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  1. Funny. First time I read this thread in awhile and was going to say this. That run isn't power. I believe they call it slice outside zone read.
  2. Now that someone has written an article about it maybe @Thanks_Tom RR will believe it. Only content providers on the internet or the OWH know what they're talking about you know?
  3. I dont read 24/7, but the common opinion is that they have the better natl writers and rivals has the much more active message board.
  4. What a difference 72 hours can make. As of 230 Friday Walters was moving on and Mickey Joseph was ready to be here. Beckton was also gone. Now, it doesn't appear Walters is going anywhere nor is Beckton. Where the Helfrich as an analyst rumors got started I have no idea and I have heard nothing that leads me to believe hes coming here in that capacity. I can tell you he was approached when it looked very much like Walters was leaving. I do know not quite as a fact, but very close to it that Matt Lubick has been offered a job on staff. It would make sense that hes the new analyst if he wants to be as hes been out of football for the year.
  5. What is power? You've yet to definite it as the way you've described it essentially makes it intangible.
  6. I wouldn't know if he was an official consultant. But I'd be shocked if Scott didn't talk to him. He would have been our OC if Walter's would have gotten a HC gig
  7. You keep using buzz words like "power" and "finesse." I'm anxiously awaiting your definition of both and how they're different and how they can be recognized on the field.
  8. There were quite a few offensive adjustments made this year. Pick a game and I'll help.
  9. What makes our offense "finesse" and someone else's "power?" I'll hang up and listen.
  10. If you watched the Wisconsin game and truly know what you're looking at, our offense did whatever we so chose to Jim Leonard's defense. He had no clue what to call and was guessing the full game. When guys like Omar Manning and Zavier Betts gets here you'll see how much of a difference having the threat of a vertical passing game will help. Funny thing is with clearly inferior talent we put the best rushing performance of the year on a top 5 rushing defense and that included a team that should probably be playing tonight. Maybe the scheme does work?
  11. Did you complain about our bubble screens when 3 of them gained a total of 36 yards against Wisconsin? Did you complain about them in 2018 when the set up allowed Austin Allen to slip and gain 40 yards? Threads like these are why I'm so glad this program isn't run by fans.
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