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  1. Highly unlikely he comes back. Twins wouldn't have drafted him unless he committed to signing with him. He was projected to go round 6-8 so picking him this early means he's gone.
  2. Is Chase Mason in? Saw lot of articles on him more lately then Christo and ESPN had him in top 250 ranked players.
  3. Christo is good as in. Its Chase Mason who we need to worry about.
  4. Following up. Baseball America has Povich ranked 274 overall. In 2019 pick 274 was 9th round with a signing bonus of $152,300
  5. Side note Justin Seely was an assistant at Texas A&M for 11 years. Be interesting if Bolt brings him or as above poster mentioned Childress back to Nebraska. Side Note. Logan Sartori IF/OF for A&M has entered transfer portal and went Lincoln Southwest.
  6. Exactly. I think anything over a million will have us attention. Sounds like a situation where he wants to go to Nebraska and they'll have to make it worth his while to get him to turn him down Nebraska. If he is available after round 3 I think we have him.
  7. Hallmark has an extra year of eligibility since his junior year was 2020. That be huge if he came back.
  8. Christo is in I believe. Pitching they’ll be fine next year. It’s the offense. Replacing hallmark, schwellenbach, roskam, Acker.
  9. Povich will be rounds 6-8 I believe. This website has him round 5 not sure if reliable. He's likely gone. Cade Povich | Lines.com
  10. Rotation Christo (Freshman) Olson Perry Midweek Hood (Freshman) C Everitt 1B Steil 2B Chick SS Matthews 3B Anderson OF Banjoff OF Mason (Freshman) OF DH Any help? Looks like a 2/3 seed team I think 2023 may be the year Nebraska makes run with Hood and Christo have a year under them and Anderson and Matthews are juniors.
  11. Texarkana Junior college 2008-2011. Did very well.
  12. Feels like Bolt is another Erstad. Needs to get big assistants.
  13. Does A&M finishing almost dead last in offense for sec concern anyone with Bolt? Fact Moos said he wants someone with head coaching experience and Childress let’s assume is out based on recent tweets. I think Heefner or O’Connor. If assistants are on the table I think Bolt or Arkansas hitting coach Nate Thompson former volunteer coach at Nebraska.
  14. Thanks its a mystery. I went to Sam Houston, Matt Deggs stock has gone down since the Super Regionals. Heefner would be solid at Nebraska. A&M was ranked bottom of SEC in hitting so question about Bolt.
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