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  1. ttheKid1*18

    RB David Oku

    Jeremy Crabtree just comfirmed on RSS that he is living in Lincoln.
  2. ttheKid1*18

    happy donors

    I remember hearing he changed his tune after a little while. Tom talked to him or something.
  3. ttheKid1*18

    Next "Voice of...

    I would like Kent or Kevin, with Matt as their partner. Pavelka and Davison have great chemistry for the basketball games, and I think they would do a good job, and Kugler is too good to not be announcing the games. He was born to do this job. Either guy would be fine with me.
  4. ttheKid1*18

    Sellout Record in Jeoprady?

    Which one? the starting post? Yeah, the first one was. Go to 1620thezone.com and listen to segment 11. GBR and Go Huskerboard.com!
  5. ttheKid1*18

    Sellout Record in Jeoprady?

    The tickets are already sold, and there are so many people on the waiting list, it's not in trouble. Now if BC is retained it could be, but he won't, so we shouldn't worry.
  6. ttheKid1*18

    Jim Rose

    590 reported that he did the Iowa State game.
  7. ttheKid1*18

    Where will Kansas be in about 5 years?

    The weight issue won't help Mangino, and it could just keep him at Kansas for awhile. He's turned this program around, but is always being made fun of by everyone. If he wasn't as big as he is, he would be getting ready to take over a big time program imo.
  8. ttheKid1*18

    Official Texas Game Discussion Thread

    GBR! Can't wait for the game to start.