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  1. I’m hoping mods decide he needs to be held to his word.
  2. You keep saying this like anyone gives a damn.
  3. Bonus points for the use of the word “twat”
  4. I think you would need to be improving every year not getting worse for it to remotely resemble a “turn around”.
  5. Not a good take considering how patient we just were with Scott Frost…
  6. “Dotson. Dotson. We’ve got Dotson here.” See. Nobody cares.
  7. 23=30 and 6=10 I tell ya, this new math stuff really confuses me!! Lol
  8. It’s the incoherent rambling, lack of punctuation, and non-existent sentence structure. Not you “feeling strongly”
  9. Oh, I don’t believe it. I just thought I’d highlight the stories don’t even match. Severe and Benning are DBags
  10. The version of this I was told was an on-campus meeting which is permissible beginning junior year.
  11. Coincidently, Bill Busch is also a secondary coach and on staff already…
  12. That’s what I meant. Neither of know. So to hang Trev out to dry when you don’t know is a pretty crappy thing to do. And you don’t have a history of doing that, which is why I say you’re better than that.
  13. Or it literally couldn’t. People donate money for specific purposes. How do you know that extra $7.5 million for the coach dismissal wasn’t marked as only for that and nothing else? You don’t. You weren’t there. You have absolutely no idea how this went down. None. So stop this. You’re better than this Mavric.
  14. Exactly. You know who is in a better position and has tons more experience to make this decision versus some guy on the internet who has never run a top 20 athletic department? Trev Alberts.
  15. Dude, let it go. Alberts’ job is not in danger. Nobody is going to care in a year about this buyout. Big Ten teams, especially ones like Nebraska, basically print money. And stop acting like we can just “spend that money on NIL”. That just isn’t how it works.
  16. This just isn’t how it works. Like, at all.
  17. This is the winner. If you think Alberts is incompetent than you don’t know that he wanted to pull the trigger last year and others didn’t. Now they are convinced.
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