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  1. We’ve had bad hires, that’s true. However, we definitely aren’t afraid to fire somebody who is underperforming.
  2. It’s what good teams do, so that losses look like “good losses” and they can still get into the playoffs.
  3. Ya. I do. They don’t do anything but football and show up to big varsity events the rest of the year.
  4. Ya. That’s the crazy part. I’m an AD. Can barely get everything done, you’d have to have a good Asst AD to make that work.
  5. So a walk on is leaving and a 4 year 2nd team All-Conference Defensive lineman is declaring for the draft and the sky is falling? I don’t see it.
  6. I think he means they are known for offense and they hired a DC.
  7. I’m not sure as I haven’t read about it but I think they should re-seed after first round so #1 still gets to play lowest remaining seed.
  8. I’m hoping mods decide he needs to be held to his word.
  9. You keep saying this like anyone gives a damn.
  10. Bonus points for the use of the word “twat”
  11. I think you would need to be improving every year not getting worse for it to remotely resemble a “turn around”.
  12. Not a good take considering how patient we just were with Scott Frost…
  13. “Dotson. Dotson. We’ve got Dotson here.” See. Nobody cares.
  14. 23=30 and 6=10 I tell ya, this new math stuff really confuses me!! Lol
  15. It’s the incoherent rambling, lack of punctuation, and non-existent sentence structure. Not you “feeling strongly”
  16. Oh, I don’t believe it. I just thought I’d highlight the stories don’t even match. Severe and Benning are DBags
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