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  1. Which column does the moral victory go?
  2. This whole thing is so simple. Scott Frost. He says some captivating words and he seems to be a good guy but his leadership and development skills have not shown up yet. Even the best coaches invest in their assistants and he’s willing to lay on a sword for guys that just aren’t getting the job done. This is the best collection of talent we’ve had since bo but the difference is we can’t put them in position to make plays.
  3. Don’t forget there was a group of people who thought Luke was an actual QB
  4. I stopped drinking the kool aid and my life has been better ever since
  5. Payne doesn’t make many splash plays but I like the way his awareness shows up flowing to the ball in any situation
  6. I agree. The talent on this roster is obvious it’s time to put them in better positions to make plays
  7. Frost has to open it up more often and back the defense up
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