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  1. He does. @Mavric linked them in his bio.
  2. 23rd in 247 Composite 26th in On3 Composite 24th on Rivals
  3. I don’t know, it’s your feeling. Seriously though, I could see that happening. Charles could be the rover type that White wants with his vertical and athleticism.
  4. 6'8, 350 with good athleticism according to 247 scouting report
  5. I got... 1.Johnson and Johnson website 2. Johnson Controls website 3. Johnson and Johnson wiki 4. Lyndon B. Johnson wiki 5. Dwayne Johnson twitter Is THE ROCK coming back to college?! Using the portal to transfer here from Miami?!!!
  6. You’re telling me that the HC of NU football knows more than we do about the roster additions?!! No way!
  7. I was thinking something along the lines of that. Or maybe saying Nashville is crown jewel of music.
  8. Will Compton responded to this tweet with watching eyes. He is co-host of podcast Bussin' with the Boys along with Lewan. I'm thinking: "Flying to the home of American music. Watch Bussin' with the Boys." Still confused about the diamond tho.
  9. Maybe he is referring to the program as burnt down but being built back stronger.
  10. Don't worry, it's definitely not about NIL . According to his twitter, it was his "faith and gut intuition" that "so forcefully persuaded the decision." YEAH RIGHT!
  11. Effortless release and arm strength mixed with excellent footwork and lower body power
  12. Former FIVE-star, #2 OLB in class, 3 to play 2 if I'm not mistaken Could really use help at EDGE with Nelson, Mathis, and Tannor gone
  13. I'm thinking Rhule is flying over the mountains to the desert (Arizona), looking for a five-star football player (Raiola).
  14. Five losing teams that can surprise like TCU with 2023 national championship appearance - CBSSports.com
  15. Do we know what Rouse's PFF grade was this last season?
  16. Did you by any chance give your log-in info to an Iowa fan?
  17. We should rename this thread "Defections"
  18. Heartbreak to love below. Looking for next star...
  19. I'm drinking the Rhule-A(de). His recruiting really has impressed me. I am holding out hope that the young staff additions will become a part of the successful and expanding coaching tree Rhule has planted. Pardon the pun.
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