rSo 68. Garrett Nelson, So 69. Jamin Graham, rFr 70. Blaise Gunnarson, Fr 71. Jimari Butler, Fr CB (8) 72. DiCaprio Bootle, rSr 73. Cam Taylor-Britt, Jr 74. Braxton Clark, rSo 75. Quentin Newsome, So 76. Javin Wright, rFr 77. Ronald DeLancey, Fr 78. Tamon Lynum, Fr 79. Jaiden Francois, Fr S (5) 80. Marquel Dismuke, rSr 81. Deontai Williams, rJr 82. Noa Pola-Gates, rFr 83. Myles Farmer, rFr 84. Henry Gray, Fr K (1) 85. Barrett Pickering, rSo Plus Gifford in the fall
  2. Yep. Started following several Husker related accounts on twitter. Plus his has changed to "Former K-state Associate Head Coach/Special Teams Coordinator"
  3. No that wasn't it. Given how the job details are the same, it must be commonplace for the analyst role.
  4. I think I read that in an analyst role, Sean preped all of the schemes and techniques for the other assistants to teach. In game he would take a multitude of notes. If he noticed something that could be big he would pass a note to an assistant and they would make the adjustments. Seems like a solid loophole to help ST. Edit: Now I can't find this article. Maybe I made this up
  5. I would be A-okay with this outcome
  6. Ehhh Red Rogue is the guy that has had correct info about the program before right? Players leaving etc.
  7. https://www.twitter.com/HailVarsity/status/1218219550073937921
  8. Truth. Can we change the name to "The Sock Drawer"? X FrostedTips
  9. Obviously Pernell Jefferson
  10. Sounded like 2 definitely and possibly a 3rd. Agreed, he has a lot of ties in the SE. If it's going to happen, this is probably the year since we have an older group and no incoming TE. Plus a couple of big targets for 2021. Ultimately who the heck knows what's going on behind closed doors.
  11. FWIW Sipple and Benning seem to think it'll be closer to 3 coaching changes than just 1.
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