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  1. Charles Schwab Field giveth, and taketh away. Max nearly walked them off, but Nebraska OFs made some catches with their backs against the wall, too, so it probably evens out. No regional for a second year in a row. Only other time that's happened since joining the Big 10 was Erstad's first two years cleaning up the mess left by Anderson. Not a great look.
  2. They had one RISP all night, in the second inning, with 2 outs. Wow.
  3. 5,650. For contrast, the 2017 B1G tournament in Indianapolis drew about 6,700 for all games combined The one in Minneapolis in 2013 wasn't much better.
  4. Bolt owes the athletic department $40K for not sweeping that poverty team :p Doesn't look good to win the Big 10 tournament given the mental mistakes this team loves making over and over again, but at least a run to a weekend game would be nice.
  5. Purdue gave up 51 runs total in their last series, they suck. Let's not forget Nebraska should have added motivation after the horsecrap rain delay Purdue called last year on a day where it didn't start raining at all until at least 4 hours after their game with Maryland was scheduled to begin. But after losing 14-7 and 18-7 in the first two games, and a third loss coupled with a Nebraska win over Michigan State would have been curtains for their season, so they had to get out of playing the game somehow and avoid dropping out of the conference tournament. F***ing cowards. F*** Purdue. Anything less than a sweep of these pants-pissing babies, Will Bolt should give back a small chunk of his salary for this season.
  6. Blew the resumed game. Not surprisingly.
  7. FIRE MATT RHULE! Or maybe that's a little too early for that one No, I don't want him fired, sheesh
  8. I know some were never on the Christy bandwagon to begin with, I wanted to give him a shot to prove himself but he's not doing much to silence the day-one critics and it's getting harder to watch/listen. There are a few guys doing just fine and Walsh was obviously one tonight, but everyone else, hold your breath because who the hell knows what they're gonna look like game by game so far. If they had confidence in anyone else, Walsh doesn't get left in as long as he was. That should not be the case this far into the Bolt Era. Good god.
  9. For context: Ole Miss' lineup to start the game had these averages 1-9: .432, .381, .381, .366, .394, .351., .250, .333 and .244. This is freaking insane. The starter, Caleb Clark, only pitched 2/3 of an inning. The issue was a defensive shift allowed a weak dribbler to turn into a single, and then a bad missed strike 3 call with 2 outs gave a superior hitter a second chance, and Clark probably felt like his only hope was to throw it over the middle of the plate guess what? That's not gonna work. I'm not saying that the umpires lost the game for NU. They squeezed Ole Miss pitching, too. But a correct strike call would have ended the inning with 0 runs. It probably could have looked a little prettier with a fair strike zone. But Ole Miss is still better. Clark, a true freshman, lost his composure a bit, and the 4th-ranked team that has more guys hitting over .350 (!!) than under took advantage. Garza could have cut them off at 5 in the first inning, coming in with 2 outs and the bases loaded, but gave up a bases-clearing double before putting up some donuts to allow Nebraska to cut the lead in half. For some reason, they then pulled Garza, and Worthley gave up 3 runs. That kind of ended it. Perry was just ok (2 runs, only one earned), and then a couple more freshmen finished the game. It wasn't good, but it isn't an RPI killer either, and that is the best hitting team in America. By a lot.
  10. Try actually listening to the broadcasts. Matthews was put back in leadoff because the opposing pitcher was left-handed. His lineups are based on matchups, not previous-game performances and "panic moves".
  11. https://wccsports.com/watch/?sid=499883
  12. What if I have a torch, but NOT a pitchfork? What can I say? I love fire. So pretty. . .
  13. If Iowa fans are dumb enough to invade a Nebraska board I have no issue shoveling feces on them (well, figuratively, digital feces as it were. . .robo-feces) on the board they've been harrassing. But going to their own boards. . .meh. Let them wallow in their own filth.
  14. It also hasn't been announced yet, and the search firm Alberts hired kept the lid so freaking tight on the USC process nobody saw Lincoln Riley coming until the actual press conference, so who knows? But bottom line, I will definitely not guarantee Rhule would be wildly successful at Nebraska, but I'm seeing and hearing a lot of "HIS RECORD SUCKS!" or "HE CAN'T RECRUIT PLAYERS TO THE BIG 10!" which is just odd because he didn't stick around at those two jobs very long to really get a handle on any of that.
  15. Rhule's NFL failure was less embarrassing than Urban Meyer's spectacular flame-out. The only difference is Rhule didn't stay at either of his college jobs to prove his 10+ win seasons at Temple and Baylor weren't somehow flukes.
  16. And if Ohio State takes care of business, they may have TWO guys match Palmer's numbers today. hee hee heeeeeee.
  17. Would have been nice to have some live stats. Oh well, looking forward to a write-up from the AD, probably all we'll get. Good to see them fight for a W even in a fall exhibition though Off-season work sets the tone.
  18. The cracks were showing the year before when Oklahoma scored 31 points in a row and thumped the pre-season #1 team in the country. The "curse" began when Bill Byrne was not allowed to hire his own coach. If he had been able to hire a guy like Mack Brown or even Bob Stoops, Nebraska would most likely have been far better off.
  19. I don't know who makes the call on rain delays, but it was reported that Purdue declined Maryland's request for a Friday doubleheader based on a "window" today. The window was there, and Purdue didn't take it, meaning there is strong evidence of cowardly intent. If I were a fan of that program, I would be deeply embarrassed. I don't think the Big 10 front office had any say, so blaming them just makes us look stupid (I saw one person on either Twitter or FB, forget which, saying it was Kevin Warren's decision. Please, let's stop with that crap.) But with that said, the series loss to Minnesota means this team doesn't deserve jack. That was not as embarrassing as being such a bunch of craven infants as Purdue is, but still extremely shameful. The season ending today is fair, and winning 3 of the last 4 is a nice little consolation heading into next year, where by all accounts Will Bolt will be going scorched earth on the roster, looking to bring in 18 new players (apparently the roster capacity does bump up to 40, too, which helps.)
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