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  1. Poor hires at head coach and some assistants, leading to poor development of some so-so recruits (I'm not saying there's no talent at all, but don't let the Rivals etc. rankings fool you either, recall Frost inflated his classes with some 4-star Florida kids that never set foot on campus.) I don't know if Rhule is the answer, but he's at least showing up for practice on time, has had far more physical practices, and showed at other stops he can make changes as he goes instead of being stubbornly married to a system and staff.
  2. Frost didn't run very good practices, and struggled to show up on time anyway, so not much would have changed :[
  3. I expected 3-4 wins so they technically exceeded my expectations. I'd give a C- to be more granular but checked the C box. I am not that down on the coaching as Rhule typically blows chunks his first year, using it as a yardstick to see what he's dealing with. Will that guarantee success? Not necessarily, but none of you are psychic either. Tougher schedule next year, but improving the OL and QB room can make Nebraska tougher, too. The defense can also get better, that should be reason for some hope.
  4. Offense moved the ball just fine there, only ran out of time and the freshman kicker biffed it. Only one drive where they didn't do much, and even then they picked up one first down. So that's an improvement over the devolving poo show that Haarberg was becoming, and the turnover machine Sims.
  5. Should have known the fast start was too good to be true. Can't make anything easy.
  6. Whoa now still wayyyy too much game left. But. . .hooray for Chubba.
  7. Purdy is currently taking snaps from Ben Scott on the live pregame youtube feed. https://www.youtube.com/live/eAzArG9_SbI?feature=shared
  8. I think, could be wrong, but think Frost explicitly said in PCs that players weren't buying in enough for him? Rhule says "we'll see who's one of us!" or whatever in speeches but I so far have missed if he stood in front of the press saying "wait until I've got MY players!"
  9. That team fumbled 28 times. So if by some miracle of heaven, the Huskers can avoid fumbling for two whole games (and, DARE I SAY, some kind of a. . .bowl game thingy?!!), they'll finish with exactly one fewer fumble than the 1995 team! Unfortunately they've already lost 13 compared to 9 by the 95 squad.
  10. There are no "strengths". If fans think they know what "strengths" there are, bet the opposing defense knows even more so and will gladly continue to line up to try and take those things away.
  11. I expected 3-4 wins this year because that's the kind of program he inherited. Squeezing out some extra wins with a QB room full of morons, an unrealistically huge number of injuries, and years of losing habits that need to be beaten out of them is hardly grounds for a stupid thread like this.
  12. Satterfield didn't call two pass plays. The first "pass" was all on Chubba. It was a designed handoff all the way, per Rhule. The discombobulation set the offense up in a long 3rd and goal, so passing was not that big of a leap, but QBs have to know to just launch it into the seats. I am ok with blaming Satterfield as a QB coach there, slightly less as OC. If he's still around, he should be TE coach, not QB. Move Martin back to analyst and hire a QB coach.
  13. The QBs are so bad, I don't believe there is a single play that they couldn't find a way to turn it over on, especially Sims. He should not play again. Haarberg is now dinged up, and had been figured out by defenses once they had enough tape on him. Start Purdy the last two games, hope that element of surprise/lack of film on Chubba is enough to luck your way into some points, and who knows, maybe the defense can hold Wisconsin and/or Iowa to less than 10.
  14. Thanks to Josh Martin for stepping in to the TE coaching slot in an emergency. Now in two weeks, move him back to analyst, give Satterfield the "TE coach" label, and hire a real QB coach. On top of raiding the portal. Glad Purdy finally got in, I expected a quick three and out on a whimper, but he found a way to also turn it over after a bizarrely long drive. Sims should not see the field again. Haarberg probably shouldn't either. Just to send a message to QB recruits: no favoritism.
  15. I didn't see anything different from his starts. 0 points and a turnover. He's shown no ability to finish drives. This is not a call for Haarberg to return, though. I'd rather see Purdy if Sims either makes more mind-numbingly stupid mistakes or gets his ankle dinged again.
  16. Sims managed to not run the wrong direction or fumble a perfect snap, but still. . .turned it over. Somebody needs to find some kind of cocktail of ADHD meds and narcotics to get a QB to quit pressing/overthinking/being a moron, whatever is going on in their tin can heads.
  17. I don't give a single f****** s*** where he's from, Haarberg has no business playing QB at Nebraska beyond this year unless he does some SERIOUS work in the offseason, which I ain't holding my breath. BUT SIMS COULDN'T EVEN RUN THE RIGHT DIRECTION AND THEN FUMBLED TO GIVE PURDUE 2 SECONDS OF A GLIMMER OF HOPE, HE IS WORSE. THIS IS NOT A MATTER OF OPINION, WE ARE COMPARING A PILE OF POOP TO A MOUNTAIN OF VOMIT. Put Woche in, I don't care.
  18. Because the way MSU's defense was playing, we had guys running wide open all over the field. The running game struggled more than some people probably care to admit/remember because of the loaded box. If Haarberg were even a mediocre QB today instead of a FREAKING ABORTION, Nebraska probably wins by 10+.
  19. Nope. Sims remains the worst. ONE scoring drive against a Colorado defense that sucks massive dongers, which Haarberg immediately matched when Sims finally, mercifully, tweaked his ankle. Can't even call for the snap correctly with a man in motion, he's BAD. FORGET ABOUT HIM. I'd much rather see Purdy if they HAVE to go to a backup at this point, but that isn't saying anything.
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