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  1. I won’t put get my hopes too high that the juco players will be all BIG type players but I know they’ll give the team some much needed edge and please at last kick some of those walk ons off special teams
  2. I wish I had the proof but I never was much of a fan just didn’t post back then. His biggest strength I could see was he either studied tape or was had good instincts.
  3. One thing I noticed about this cycle of juco players is athleticism and quick twitch ability. Maybe they aren’t every down players but this is the type of player you need for depth and special teams. I’d take a lot of these guys over Honas and anybody who can contribute in kick coverage
  4. Stars look good. Size looks good. But something just doesn’t look right watching him come of the edge or short area athleticism.
  5. There isn’t a single LB that should be holding a spot going into next season. We’ve only kept one team behind the chains consistently all season between tackling and coverage all of these guys can go
  6. Tired of seeing 22 on the edge Tired of seeing 3 in the game at all Tired of seeing 13 do anything besides tackle Tired of seeing 19 in the game at all
  7. Way to watch the guy break a tackle and not do anything jojo
  8. To me there is just no depth or much factual research just like preseason when they were crowning us to win the division. espn as a majority is built for hot takes and click bait. I just see this whole peace as saying a lot to say nothing. one point that could’ve have been objective is recruiting but it was all to prove a preconceived point. “We're never probably going to be the No. 1 recruiting class in the country," Held says. The 2019 recruiting class was ranked No. 18; the 2020 class currently sits at No. 34.“ how about how many states the staff went into to get these players or the fact that it was our highest ranking class in years. Even this years class is full of quality just not quantity. I’m not surprised some are worked up but that emotional sensitivity is becoming of what’s been going on around here when things don’t go our way
  9. Where is the real journalism? Nothing but filler content and clickbait.
  10. What should’ve been evident when we couldn’t outclass south Alabama or Colorado should be evident now. This team is not talented and even worse does not play with the intensity necessary to overcome the talent deficiency. Maybe with some game changing talents the offensive and defensive game plan will look a little better but game management has been just as awful. Winning cures a lot but losing shows all the ugly stuff swept under the rug and this fan base is entirely too emotional and short sighted.
  11. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.orlandosentinel.com/sports/mike-bianchi-commentary/os-sp-ucf-scott-frost-nebraska-cornhuskers-20191030-5rh3kc2jf5hzhhvvpc6zscwyky-story.html%3foutputType=amp
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