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  1. There is absolutely a right answer on that one, and it isn’t LBJ.
  2. 1. Notre Dame 2. Oregon 3. Washington 4. Stanford This is most likely. Stanford only in if Notre Dame is.
  3. Lol. Florida is not leaving the SEC. Nobody is leaving the SEC
  4. Yep. And if you want to make money. Fade the public on the Huskers.
  5. Ok. What about all the other programs that wanted him? They all underwhelming evaluators as well?
  6. I just can't believe this...several people on Huskerboard have stated the complete opposite. lol
  7. But, but, but Nebraska isn’t taking it seriously and isn’t doing enough…blah, blah, blah
  8. “First of, when I got here I found out that, like 17 or 18 different football players had vehicles,” Thompson said. “That’s unheard of. At Texas, it was me, Bijan Robinson, and one defensive starter. Three guys.” ……He isn’t talking specifically about himself…..
  9. Nope. Not exactly. The quote literally said we have way more guys that have vehicles and apartments than Texas. Did you read the quote, or did you just assume you knew something?
  10. The fact that people on here are arguing with a player that just made a decision largely based on what he could earn is baffling. I’m not going to believe some random guy on the internet over the new starting QB who has said MULTIPLE times that we are ahead of Texas. You know, the school with the deepest pockets in the country.
  11. My God @84HuskerLaw how damn long does it take you to type a post. Like did you start the day before? For f#&%s sake.
  12. At least we don’t claim a fake National Championship.
  13. Well, we can probably lock this thread up forever after that post.
  14. Lol. That s#!ts funny right there. Sorry, meant worked in schools.
  15. Grew up in small town. Been in Omaha working in huge schools for 18 years. The kids aren’t going to Nebraska because we suck. They have better options with better weather. I don’t think they lack in pride. They are proud to be from Omaha. If you’re a young person from Omaha that is a high level athlete, you have more in common with others from large Metro areas than you do with somebody from Chadron. Are people from Chicago proud of Illinois, or are they a Chicago kid? Also, Omaha definitely sees themselves as above the rest of the state. Conversely, the rest of the state believes in the “Omaha a$$h@!e” stereotype.
  16. Something like Green Bay has done to Lambeau would be awesome. Still iconic but yet updated a little at a time.
  17. I’d take a few more wins, but until then the beer is a must. lol
  18. Fat shamed? Lol. So much of what’s wrong with this country right in that statement.
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