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  1. Just a reminder: I don't want "stability", I want coaches who don't slack off, then the stability will take care of itself.
  2. Don't forget, posting criticism actually causes the team to lose! It's science!
  3. First play of the game: yolobomb to Toure who went up and stole it from the safety. Opened up everything.
  4. Now West Virginia holds them to 16, so I guess that wasn't as big an accomplishment as I wanted it to be. Still, I can't complain about Chinander, heck of a job restoring some actual pride to that side of the ball.
  5. Frost's first year offense was also very skilled at putting up yards with no points. If you think that's progress, I don't know what kind of drugs you're on. Chinander has done his job. Frost has not.
  6. I'd rather have a coach that quickly identifies issues and fixes them. It does not take you 4 effing years to fix special teams. OL should be developed by year 4, not a turnstile and penalty machine at every single freaking spot.
  7. The cognitive dissonance parade continues mostly unabated. Still lots of replies saying things that basically boil down to "just because there are dozens of people with the same extremely common name doesn't mean the same individual [common name here] didn't vote 50 times for Joe Biden!" Hilarious yet sad.
  8. I'm rooting for a steampunk dystopian landscape, lots of browns and blacks, leather goggles, maybe some mohawks here and there. Wild times.
  9. Yeah I think that's the errors in the draft that the County mentioned in their tweet. Basically people don't understand how each state handles their own voting processes, and have done for decades, and when you're determined to see ghosts, you're gonna see them, even when it's just your own fart cloud. I hate when that happens.
  10. I'm surprised the Ninjas didn't just outright fabricate 12k+ votes for Trump. Seriously. Still an absolute embarrassment for AZ that it was allowed to go on, but whatever.
  11. Good game by Adrian today, I'll remember him as a guy who was sabotaged by a mediocre staff and supporting cast. Sad to think what he might have been if he had been given even some average offensive lines to play behind.
  12. The CW should be OTA. If it is in Omaha, it should be in St Louis also.
  13. OTA antenna? You still have time to run to Radio Shack. That's still a thing, right?
  14. Hames just landed awkwardly on her right leg, headed to the locker room puts a damper on what has otherwise been a pretty good scrimmage.
  15. The Qult will spin this as a "very brave" thing she did, if they haven't already. She was on stage plus Q himself Ron Watkins on Skype for a while today, and supposedly their lawyers called up in the middle and told them all to STFU before they incriminated themselves any further. Can't confirm or deny as I have a real job and can't watch this clown show all day, but was trying to keep up a little on various forums. This is. . .somethin'.
  16. "HOW NEBRASKA SAVED BIG TEN FOOTBALL"? I feel pandered to :|
  17. Meanwhile, at the Mike Lindell "symposium" Is this the "absolute proof"? That Mike Lindell thinks vote tallies are updated on CNN in actual real time? Sadly, he probably should be committed at this point but that will only galvanize the Qult further.
  18. I lol'd but also wept for anyone who can't do the math better than a simple llama and would actually take this restaurant owner's (hopefully) exaggerated word for it. Then again, if that restaurant really DOES spend over $3,700 PER WEEK on mayonnaise, I'm not NOT interested in eating there
  19. Just in case anyone needs more reason to reject every piece of feces that exits the mouth of Greg Locke: https://pulpitandpen.org/2018/01/30/greg-locke-great-disapointment/
  20. The problem is that some sources are apparently lying about the Delta Variant impacting almost entirely the vaccinated. I have no idea where they get this, but due to the Backfire Effect, any and all attempts to explain it will likely be met with "FAKE NEWS!" and/or "YOU'RE PART OF THE CABAL!" type of reactions instead of learning how to actually read and interpret scientific studies etc. etc., you know, things that require years-long effort :|
  21. ? Ohio State wasn't pushed out of the playoff. And Warren was and is nothing more than a mouthpiece for the presidents and ADs, as mentioned.
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