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  1. They would if they have a former player on the Nebraska team. FYI, I've heard the same thing. That JD and the Davis twins (among others) caused a lot of problems last year. Exact same story about the "cold" practice.
  2. The rise of the B1G is directly related to the hiring of Urban Meyer. To say anything else is complete insanity.
  3. I agree. That guy sounds like a whiny b!^@h.
  4. Somebody just called a guy with 12 career passes a “technician” and said Martinez was a better athlete than McCaffery. Holy s#!t. Time to ignore this person.
  5. It’s been 6 years? Holy hell. Man. Anyway, welcome back.
  6. He hasn't qualified yet, they believe he will. I hope to hell he does. He is an amazing athlete and I love Nebraska Football and want him to be a game changer for us.
  7. Dude, if you had any idea how ridiculously dumb these kids are these days... Sorry I was a little defensive, I've had him in class and coached him. I'm not his dad, but if any of you ever met his father you would be blown away by his story. It is really inspiring. X is exactly what I wish every other top tier athlete would be like. I do know that Betts may have more measurables and better testing numbers, but I also don't believe he will ever wear a Nebraska uniform (or any uniform above JUCO). I hope I'm wrong. For those that asked who I'd remove from this class to add X, it would be Betts. From conversations had from Burke football coaches and Nebraska's football coaches, they felt the same way. I'm glad he chose Notre Dame, not because of football reasons. I would obviously have loved to see him at DONU. It was the reason he made the choice and his motivation to be the best student he can be. I'd never blame anyone for taking a scholarship to Notre Dame, Stanford, or some place like that. You can't put a true value on what that degree would mean.
  8. He's an amazing kid, a born leader, friends with every type of kid and a over 4.0 GPA kid that scored super high on the ACT. The flat earth thing is a running joke around Burke right now. He committed to Notre Dame for the relationships and networking after college because he is aware the chances of making it pro are low and wanted to set himself up for the rest of his life. Not because of what brand of uniform they wear. He doesn't care about those type of things. You guys don't know the kid. This was a miss, no doubt about it.
  9. Rutgers transfer TE that was scout team Offense MVP on here?
  10. I bet Martinez has at least one surgery in the next week or two. He had to have been injured. It's either that, or Frost doesn't have much faith in him at all because if he is everything that Frost PUBLICLY proclaims he is why would he have sub packages for backup QBs? If he is really a dude, you don't take him off the field. I think he is hurt or Frost had decided he needs to open up the competition.
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