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  1. There is no way the bolded can be anybody's actual opinion
  2. He didn't travel due to illness, not injury.
  3. I'm not sure any one should lose their job, I should have stated that. I just think those two are very good coaches. I do question our LB play, however. With how this defense is run, the edge is many times set with an OLB. OLB who have repeatedly ran themselves out of position to set that edge. I do agree, however, that there is not a lot of talent on that side of the ball. My biggest problem with this staff, and this goes for offense as well, is the lack of in game adjustments. We seem to gameplan very well during the week and are successful at watching film for how to attack teams early. Where we really struggle is adjusting to the other teams adjustments. This is a sign of young coaches. I just don't know if young coaches learning on the fly deserve the paychecks they are getting. Frost said something to the effect of "I came here to fix Nebraska and if there are guys here that can't get that done then maybe they need to go. I'll let nothing get in the way of that." (or something similar) The question was geared toward players, but I'm not so sure he wasn't sending a message to coaches. The Head Coach has some very difficult decisions to make. What he does decide may very well define his time here at Nebraska.
  4. Well, obviously the scheme we run needs to be taken into account and I am not a fan of a 3-4 that doesn't attack but within the scheme these two assistants have coached it well. Remember, they are teaching what Chin tells them to teach so in many ways you have to look at development of individual players over how the unit as a whole performs because they are working within a flawed scheme. There has been major improvement over two years with our DBs. Lamar Jackson went from benched to a potential first round pick under Fisher, he also has recruited very well. He lost his staring S in like the second game and has shown the ability to move two CB into S roles this season. He can teach both positions. If there were any pass rush from the damn OLB maybe the DBs would be in better shape on obvious passing downs. Or if the MLB wasn't covering the slot all of the time. The DL is much better than it was last year. In this defense, it is not the DL's job to shed blocks and make plays. They are supposed to take up double teams as much as possible and let the LBs make the play. Our LBs overrunning plays and constantly being out of position in their gap responsibility is why we suck against the run. The fact our DL lead our team in sacks is so sad and is the main reason the defense can't get off the field. They cannot generate a pass rush as the 4th guy coming (an OLB) is supposed to be the pass rushing specialist. Also he has only been here a year and has gotten some momentum in recruiting as well.
  5. I'd have Osborne at practice as often as possible over the by week and I'd install power running game. We don't have the lineman to zone block. Just line up and try to run over the guy in front of you.
  6. Travis Fisher should stay. So should Tuioti.
  7. No, it wasn't. It was a "get your a$$ over here", because he was right. LBs and DBs were misaligned. I'm sure it was a film study thing so he knew what was happening. Lamar was the only guy that had a chance at the WR on the jet sweep and he was chasing all the way across the formation as he went in motion. Should have had a LB over there.
  8. Offer Kevin Steele $2.5 million/year to come back here and fix this s#!t.
  9. Post of the year. Truer words have never been posted on Huskerboard.
  10. It feels a little dirty saying this considering his health issues but the two things Dewitt is in charge of have under performed for two seasons (OLB and Special Teams).
  11. I don't even understand the bolded. Please explain that one.
  12. I partially agree with this statement. Maybe not all the time, but that I formation look will probably get used more. I just think tonight it wouldn't have mattered what we ran. Our line got murdered.
  13. I am aware of where Frost has coached previously. This is not the same offense that Oregon used to run, or that UCLA runs now. It is very different. Just because it looks the same to you, doesn't make it the same. Plus, I don't give a damn what offense you run if you offensive line plays like that you aren't going to be successful.
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