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  1. I had the chance to watch the end of that game on my lunch break. Inarguably one of the worst calls I've ever seen, and I laughed soooo much because it ended Iowa's season (ostensibly. The next dude could have not struck out but eh).
  2. Actually, Childress has a history of not pitching what one would probably consider the ace in game one of conference tournaments. 1999: Komine? No, Chad Wiles. 2001: Komine? No, Jamie Rodrigue. 2002: Komine? No, Aaron Marsden. 2004: regular Friday starter Zack Kroenke? Nope, Justin Pekarek. 2005: Joba? Nope, Brian Duensing. Now granted, this year's staff is NOT deep like all but 2004 (Nebraska's first year since 1998 not making the NCAA tournament), but nevertheless, Childress more often than not didn't, in fact, start his "ace".
  3. Absolute bullsh** performance. I don't care about not starting Sears on 4 days rest, but good god, the at-bats were terrible as ever.
  4. Illinois showing Nebraska what a championship team looks like, hammering a team (Purdue) that swept Michigan State by a total score of 42-3.
  5. A shot at a conference title on the line, fill pants. The only way this regular season could have possibly ended when you look at the totality of work.
  6. Another putrid meltdown, albeit against a team that isn't anywhere near as horrible as SDSU. Still though. Complete disarray. Extremely disappointing, Bolt is looking like he has no clue how to do anything about mental toughness except blather on about it.
  7. Not playing all that different from Sunday, just against a REALLY bad opponent (249 RPI). Zero innings with more than a single run against some of the absolute worst pitchers they've seen (ERAs anywhere from 9.00 to over 14.00 ). Really not impressed with any phase of the game so far here considering the opposition.
  8. Yep, getting past that guy was big. He had a pretty good outing, but for naught. McConnaughey was pretty good but Clark really stepped up with a couple critical innings before the offense went to work, one late home run to a guy with 11 of them notwithstanding. Glad they took care of business.
  9. Will Bolt has literally said hosting is the goal. Pay attention.
  10. I'm a little puzzled if you thought that's what was being suggested in that post (because it was extremely obvious it wasn't) or instead you were asking if that was at all feasible as an option? Because nobody outside of sadist Dave Van Horn would do that to a pitcher.
  11. Should be National POtW too, easy. Holy smokes, what a job.
  12. It doesn't. It was a road game against a quad 1 opponent. Even though Creighton is in danger of not making their conference tournament, their RPI is still top 50.
  13. Yeah since Creighton is hosting, BTN has no rights to stream.
  14. Get two runners on base in the 2nd and 3rd: shid pant. Nobody on base in the 4th? SOLO BOMBS! WHEE!
  15. They were commenting how great they thought the crowd was. I think it was just a matter of watching the team get the baseball shoved up their butt all day by Brody Brecht (figuratively, of course ) that took them out of it.
  16. They already announced another delay 20 minutes ago.
  17. Walsh on cruise control. Good time for it, but would prefer he do this every start, not just now and then
  18. When Clark hits the wall, he hits it hard. Huskers now going to be forced to use the even worse bullpen guys as this one is over.
  19. McConnaughey getting blasted does not bode well for tomorrow.
  20. McConnaughey's turn. Maryland pitching is worse than Rutgerseses. Put up 16 again on a Saturday, please. Beat the twerps.
  21. That was kinda unfair for Bolt to put a true freshman hitting .200 in that spot. I'm not actually of any belief he threw the game, but still it makes no sense to put Max there when you've got other guys with more experience. They clearly wanted a lefty and were down to two guys who can bat left-handed: Max Buettenback and Joshua Overbeek. Unless I missed an injury report for Josh, put him the f*** in there.
  22. Will Bolt has not won a regular season series with Rutgers. The closest he got was the 2 wins in the pod in 2021 but that was after RU came to Lincoln and stomped a mudhole in Bolt's team for 3 games, just as they had cracked the top 25 rankings. Sound familiar?
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