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  1. That block is indicative of how Johnson played Saturday. He just looked different.
  2. Dan Jackson. NIU. One of the best ST coaches in country. From Omaha, great recruiter. Was in the running for analyst job when they did that. Took NIU job instead. Fire Mario, bring in DJ.
  3. Should have hired Dan Jackson to run Special Teams.
  4. I think they’ve done well through open dorse
  5. The battles we go through in life
  6. And if that suck a$$ offense could have sustained drives it would have been much better.
  7. Too many are going by what the commentators were saying about receivers not getting open. Toure and Martina were open all day. Plus, they played a lot of zone. That’s up to QB to find open spots
  8. I agree. I just have trouble believing we’d lose more games with Smothers than Martinez.
  9. @Hedley Lamarr lemme get on this Hot DM action
  10. Lol. Well we don’t have one worth a 1/2 oz now so…
  11. Matt Campbell. You gotta do it now (after this season I mean) He isn’t going to stay at ISU with where the Big 12 is headed.
  12. We lost on penalties, turnovers, and special teams. Rinse, repeat. No development in the mental aspects of the game. I have serious doubts Scott Frost knows what he is doing. He is is most certainly not deserving of his salary.
  13. Hoping Manning, Tannor Thinking Martinez, Williams
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