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  1. Something like Green Bay has done to Lambeau would be awesome. Still iconic but yet updated a little at a time.
  2. I’d take a few more wins, but until then the beer is a must. lol
  3. Fat shamed? Lol. So much of what’s wrong with this country right in that statement.
  4. After watching that hour of every passing play, it was very obvious how much the injury impacted his season. Also, Texas may have a worse offensive line than we did.
  5. 10.42 and a 21.11. That’s flying. The 21.11 200 is the Louisiana state record.
  6. I’m on cup 2 so had a leg up this morning. Lol
  7. That’s EXACTLY what he is saying. The OTHER punter is not worth his scholarship…
  8. Wan’Dale season stats: 104 rec 1334 yards 7 TD 12.8 avg
  9. Yep. 10 catches 170 yards. He had to go to Kentucky to beat Iowa…
  10. Wandale is an unbelievable player. The fact that Frost/Martinez couldn’t use him better is massive evidence of both of their failures the last 4 years.
  11. Devon is not going to Nebraska. Was never even a little interested.
  12. Bolded: When we didn’t have P5 level players, our coaches complained about the same thing. Bellevue West I can’t speak to, but all of those kids had offers. Huffman is also a d!(k, so… Underlined: 100%
  13. You expect the head coach who has also been the offensive coordinator to travel to Omaha the day before games? Ruud is there a lot, because it is his area. We see Frost probably 3-4 times a year.
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