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  1. I bet that game is scheduled for 11/27
  2. Holy s#!t, this absolutely required another thread be started...
  3. They are fantastic shoes. A large portion of our track kids wear them as their trainers. Ultra boosts are the most comfortable shoes I’ve ever owned. Without question. I have two pair, one gold and one black. It’s like running on a cloud.
  4. Huh. It’s like I’ve been saying this...
  5. This guy has got to be kidding with this stuff...
  6. Shania Twain is Canadian, that's a good one as well.
  7. As I walked around today and talked to teachers we had well over 80% attendance. Probably close to 90%.
  8. I would guess it is made public in order for the media and potential recruits to see that everyone is united in common purpose. However, knowing you around here for as long as I have, you've definitely already thought about that angle. I know you are a step or two ahead of most, at least. So what are you hinting at as the bigger picture piece, schools building a case for a revote?
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