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  1. Told my friend at Michigan game that when the 4 star players in Nebraska don't have Nebraska in top 5 (D. Woods/D. Jackson) then I knew Frost was really done. To win at Nebraska you need the top high school players in the state committed.
  2. I read an athletic article where Frost said 2022 class is going to be 15 players or less. This could just be saving scholarships for transfer portal.
  3. With family that are Texas fans. One thing I've learned about hiring head coaches from another team is they feel obligated to bring assistants with them at current job or they are unemployed looking for work. Saw it with Herman, Frost, Strong which is why Texas went Sarkisian route so they can bring in Assistants that are top of the line as position coaches. Look at special teams coach at Texas Jeff Banks makes a million a year cause he is supposedly a top notch recruiter. Will it work I have no idea. But what I want is a coach that is gonna use transfer portal like crazy, hire coaches that can recruit Midwest, and bring in top position coaches. Like Mikey Joseph WR coach, Jake Peetz RB or QB coach or OC. Doug Colman special teams coach, corey raymond DB coach. Who that coach is I don't know.
  4. Herman had a drinking issue at Texas. He was called vodka Tom. So he needs to show he’s cleared that issue up.
  5. Ya first thought was OC but was trying to show he can fit in as QB/OC or RB coach. Yes on Mickey Joseph As WR coach. Agree on Raymond. Point is we can upgrade assistants with just alumni and former coaches.
  6. Lsu offensive coordinator jake peetz as RB coach (Nebraska graduate) Mike Joseph as WR coach Doug Colman special teams coach (now with browns as special teams assistant) that improves coaching, team, and recruiting
  7. Frost being fired depends on who Alberts can get as a head coach. If he can get someone like Jeff Hafley at Boston College, Matt Campbell at Iowa State, or Billy Napier at Lousiana Lafayette then I'd say fire Frost. I just don't want to fire Frost and end up with another Bill Callahan.
  8. Is there a box score for the game? Trying to see stats for Anderson and the freshman.
  9. See if Luke fickell or Matt Campbell have interest with big 12 losing OU and Texas maybe Campbell is ready to move doubt it Jake Peetz OC LSU build staff around him that can recruit Nebraska and Midwest like Mickey Joseph who is receivers coach at lsu national championship team had 3 1st round receivers Peetz previously served as an assistant coach for the Carolina Panthers, Alabama, Oakland Raiders, Washington Redskins and Jacksonville Jaguars. So nfl experience (he graduated from Nebraska) Zac Taylor Cincinnati bengals head coach billy Napier Louisiana Lafayette tom Herman will muschamp
  10. Highly unlikely he comes back. Twins wouldn't have drafted him unless he committed to signing with him. He was projected to go round 6-8 so picking him this early means he's gone.
  11. Is Chase Mason in? Saw lot of articles on him more lately then Christo and ESPN had him in top 250 ranked players.
  12. Christo is good as in. Its Chase Mason who we need to worry about.
  13. Following up. Baseball America has Povich ranked 274 overall. In 2019 pick 274 was 9th round with a signing bonus of $152,300
  14. Side note Justin Seely was an assistant at Texas A&M for 11 years. Be interesting if Bolt brings him or as above poster mentioned Childress back to Nebraska. Side Note. Logan Sartori IF/OF for A&M has entered transfer portal and went Lincoln Southwest.
  15. Exactly. I think anything over a million will have us attention. Sounds like a situation where he wants to go to Nebraska and they'll have to make it worth his while to get him to turn him down Nebraska. If he is available after round 3 I think we have him.
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