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  1. I think jojo was able to make it work and he was locked in to replicate it. With all the possible options I can’t see enough positives to put Gifford or kolarevic on the field at all.
  2. Maybe and maybe but I don’t see this concept being used in too many other places but definitely not by the NFL or teams competing at a highly level in college. No matter how it’s justified it’s been a handicap.
  3. This might be the most backwards concept in the sport. As much as teams throw option routes and quick stuff in the slot we put an extra body that can’t cover
  4. Pros for Mickey. Recruiting foothold in the south. Strong position coach. Ties to the university. Cons for Mickey. No identifiable success outside of being a position coach. I think his best bet is keeping the team engaged to finish the season and holding our strong recruits and come back as associate head coach. Frost didn’t have much HC experience and especially non at the P5 level and that’s not to say a coach making the jump can’t make that work but I think after everything we’ve tried since Bo we figured out all the ways the entire football umbrella was toxic from top to bottom. We need a coach who can build both lines and a history to show he can actually do it
  5. Eric Bieniemy Luke Fickell Byron Leftwich Dave Aranda Sam Pittman
  6. I hate this dumb defense… let’s be the only team in the passing era to put a non cover guy in the slot to play nickel. It’s pure genius
  7. Do us all the favor Georgia Southern and send these dudes to the unemployment line
  8. These LBs are either gonna get blocked or block themselves guaranteed
  9. That whole stand in front of a door frame thing might not be a good way to identify an oline recruit
  10. QB - loved the deep throws early and improvising. CT gave us life early and a chance to settle in. Really wish we would’ve gave him some PA boots or slip screens to get his confidence back in the second half. RB - wasn’t mad at any body who played especially grant he ran hard when a lot wasn’t opened up for him. Wish we would’ve attacked to edges more to keep them off balance. WR/TE - Palmer/IGC/Vokolek fought hard almost every rep. It was a couple 50/50 balls I wish Palmer would’ve come up with but for 3 guys stepping into new roles they gave us all they had. #49 gave my the typical “try hard frost guy” vibes he probably has been a good camp and culture guy but with those cement shoes on I hope we don’t have to give him another target all year. Wasn’t mad at what belt brought to the table but rotating the WRs in a close conference game in the 2nd half makes no sense. Oline - they gave up a lot less pressure than usual but it’s really a group of heavy footed statues probably why we didn’t waste time trying to attack the edge much. Dline - can’t even find too many positives. 82 another try hard that shouldn’t see the field. LBs - I hoped their experience would carry us a bit and stabilize us on D but it makes no sense to see them out of place and not being able to make tackles in space. Nickel - I understand jojo being a hybrid allowed us to play him at the position but we need a db here. Gifford looked better than #31 but who wouldn’t have. We were slow to cover the out routes and too far away to help in the run game. NW had a two way advantage here all day. We need more athletes on the field. DB - besides the coverage bust for TD it wasn’t too much that got exposed we’ll learn more from this group as the season goes but almost every player made some good stops can’t be made at that. Buschini went toe to toe with a dude who had a straight up day so S/O to him for being a rock today
  11. We lack talent mentality and experience on D but they gave us plenty of chances along with NW being conservative. Offense didn’t adjust to find strengths and put NW on their heels in the second half. But above all else their is an environment that does a lot of talking but no fight when it matters most. I feel frost has all the tools and our talent has consistently headed in the right direction but the leadership just hasn’t pushed us to excellence. No matter how many plays we point out it won’t change the fact that it all points to the top to continually be this team.
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