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  1. Huskerzoo

    *** 2019 Recruiting ***

    I think we can tentatively pencil in both of those guys. Still waiting on the recruiting updates from the weekend to start coming in. I imagine we will get them soon now that schools getting out for the day.
  2. The chair is ours! 

    1. Savage Husker
    2. Michiganball


      So to confirm the chair was officially brought to the game? I knew it was made but not sure how "legit"  it became.

  3. Not gonna lie, I'm equally excited about the potential of the 5$BoBC as I am about HCSF's first win. Best trophy in football. 

  4. Huskerzoo

    it's all about recruiting

    Related to this, there are two options. Either Scott Frost has no clue what he's talking about when he says we need to clear some rot from the team or it's all about recruiting. Now there's something to be said about recruiting the guys that you want for the team, but this isn't treating a cold, it's fighting cancer. There's a growth that needs to be removed from this team, only once we get rid of what's wrong can we start really moving forward. Guys out there have the yips, they're playing hesitantly, they're making the mistakes that come with overthinking, they're not just balling out. I think this is most true on special teams, but you can see it elsewhere too. We don't need guys who are talented, we need guys who are talented, know they're talented, buy into the system, know the system, and know that system is going to allow them to win every game. If anyone has tried teaching, you know how hard it is to change multiple things. Additionally, it's horrible to teach multiple things at once and that's what HCSF is having to do. It's going to be a ride, but we'll get there, it just isn't going to be fun this year. Use it as an excuse to brag about how great Nebraska fans are (through thick and thin) and to drink way too much with friends. Take in the awful, so you can appreciate the bad and eventually not take for granted the good/great.
  5. Huskerzoo

    B1G rankings per Avg. Category Z-Scores

    A zscore is a standard score where 1 (either plus or minus) represents 1 standard deviation of a normal distribution. So the -.60 means that we're at roughly better than 30% of teams out there, whereas 70% of teams are better than us. -1.27 means that we're better than about 10% of teams, with 90% of teams better than us. I posted some links that kind of help explain it.
  6. Huskerzoo

    B1G rankings per Avg. Category Z-Scores

    For those of you unaware of what zscores are: https://stattrek.com/statistics/dictionary.aspx?definition=z_score and if you don't know what a standard deviation is: https://www.mathplanet.com/education/algebra-2/quadratic-functions-and-inequalities/standard-deviation-and-normal-distribution
  7. Feeling excited but a little gross about a job interview at the University of Iowa. 

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    2. Thanks_Tom RR

      Thanks_Tom RR

      I'm an assistant professor as well, so I am asking to gain some perspective. What puts you on the job market after a year or so? I was approached by a department chair from another university to send in an application for a new position, but I turned it down because I was in year 2 of my job and thought I need more time to lay roots somewhere.

    3. Huskerzoo


      @Thanks_Tom RR two reasons. The first is that I got married to someone who is also looking for a position in academia. My school initially talked about a position opening up a year from now and could point to a lot of reasons why that needed to happen. At some point last year, the narrative changed to maybe in three years when the chair retires. I'm not thrilled about the idea of living away from my wife for another 2 years on top of this one.


      The second reason is the research infrastructure. Our IRB is terrible and our masters program isn't as research focused as I was led to believe. It means that I can't run a good chunk of my research agenda, the part that I'm most passionate about, very easily.  I very much would've preferred to not move again. 

    4. Thanks_Tom RR

      Thanks_Tom RR

      I can commiserate about a university overselling a bit during the hiring process. Right now, I feel that the institutional support for me is weaker than I would have liked, but what keeps me settled at the moment in my current job is several strong, supportive colleagues.


      Family matters was a BIG reason that I accepted this job in my current location, so I can also understand your wish to improve your home/work balance.


      Good luck with the search.

  8. Personally, I think this continues this season until we get through a first quarter and maybe first half without a turnover. I think the team saw that turnover and saw the game play out in the blink of a moment. Watch Spielman on the AM pick. He was done on the play the second it happened. They're all in their head about it.
  9. Huskerzoo


    My father in law is a huge Michigan guy, probably fits the profile of a booster. I base my response based on his reaction to a large degree. I think a loss to Nebraska isn't the end. A loss to Nebraska, plus a loss to tOSU could be. I think by and large, Michigan is kind of where we were with Bo. You've got to win the big games. If you drop a weird one here and there, it's not the worst thing in the world. Losses to ND, MSU, tOSU will seal Jimbos fate. You win those games but lose 1 or 2 weird ones, you're fine. You keep losing all of those and I imagine he'll be gone.
  10. Huskerzoo

    Nebraska is not a “team” yet

    But a team rebuild is the same as a team oil change...right?
  11. Huskerzoo

    Adrian Martinez Injury

    As good as we could've hoped for. Lets get the optimism train going again.
  12. Frost says "there's a chance' AM will play next week. 

    1. Huskerzoo


      No ligament damage. 

    2. brophog


      He doesn't want Troy to expect the Bunch Attack.

    3. JJ Husker
  13. Sunken gardens were insanely hot but a great place to get married. 

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    4. Alamo City Husker

      Alamo City Husker

      I got to see Pantera 4 times there! 


  14. Huskerzoo

    *Confirmed* - Avery Roberts to transfer

    So at this point this probably fits in rumorville. I'm just going to edit the title but do please try to be mindful.
  15. Congratulations!  Married life is the best! My hubby and I celebrated our 38th year this year! 

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    2. Huskerzoo


      Thanks, we're pretty excited for it. Congrats to going 38 years strong, that's pretty remarkable. 

    3. krc1995


      When its all said and done, I think my marriage will be my greatest achievement.  But life would be meaningless without the struggle. It goes by fast!

    4. ladyhawke


      Thanks all!  We’ve had our struggles too but by the grace of Christ we press on!