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  1. huskerfan702

    DE Brant Banks

    Dude looks like Latimer from The Program. That's enough for me
  2. huskerfan702

    S Noa Pola-Gates

    Mike locksley to Maryland might’ve just made this a little more complicated. Depending on who he brings over from the Alabama defensive staff and their relationship with Demarcco Hellams. May open up the Alabama green light to commit. I think we are a fall back option with Noa and the longer this plays out the less I feel comfortable with the distance between us the schools making up ground late.
  3. huskerfan702

    WR Charles Njoku

    Matchup. Nightmare.
  4. huskerfan702

    JUCO LB Amare Barno

    Moves good for his height and plays well with his hands. Sign him up!
  5. huskerfan702

    OT Jimmy Fritzsche

    I'm not opposed to taking projects. Some guys are late bloomers and most likely will move better. I'm definitely tired of seeing guys fire out of their stance with two left feet but if we are gonna make a jump to contend on the national level it starts up front. Personally id rather see a few more players that talent evaluators have identified as an elite player. Playing in a spread is gonna help disguise some weak spots but that's one area you cant hide once we take that next step to compete for the conference or on the national level. Look at those Oregon teams during the Chip Kelly era. 2018 1ST ROUND PICKS Quenton Nelson , OL Notre Dame 4 Stars 61 Overall (2014) Billy Price , OL Ohio State 4 Stars 211Overall (2013) Isaiah Wynn , OL Georgia 4 Stars 110 Overall (2014) Frank Ragnow , OL Arkansas 4 Stars 324 Overall (2014) Kolton Miller , OL UCLA 3 Stars 371 Overall (2014)
  6. huskerfan702

    OT Jimmy Fritzsche

    I agree. A big issue for us this season was talent along the lines. Outside of Bland and Benhart I'd like to add at least one more comparable player. We may get a surprise with a walk on or a project player and they may build the depth which is definitely needed but if we want to make a jump to contender it starts with the talented bigs.
  7. huskerfan702

    Why all the pregame trash talk?

    Trash talk = not cool veiled racism = cool good job Iowa
  8. huskerfan702

    WR Wandale Robinson [Nebraska Commit]

    Heard from a guy who knows a guy SF is bringing his bag man and wandale gets to call 4 plays for himself a game
  9. huskerfan702

    WR Wandale Robinson [Nebraska Commit]

    sadly this fanbase prides itself on being the best. This thread looks nothing like it. IDK if its the unrest being in a down spell but this is garbage. Have some respect no matter where the kid goes.
  10. huskerfan702

    Recruiting Concerns

    Again. Deion Jones. A two-star guy deep in Louisiana that no one wanted to take notice of. A player ULL was very interested in. He SUCKED apparently. So much so he commited to Nebraska, because, you know, we suck. Deion had had a great senior season, as our staff knew he would, and Deion bolted when LSU threw him an offer. You know when that offer came? November 20th. A late offer? What? Now, Deion is having a pretty decent year on the LSU defense, splitting time fairly equally with fellow 2012 linebacker Kwon Alexander who was regarded as one of the best linebackers in that class. So, is there anything else I can disprove for you haters today? Edit: I decided to bold your statement because I'm confused. Major talent? Can you give me your definition of major talent? Are you trying to go off what Rivals/Scout tells you is major talent? Because that is one flawed, biased system my friend. Did you not read the part where i stated bo can recognize talent?????? ok we were onto a guy LSU stole from us it fits my point also. just because i made a statement doesnt mean its never happened, Im sorry you feel the need to put out every message board fire you see. Major talent in my opinion is what some guys call prototype height weight speed guys that translate to the next level. We have talent on the roster but how many are day 1 draft day type of guys? Bo's recruiting classes are great foundation peices but other Lavonte David how many guys on defense have been plug and play guys in the NFL. Our recruiting classes would make many teams happy and im not saying the roster is bare but we lack players that are game changers.Try to discredit me all you want but we all know there are different classes of athletes and until we get the guys who can play anywhere anytime we will continue this long drag of not being able to get over the hump Also I never said anything about our team or talent SUCKING or a guy SUCKS because he is interested in ULL because sometimes you gotta like the girl who likes you
  11. huskerfan702

    Recruiting Concerns

    Everyone understands bo and the staff can recognize and evaluate talent very well but what the major concern is bo has yet to attract major talent. The youth on this team is promising but is it national title promising or 4 losses a year promising? At some point you need game changers. The old saying in college being about the jimmys and joes and not the Xs and Os comes to mind. Go up and down the roster and tell me how many guys can put on a Bama helmet today and make a difference. If im a coach i want to be in the business of winning championships not outback bowls. Its a joke that we are talking about flipping a guy from ULL not say he isnt a good player he actually reminds me of E Martin but you dont see Bama LSU or FSU fighting for ULL players. This far into the game bo should be selling the program and his vision better and thats all it is to it, wins help but say what you want Kentucky aint winning, tennesse aint winning and Kevin Sumlin didnt need a full season to get the players he wanted and they have all outrecruited us recently
  12. huskerfan702

    Here is why we lost

    We lost because..... 1. We don't get pressure with our front four anymore. 2. The playcalling had no creativity. Why is it so hard to come up with new packages or personnel groups? 3. The team had zero intensity..... I understand BK is a senior but I think its timeto go in another direction at wr, he drops just as many as he catches. The talent level of certain position groups has been exposed all season and it caught up with us today. This team has a long way to go.
  13. huskerfan702

    why are our DE's so bad?

    Ankrah looked really good when we had all the momentum late in the 4th i think its only bcuz he can only bull rush and osu only looked to pass. We need the who d line to step up tho
  14. this board needed that win just as much as the team

    1. rawhide


      oh yeah we was feelin' the ban hamma comin :D j/k

  15. huskerfan702

    What is a True Husker Fan?

    I think the OP has a point. I think the problem i see is the way this board will kick a guy when he is down. Last year it was Niles this year its T Mart and its just crazy how a guy can be attacked be his own fans this way. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion but some things just get out of hand. I read a post in the recruiting section about vander blue of marquette decommiting from wisconsin for the same things that happen pn this board and i think everyone should check it out.