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  1. I’m not sure as I haven’t read about it but I think they should re-seed after first round so #1 still gets to play lowest remaining seed.
  2. Valentinos should be illegal to feed in Guantanamo Bay
  3. I’m hoping mods decide he needs to be held to his word.
  4. You keep saying this like anyone gives a damn.
  5. Bonus points for the use of the word “twat”
  6. I think you would need to be improving every year not getting worse for it to remotely resemble a “turn around”.
  7. Not a good take considering how patient we just were with Scott Frost…
  8. “Dotson. Dotson. We’ve got Dotson here.” See. Nobody cares.
  9. 23=30 and 6=10 I tell ya, this new math stuff really confuses me!! Lol
  10. It’s the incoherent rambling, lack of punctuation, and non-existent sentence structure. Not you “feeling strongly”
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